Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Why My Vingren Will Never Get Married

"My Vingren" is the name of a person, a 26 year old Swedish girl to be exact.  Not me owning a "vingren."

And I don't want all of you boys rushing to marry this catch!

The day is coming NOT that My will take a picture of the wrong guy and he will then give her something really to complain about, it's the day that she takes the picture of the wrong guy, he gives her something to really complain about, and no other men do anything to stop it.  Not out of cowardice, but because of indifference.


Update - Well, maybe there's another reason she'll never get married.  Yikes!


dienw said...

She's a damn shrew.

Anonymous said...

I have a better reason why My will never get married:


LOL-Troll said...

This is her facebook page, she is pretty much a caricature of the extreme feminist leftist.


Carnivore said...

Seldom ride public transport these days, but in any public space (doctor's waiting room, etc.) I always take up as much room as possible. Spread my legs, rest one hand on my junk, rest my other arm on the back of the chair next to me. Great stuff to annoy women, especially feminists. And their eyes are automatically drawn to a guy's crotch just like a guy's eyes are drawn to a woman's rack.

Yeah, if you take a look at her web site, she's just using this as an excuse to collect guy crotch pictures.

Anonymous said...

Someone should start a blog showing all the fat chick forcing the men beside them to squeeze up so they do not have to touch thei blubbery ham hocks.

I am sure a little turn about would be just fine to the average liberal.

Anonymous said...

She needs to suck on a lemon to straighten her face ... it's like a freshly smacked smacked a$$

Phil B

bethesdaguy said...

Spot on, Cappy.... Yikes!

Take The Red Pill said...

I'm all for 'My Vingren' never getting married, and let's hope that she NEVER reproduces, either!

Anonymous said...

I'm a woman, and I actually have some sympathy. *Some* men do take up a lot of room, by sprawling out.

But so do *some* women. And I find that simply nudging them to get more room works perfectly. Same with the people who put their feet up (ugh!) or put their bags on the seat next to them on a crowded tram, or sprawl on the floor (!?) with their school bags. But they move if someone asks them to.

Aside from attention seeking, I don't see the point of her blog. And I certainly don't see the point of going after men exclusively. What, the woman who refused to move her bag for me last night because she didn't want to put it on the floor (her exact words), and then accused me of being rude and hormonal, wouldn't deserve a place in it?

Anonymous said...

Apropos of nothing, the name My, is pronounced not as in "My God" but more like Me (as in you and me)-uh

Me-uh, the uh is soft.

She does sound like she has bee in her bonnet though. I mean seriously, if occasional rude manners & casual rudeness in the metro/bus/train is all she can get worked up about.

Must be a pretty nice place.