Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The Millennial Suicide Rate Cometh

With the expansion of bandwidth pulling me into the world of podcasting and now video/streaming, much like a journalist of old who started in the papers and got pulled into radio and television, my "career" has largely been the same.  And while I try to bang out some really good posts, there just isn't the time in the day, and so I try to do one a week.  Emphasis on try.

However, and additionally, sometimes important topics just don't need a full, eloquent, and thorough post.  Sometimes they just need some bullet points and a chart, and I can rely on the intelligence of my readers to get the point or fill in the finer points, thus "deaths from despair" by age cohort.

"Deaths by despair" are considered a suicide-lite type of death.  Including suicide itself, "Deaths By Despair" also include death by alcoholism, drugs, suspected suicide, etc. etc.  And in this particular study/chart above, they have decided to focus on white people as the general trend in suicide is that EVERYBODY is committing suicide, but whites more in particular.

However, ignore that this chart is about whites, and let us focus on the ago cohort, and what you will find is younger people are dying earlier due to "despair" as they approach middle age, Gen X'ers currently leading the charge.

And while we can all speculate as to why this is (I would throw in an official hatred of/and bigotry towards white people on the part of education, government, schools, media, and above all else white women (some white women's hatred of white men is especially pronounced, but this is a topic for another time)), what I argue is it has been replacing traditional human roles with the government, and humans (programmed by 2 million years of evolution) don't know how to handle this roughly 60 year old experiment where their roles are ultimately replaced.

Men are particularly affected as their whole point and purpose in life has been replaced by a government check.  While women are hopelessly angry and frustrated trying to find out why they're not happy being spinsterific, barren, man-hating, corporate slaves as they date their soyboy democrat-voting pansy of a man.  And various institutions in America (school, media, government, internet) are driving them further apart, even weaponizing them against one another, all for a hate-filled ideology that can be described as only "feminism." 
But what's particularly entertaining is how people act "shocked" or "don't know why" people are offing themselves either explicitly through suicide, or suicide lite measures like drinking or despair.  You've literally taken fish out of water and then wonder why they're not growing wings to fly (*cough cough* - kind like feminists expecting women to be men and being confused/angry when they fail).  And people even get pissed if the fish dare to die on them in an environment that just wasn't made for them.  
You took away the only thing that matters in humans lives - love - and you replaced it with a government check.

But American's stupidity aside, this leaves a foreboding trend for Millennials and their on-deck generation, Gen Z.  For while Boomers and X'ers did vote for Reagan, or at least weren't looking to get people fired for having a different opinion on the internet, the Millennials have doubled down, in spades, with all that and a bag of chips on socialism.  And though Trump is president, in their personal lives and the parts of their lives that matter most - love - younger generations have made their socialist politics ALL they have in their lives.  Young women do not put men at the center of their lives, because that would not be being a proper women or feminist.  Men have retreated from their traditional duty to provide and support their theoretical wives/families because...well...why would they?  That's the government's job.  And they're all more focused on being good environmentalists, supporting the right causes, eating only farm to table, and recycling than they are being the best person they can be to the best person they can find in their lives.  All the Millennials have is their politics, not love, not even comradery, which is kind of like not only take a fish out of water, but chucking it into outer space.

Thus, with some confidence, I predict this trend will continue, if it hasn't already.  In the book "How Not to Become a MIllennial" an entire chapter is dedicated to the horrific and rapidly decaying mental health of the Millennial generation.  And corroborating those statistics are additional statistics that show record use of psychotherapeutic drugs to treat anxiety, depression, bi-polar, etc. etc.  And with youth rapidly leaving the now-approaching 40something Millennials, whatever idealism and hope this youth afforded them will leave, leaving them highly susceptible to despair and the premature death it causes.

I am now becoming an old man who has dedicated the majority of his life to economics.  But economics is ensconced with the largely study of philosophy.  And for the life of me, I cannot understand why people the past 4 generations have chosen a life of socialism, taxes, commutes, slavery, identity politics, virtue signaling, careers, and plain ole politics over love.  

You think life is about going vegan?
You think life is about getting masters degrees and slaving away for 50 years?
You think your political posts on facebook are more important than spending time with your kids or going to the gym for your spouse?

Good, you all deserve despair and you all deserve to die.  Because to be honest, death would be preferable to the miserable lives you're going to live with such warped priorities.


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Tucanae Services said...

You do realize that the only reason that the 1970-75 cohort are so low is because of the age of disco. It would put anyone to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Captain, podcasts and videos are great, but I think your best work is in your writing, in pieces like this one or the one about the houses on the lakes of Minnetonka. Looking forward to more.

Un Americano said...

Their bodies, their choices. Am I right?

Zendo Deb said...

V said...

@Tucanae Services You must also realize, along with many other things completely irrelevant to Cappy's post, that the only reason that the 1940s cohort is so low is because of the age of radio. Radio waves would put anyone to sleep.

ws1835 said...

Suicide is a response to a life without purpose. True purpose is derived from faith, family and friends. Modern western culture has driven faith from the public square. Feminism has destroyed the nuclear family and discouraged child rearing. Social media has broken the sense of community and socially isolated those who use it. Purpose is getting harder to find.

In years past, suicide was not uncommon among older nonreligious folks whose family and friends had passed away, but that didn't happen until they were aged. Now, without faith or family formation, loss of purpose happens at much younger ages.

LGC said...

I realize I'm in the minority here, but I can't stand podcasts, by anyone. I can read at least 10 times faster than the podcaster can talk and probably much faster than that. Also, if you can't take the time to put it down on paper and edit your thoughts, it's almost always just a rambling train of thought with little to no editing for an hour that could have been done in 5 minutes.

Podcasts are a continuing sign of the dumbing down of America/western civilization along with laziness of both presenter and reader. YMMV

liberranter said...

An entire generation about to discover that old Amish proverb "too soon old, too late smart."


JK Brown said...

There was a recent Free Thoughts podcast with CATO director of polling Emily Elkins (E354 - Jul 24th, 2020). In that talk, she pointed out that recent generations have a much more external locus of control compared to earlier one. Seems to have been the trend for at least the last 50 years or so.

The external locus of control, which seems to be what extended adolescence and the education system reinforces, means you feel others control your life. Those with an internal locus of control, who feel they are masters of their own fate, are happier and more content. They step up to alter their circumstances.

"23:50 Emily Ekins: And this is something documented by a social scientist named Jean Twenge, where she’s been going over generations of young cohorts since the ‘70s. So, this is not the same people over time. This is, “Who were the young people at any given snapshot in time since the ‘70s?” And she’s been finding that more and more young people have an external locus of control than previous generations. And so, that seems to be contributing a lot to what we’re seeing today, these negative attitudes towards wealth. And I think, explains a lot of other political phenomenon that we’re witnessing as well."

Tony Trucano said...

I wanted to comment here. Socialism isn't even compassionate. What better reflects human compassion? Where people take care of each other or the government is forced to step in and take care of others?

liberranter said...

Generally speaking, I completely agree with you. A well-thought-out piece of writing has infinitely more impact than a verbal monologue.

Jennifer said...

To wish despair on a generation is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Might have something to do with the economy, stupid.