Monday, October 01, 2012

Warm Cappy Cap Fuzzies

In the pursuit of minimalism I have cut back on most of my "luxuries."  "Luxuries" in the Cappy Cap World of Bachelorhood meaning:

$7 shots of Rumpie at the bar
$20 dinners at the local average restaurant
Smoking a cigar purchased on the internet and not a lounge
Driving the motorcycle more and the car less
Waiting for a movie to go to DVD instead of going to the movies (though, this is more of a function of there being no good movies worth dropping $11 on along with all the hassles of attending a movie)

However, what still kind of amazes me is how much stuff you buy REGARDLESS of pursuing minimalism or trying to save money.

Gas, groceries, new head phones, bug spray, batteries, spackle, charcoal, you name it, a TON of everyday stuff you don't consciously think of goes into supporting a human being.  No doubt today you WILL buy SOMETHING that you "have to pick up" or "need to get."

So do yourself and the ole Captain a favor today.

Buy whatever it was you were going to buy ANYWAY, but do it through Amazon.

Again, this blog (though we receive donations) likes to pride itself on the fact that we give you something back (unlike NPR).  Yes, sure I have a couple books for sale, but more importantly for you guys, I have "everything" for sale because nearly "everything" is for sale on Amazon.  And so if you love the ole Captain, nothing would give him warm Cappy Cap fuzzies more than if today you bought SOMETHING YOU WERE GOING TO BUY ANYWAY on Amazon.

All you have to do is click on one of the highlighted links or the side bar image to Amazon in the right side bar.  Those links then provide Amazon a "code" and anything you buy during that browsing session nets me a 6% commission, the proceeds of which not only keeps the lights on here, but may go to afford me some gruel today (bachelor gruel, not high end gruel).

So help the Captain, but more importantly, help yourself.  Buy whatever it is you were going to buy today here.

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Mike said...

Hey Capt. I've done much the same thing, cashed in all my savings to buy 3/4 acre lot with a little house, a few weapons, a used Subaru and a 125cc bike to save on gas for shopping trips. next year, I start growing fruit and veggies, and tobacco, maybe a couple beehives and a still if I can afford it. I've gone full John Galt, off the grid, well-water and solar heat, and a smart phone to get my news. I quit a 50k job because after almost a decade, the politics, never-ending barrage of BS and a full-tilt lefty union. I'll be happy pumping gas or running a till part time, maybe do a bit of contract work to boot.