Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Riots are About Millennial Revenge, Not Race

Was on Jack Napier's show and at the 30 minute mark we have a conversation about what the real cause of the riots/protests is.


Anonymous said...

People with college degrees who are underemployed form the center of many revolutionary movements. Only 10-15% of jobs, at most, require a degree. Yet 35% of people have a degree.

liberranter said...

One begins to wonder: can we get away with just liquidating most of this toxic generation?

Mike said...

I had a buddy whose psycho ex wife had their kid in an immersive language school. That meant that when the kid started struggling with the language, he immediately started getting behind in all his other classes, because they were being taught in that language. But his wife was bound and determined to keep the kid there, because the school was HIS TICKET TO THE FUTURE AND HE NEEDED TO REACH "HIS FULL POTENTIAL". In the meantime, the kid started hating every second he spent at school because he felt like a complete failure.

I asked my friend what the hell was the matter if his kid grew up to be a plumber or an electrician with a stable home and a couple of kids? In the end, my friend "forgot" to submit an enrollment for the next year at the immersive school. His ex blew her stack, but the kid went to a regular school. His grades improved, he felt better because he was achieving again, and the kid moved on with his life.

"Reaching your full potential" is feminist-speak to mean "do what women want to gain their approval, usually by earning more resources to hand over to women." And the upper-middle-class college kids are indoctrinated to "reach their full potential" by achieving social revolution. The only way to fix it is to red pill a whole generation, which isn't going to happen except by harsh experience kicking their collective ass.

DocVinny said...

I have to disagree with the comment that these idiots are under employed. Their level of employment corresponds with the quality of their skill set. Years ago you could get a high paying job at a place like IBM with a BS or BA degree in just about anything. Now if you show up looking for a management job with a degree in grievance studies, your resume will be dismissed out of hand. They have no ability to reason, no practical skill set, and therefore their being employed comparable with their value as employees.

Yes, only 10-15% of jobs may require degrees, but having a degree doesn't disqualify you from employment. Having an over inflated opinion of your employment worth doesn't justify "revolutionary movements".. But being unable to think and reason frequently results in idiot movements like we're seeing, which when the protests are over result in no real progress and other people cleaning up their mess later.

Occupy Wall Street anyone?

Un Americano said...

They were told they were special world-changers only to find the world wouldn't change for them. They are throwing a tantrum.

ia said...

Hi. What you're saying is certainly true about the younger generation. However,

"Cook on Thursday didn't specify the duration of the company's $100 million commitment. Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for more details.

"Google on June 3 said it's committing $12 million over two years to causes related to racial equity. Amazon on May 31 said it'll donate $10 million to racial justice initiatives, including the NAACP, Black Lives Matter, the Equal Justice Initiative and the United Negro College Fund. Several other tech giants -- including Facebook, Microsoft and Verizon -- have pledged funds to groups working on racial justice."

You gotta follow the money. I don't think they are putting that kind of money out there from fear of antifa or irate millennials.

These tech execs are paying danegeld to the minorities, I'd say, to placate and keep away from their boards. Once incompetent blacks and women gain real power they will destroy corporations. I'd be interested in hearing your ideas on that scenario.

Tucanae Services said...

Missed it by that much....

Has nothing to with Millennials, though they are useful idiots. The people behind all this are avowed Marxists, and happen for the most part to be approaching 40yrs of age. The ole bromide of the Devil's Workshop comes to mind.