Saturday, September 21, 2013

It Is Men Who Determine What Is Beautiful in Women

I'm going to say it again for the cheap seats.

Men determine what is beautiful in women.

Just as it is women that determine what is "hot" or "sexy" in men.

The key issue seems to be that men accept this binary reality whereas women (primarily in the form of reality denying feminists) don't.  They wish to change it.

My counter-argument is simple:

Good luck.

You see, barring the 1-3% of the non-straight population, it effectively is a binary relationship men and women have.  And "beauty" or "attractiveness" is ultimately determined by the opposite sex.

You can lie to yourself and tell yourself that all women are "beautiful" but you are merely changing the definition of "beauty" to fit your definition which requires less rigor, effort, self-control, and discipline.  In order to be beautiful you need to be appealing, by definition, to the opposite sex.

But perhaps we could approach it from another way.  Think of the word, "attractive."  Well that implies "attraction" which means there are two entities involved.  You are attracted to one person, just as another person is attracted to you.  It's implication is damn well near the law of gravity that two bodies will have a gravitational, or in human's case, sexual pull towards one another.  Ergo, to claim you don't need anybody else to think you're attractive of beautiful, that you on your own little lonesome are "beautiful merely because you exist," implies there are no other entities providing a gravitational or "sexual" pull.

Which only means one thing:

You're a metaphorical sexual black hole collapsing on itself and only attracted towards itself.

A description most apt to most feminists.

(oh, I'm sorry, was all that physics and math talk above most Masters in Women's Studies' heads?)


Adam Lawson said...

Wait, so you mean those pictures of a chubby girl that say "Real men like meat; bones are for dogs" aren't magical talismans that I have to obey?


Anonymous said...

great analogy. and, women who ignore this end up self righteous, and on anti-depressants. very common now a days.

Anonymous said...

great analogy. and, women who ignore this end up self righteous, and on anti-depressants. very common now a days.

coolstud said...

Great post bro, I found a great link for you to post and rant.

Damn bitches

Jennifer said...

Ah Cap. I thought you had better reading comprehension than that. I did not say all women were beautiful nor did I say that I get to define it. I said there were beautiful women of multiple body types.
But thanks for the traffic.

Jennifer said...

Also, I'm no feminist. I believe feminism is damaging to men and women.

Captain Capitalism said...


I agreed with your post completely.

That's why I linked to it.


Jennifer said...

Then I stand corrected. Thank you.
Sorry, not everyone saw it that way.

Cavegirl MBA said...

Captain, oh Captain, where was the physics bit you mentioned in the end? Did not see one single formula...

patriarchal landmine said...

listening to anything a woman says is a mistake to begin with.

Anonymous said...

I believe it was Heinlein who said in a book somewhere: "All women are beautiful. Some are just more beautiful than others."

Paul, Dammit! said...

I'll admit that I do love when women show off their hideous new bowl haircut or equally unattractive fashion choice on facebook to the chorus of enabling 'beautiful's from other walruses in the flock. Always gives me pause. A 38-year old blond woman of Irish descent should never have the same haircut as a 7-year old Chinese boy. Thank God I have real friends who would ground truth me with a nice honest "hahaha, you look like a mongoloid."

Anthony said...

"Curvy does not equal fat; please stop using it that way."


Now, my standards about what I find attractive in women are fairly lax when it comes to weight. But if you want to call yourself "curvy", some of those curves should be concave. Otherwise, you're fat.

EgregiousCharles said...

Men do not determine what is beautiful in women. Men only determine what they find attractive in women, which women do not care about nearly as much as they care about impressing other women. Women have a pecking order determined largely by looks, in general their standards are different (and much harsher) than anyone but the unluckiest men. Women dress, style, and diet in competition with other women, not for men, but for their place among women.

To the extend that men determine beauty in women, it's gay men in the fashion industry who aren't attracted to women in the first place.

Men who have the same standards as women are the unluckiest men, because they are only attracted to the most entitled women, who are most sought after. It's like being a black man in old South Africa only attracted to white women; chances aren't good. It's a curse; if you have it you can't just decide you like curvy women now and make it work.

EgregiousCharles said...

A follow-on to my earlier comment: Just as women primarily care about what's beautiful to other women, men primarily care about what other men will think of their looks. Men want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or John Cena, women want men who look like Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom.

Anonymous said...

Wtf are you on about? Women compete with other women - to attract the best males

EgregiousCharles said...

Anonymous - Nope. That simplistic assumption will last you until you actually look at what women in general wear, how they act. Or listen to them talk honestly about their lives. Or even think about it from a slightly more serious evo-psych standpoint; a woman's standing among the other women of the tribe had a lot bigger impact on the chance of her children to survive and breed in an age of vast infant mortality than having the flashiest father.

Look at high fashion and tell me it's designed to attract males. Women in general don't dress/exercise/preen for men any more than men usually do for women.

There are exceptions; a woman at a club. Or a woman angling for a coworker might dress for men. But you may have noticed all the other women notice and gossip about her change of style. If she dresses to attract men all the time, she'll be thought a slut, though those outfits may show no more skin than the fashionable ones.

Anonymous said...

I would preface the "men" with "straight". It's no better when gays tell us anorexic fashion models are sexy.