Thursday, October 18, 2018

Remember Why The Captain Hates Wyoming

You all wonder why the Captain hates Wyoming.  Were here's one reason.  And here's another.


The Party Of Hell No! said...

Oh, come on! Really!

"...415 gonorrhea cases reported across the state in 2017, which represents a 50 percent increase over 2016."

Oh my God! Wyoming citizens are all going to DIE! Oh wait, 415 gonorrhea cases out of a population of around 500,000 citizens. So what is the percentage of 415 to 500,000? NOTHING!

OK the second one is more interesting if you know Freemont county. The three major population areas are: Lander, Riverton and the Wind River Reservation. And what is in Lander? The North American Outdoor Leadership School. Who comes to NOLS? 18-21 year old (could be 18 to 25 in 2018) mostly left leaning young men and women from the eastern seaboard. What do young Millenials, or Gen-X, or Gen-y or even Baby Boomers like to do when they are away from home with the opposite sex?

I suspect this population (NOLS)skews the statistics outside whats is the norm for the general population. It probably also may have an influence on the first statistic dealing with gonorrhea.

How fast would it take for either of these STD's to reach this level if two 18 year old males having twenty distinct female sexual partners per year and those female partners having four distinct sexual partners? 2X20X4=160. I have not included how many distinct sexual partners the last four distinct partners might have.

leeholsen said...

really ? I thought "undocumented immigrants" stayed away from there. I suppose the overall decline of the usa knows no limits as the people of Jackson hole just follow the rest of the country into tattoos, increased drug use, dressing like punks and trashing their bodies with disease.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you say Wyoming was filled with the stupidest fattest losers imaginable?

Tony Trucano said...

I know Brazil is under going a feminist movement now and also facing an AIDS crisis. If you could link those two items together, you would be winning big time.

Floyd said...

AIDS isn't as easily transferable in pure hetero sex conditions, even by the CDC's own numbers, because the transmission rate would bottleneck at the men. Harder for a man to get it from a woman than the other way around. (This very statistic is why some conspiracy-type people believe that the Africa-AIDS thing is really just a cover for something else, or even simple malnutrition) However, Gonorrhea has become the latest "gay" disease with more than 50% of new cases coming out of the gay population. Homosexuality as the root cause would also explain why Chlamydia didn't skyrocket proportionally. You said NOLS is left-leaning, so how many gays you think rolled in from the liberal eastern seaboard? That's not going into the new "undercover" homosexual phenomenon; that was first whispered by the black community online as "undercover brother".