Thursday, June 11, 2020

MGM Getting Rid of Paid Parking for Vegas Casinos...For Now

My goodness!  They must be REALLY desperate if MGM is getting rid of their parking fees!


Shannon_Entropy said...

MGM started charging parking fees cuz the resort was at the south end of the LV monorail line and people would park there for free and then hop on the monorail and never even go inside

As soon as their casino numbers pick back up the fees will magically reappear, rest assured

Anonymous said...

I left that industry in 1984. I hadn't realized that bean counters had gone that far.

miforest said...

you haven't seen anything yet capt. the destruction of the economy has been papered over with gov $1200 checks, extra $600 on top of their regular unemployment benefits, suspending student loan payments. the covid restrictions that a ton of businesses are operating under mean that they cannot be profitable. What restaurant ,bar, or casino can be profitable at 25 to 50% of capacity. That doesn't even count the airlines, hotels, and tourist businesses that are wrecked.
this is going to make the great depression look like a walk in the park.