Wednesday, May 04, 2016

The Rise and Fall of Glenn Beck

Worth a read.


George Pumfrey said...

Time will tell if your right

Karl said...

Thanks for the link Comrade Captain!

leeholsen said...

supposedly. this has happened because glenn doesn't watch his financials close enough and overspent himself, which is only bad imo because he slams on the govts inability to manage its finances.

i know most hate beck because of his over the top public religion in his broadcasts and many hate on him because he's a fear monger; but many of his calls like the middle east becoming an unmanageable mess turn out right; although his predictions shouldnt be too hard to come up with yourself if you pay attention.

i give him a break, because unlike rush, hannity and most every other conservative talk host; he actually does things publicly to back up his talk; rush and the others couldnt be bothered to get off their private jet.

cast stones at him if you wish, but you might ask yourself what you did first to slow the unraveling of the country first.

Carl said...

Burying your face into a bowl of Cheetos seems like a pretty reasonable method to get your point across.