Monday, June 01, 2020

Good Morning Coronachan!!!! #25 The "Minneapolis" Episode

Will discuss VERY VERY briefly my take on what I predicted long ago - the petulant little socialist children taking over a marxist city.  Then move on to other things because life is too short to discuss obvious conclusions in life.


A Texan said...

Love your comments about banks and organization. You are asking too much at this point of anyone to take any initiative. Besides, what is the point? Doing anything well means nothing anyway when everyone is just a human resource.

As for blacks, if they are unhappy and truly think America is the most 'da rasis' place earth, they are welcome to move back to Africa. Some have thankfully. Too bad Obama won't go back to Kenya.

Ditto for other minorities who want to whiny 'duh-versities'. Find a place where people look and act like you if it's turd world and be happy with it.

You either want to join American civilization or you don't.

A Texan said...

A fine example of turd world 'duh-versity':

Minneapolis Restaurant Owners Encouraged Violence... Including Against Their Own Business