Sunday, August 05, 2012

"Welfare" is Not Economic Independence, Ladies

"How will the family unit be destroyed? ... the demand alone will throw the whole ideology of the family into question, so that women can begin establishing a community of work with each other and we can fight collectively. Women will feel freer to leave their husbands and become economically independent, either through a job or welfare."

A good and lengthy post.  I actually have no skin in the game as I am not married and have no children.  That being said I do watch with great intrigue how marriage/divorce/children are used as weapons during divorce.   I personally don't see why men get married and have children in this country in the first place.  Not to lay critique on the "MRA" subsegment of the Manosphere, but it's almost as if they were outlandishly naive or foolish about their chances of having marital and familial success.  Did they not read between the lines?  How can you not see it coming?  And additionally, it's not like people my age didn't know about the risks of divorce.  This isn't 1975.  Divorce statistics and the unlikelihood of having a successful marriage were well known when this current crop of men got married.

Also reading the post above made me wonder what business was it of the government's anyway to get involved in marriage/divorce/children?  Child protective services I can understand, but whether Jan and John (let alone John and John) want to get marriage and subsequently divorced is none of the state's concern.

Well, when I am president, things will change.  And for all you feminists out there that means we'll be making sure when you say you're "independent" you're going to be truly and genuinely independent with no help from the government and no help from other people.  You will stand truly on your own and have the pride that comes with 100% self-supportation.  Because that IS the definition of being independent and, coincidentally, being treated as an equal man.  Which is what you want, right?


Ras Al Ghul said...

The sleepers are waking

Jack Dublin said...

The cruelest thing the average fellow can do to a woman is take her at her at her word. Thing is, feminism's been demanding that for near a century now. And it dies when women actually get treated the same as men. How long would it be after that before women decide they didn't like independence and only wanted 'independence'?

Ras Al Ghul said...

"Child protective services I can understand"

You really need to carefully consider that position, because I suspect it comes from the idea that you're "protecting children" and so it must be a good thing.

Consider that ten year old boy that's footloose and all of you kind of watch over.

CPS got wind of that, the kid would be in foster care fast than you could say "My white suit is awesome"

In the 70s when children were getting taken out of the home CPS wanted to make sure the children never attached to anyone else, so bounced them around in foster care. Think about the long term impact of creating that many sociopaths.

Personally, the welfare of children should be solely part of the community/family/church and the government should not have jack to say about it.

That and there should be a "they had it coming defense" so if some guy or gal is abusing their kid and someone else sees it and takes them to the wood shed, that defense would apply.

CPS is just one more way the government has stripped people of the ability to solve their own problems, made them rely on the government and made things worse.

Matthew Walker said...

No, they want welfare. They keep on saying that because they mean it.

Verity said...


Anonymous said...

I suppose it might work for a while - the female gets herself pregnant with a male, in return for sexual favours, and then, indirectly through taxes, coerces the male into supporting her and the child.

Of course, as you have noted, the inseminator will probably be a "fun" sort of person while the taxpayer will be a a beta male.

A propos of this, about a year ago I read an article to the effect that male criminals have far more children than honest men, and the worse the criminals (as measured by frequency of incarceration) the more children they have. Furthermore, their female partners tend to be faithful while they are in jail.

A con who was shown the report apparently laughed and said it was just scratching the surface.

V10 said...

I know that I'd like to have a relationship that could last for decades, and raise kids. At least, I think I do. I can't honestly say that it's not just residual societal programming buzzing in my ear. But whether it's truly me or just a cultural echo, it's not strong enough to override my self-preservation instincts. So "a wife and kids" is relegated to the list of Things I'll Never Realistically Have.

Is it naive to cling to hope about restoring the institute of marriage? Probably. The chain is broken, the cat is out of the bag, and dozens of other metaphors. The golden age of marriage is not coming back, even assuming all the legal misandry the MRAs have documented were overturned tomorrow.

A generation (or 2 or 3?) of men and women have been culturally poisoned. Their interdependent societal roles are dead skills, no longer passed down from parent to child because there are fewer families and even fewer that are not dysfunctional. And like most skills, they can't be preserved in textbooks and then performed with expertise after a weekend seminar; they have to be actively practiced and mastered over years.

As I said, I'm not even sure a wife and kids is something I want, even assuming perfect conditions. Most days, I feel nothing but indifference, about marriage and children, and a lot of other things too. It's not a particularly good state of affairs, not as an individual, and even less so for society at large. Even assuming no malice in our hearts, we're a generation of young men who don't give a single solitary fuck about anyone beyond our own immediate circle of family and friends. And we're expected to shoulder the burden of keeping the system running, a system we're completely disengaged and disinvested from?

Good luck with that...

Anonymous said...

these people want the furthest thing from equality you can imagine....

Lib Arts Major Making $27k/yr At An Office Job said...

People still get married in this country because they love paying immense amounts of money, time, and effort to get meaningless pieces of paper.

I mean, colleges are still out there and thriving, right?

Man that will be extremely satisfying to watch that bubble pop.

. said...

Thanks for the linkage, Captain.

Legion said...

V10 said...

I still have the kid, yet foretunately not the wife. He's 19 and in the northeast. Im heading west across the country looking for a job. The stress is less without a wife.

If anyone sees me on the west border of Nevada and still heading west, just shoot me please.