Wednesday, August 05, 2020

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment

I'll just leave this here.


CA3 said...

I ran the name "Daisy Coleman" and was surprised to find that she's got a very interesting wikipedia profile. Seems that her father was a physician who died in a traffic accident back in 2009 a few years before she was raped and since the rape she's been suicidal.

The rapist was the teenage grandson of an influential former Missouri state representative and the grandson had a friend who was his accomplice. They both received slaps on the wrists given what they were accused of. Interesting thing though, the profile claims that her family had to move towns due to bullying and several times their home had suspicious fire damage. Her younger brother also died in 2018, in a car accident. Talk about being born under a bad sign.

It made me think to a knew a guy who lived in California who was molested by a Catholic priest when he was a kid and reported it. He claimed the community took the priests side, openly attacking him and his family from then on. However extensive that was, his family picked up and moved clear across the US to get away from it after he reported the priests actions. I'm always suspicious that people who report being raped or molested as kids were raped by folks who were part of a well connected network because this is stuff my mother would tell me was going on all the time in Europe, but never being reported on.

Anonymous said...

Daisy Coleman's father was a physician who died in a traffic accident in 2009. Are you slut-shaming Daisy's mother for marrying a doctor?

FU said...

Daisy Coleman's father could not be reached because he died in a traffic accident in 2009.

Jennifer said...

Once again you show your utter lack of compassion and kindness.