Monday, November 09, 2020

Making It Illegal to Pass Shit Tests

 I forget the movie, but it was a scene starring Vince Vaughn and the actress from Legally Blonde.  The clip was sent to me by a young lady saying “this is so what I want from a man.”  And in the scene, Vince Vaughn approaches the girl at a bar in a standardly awkward approach and she not only summarily shoots him down, but in a derisive and insulting manner.

Vince Vaughn accepts the rejection.
Turns around.
Is about to walk away with his tail behind his legs dejected.
But then stops.
His eyes widen.
He turns around and yells out

“Listen Bitch!  I'm from Fargo!  And around there I don't take shit from women like you and blabbity blah blah blah, something something dark side, something something complete.”

This then demonstrates his masculinity, passing her shit test, and then she passionately kisses him and I think they fuck or something.

I couldn't remember the details because it was so cliché.

Regardless, the only thing I could think about was not how typical this was for a female to say “this is what I want,” or how I respect Vince Vaughn as an actor.  All I could think about was “Damn, if Vince Vaughn let alone any man did that today, he'd be arrested and thrown in jail.”

And thus the point of this short post – women are now making it illegal to pass shit tests.

I perfectly understand why women have shit tests.  It's key to their survival.  In the past women would nag or hound their prospective men to see if they could stand up to them as a basic, minimal litmus test to see if said men could stand up to genuine threats.  It was also to see if they could essentially enslave a man with ludicrous requirements and demands of his resources.  But there was always one key thing about shit tests that made it so any man could pass them.  Namely, you wouldn't get thrown in jail or die if you did.

Unfortunately, society and technology have evolved to the point that women are now presenting men with shit tests that in order to pass you must break a law and face jail.  “Let's you and him fight.”  “Hey bitch, I'm from Fargo and I'm going to forcibly kiss you now.”  To playing so hard to get that a man must be so aggressive and persistent he needs to redline the boundary of Stalkerville.  And this “raising the stakes” of shit tests is the consequence of two trends.  

First, the internet has given women access to nearly all of the 3.5 billion men on the planet and the millions of elusive alpha 10's that reside in this population.  I shan't go into the Alpha Widow Fallacy that will doom these women to spinsterhood, but with literally every man on the planet as a potential suitor, women have had to logically increase their filtering methods to find the best mate.  This has not only resulted in delusional dating profiles (“i'm a single mom of 3 from 4 different baby daddies, I'm sick and tired of the games, if you can't handle me at my worst, no sex until marriage, swipe left if you're not a Marxist feminist, etc.), but a hightening of the hurdles men must jump to pass a shit test.  And there's no bigger shit test to prove there's no bigger alpha than than breaking the law.  

Assaulting a man that insulted her.
Lying to the feds about her FansOnly tax evasion.
Or forcibly kissing a woman a la the Vince Vaughn movie.

Shit tests are now increasingly a test as to whether you are “man enough” to break the law for her.

Second, lowering the standards as to what is illegal and a prosecutable offense.  This trend I don't believe to be as much as a conscious effort on women to further filter men, as much as it is a byproduct of victimhood politics and socialist parasitism.  The tiring ole song of “I have trait X, you don't, you're oppressing me.”  And so what was normal (though regrettable) male behavior in the pursuit of women is increasingly becoming illegal (holding her ass on the dance floor, making sexual innuedo, and CERTAINLY telling a woman she's a bitch and then forcibly kissing her) because that results in more victims, more liable offenses, more lawsuits, and more money.  

These two trends – where women are increasingly demanding men do quasi-illegal things to woo them and making traditional mate-searching behavior increasingly illegal – put men in an impossible situation.  They can certainly pursue the girl and pass the shit test, but there's now a good chance he'll end up in jail.  And since Blasey-Ford has proven there is no statue of limitations, nearly every man faces a future risk that nearly all of his previous pursuits of women could at a later point in time be deemed damning by society, potentially even illegal.  So the only real men who are going to pass these shit tests are either drunk, stupid, or lack the risk assessment ability to realize what they're doing, while every other man is simply going to bow out, leaving the effective dating pool for women to be a bunch of losers.

Like an increasing amount of my writings, there is no solution.  I am merely pointing out a phenomenon.  Calmly pouring myself a drink, lighting up a cigar, and watching a spider versus a scorpion duke it on a bored army base in Iraq.  But perhaps some of you men will heed this observation, allowing you to realize when it's happening in your life.  And if you have the choice of impressing a girl by “drag racing down the street” or just saying, “nah, I'm good” and going home to watch some Hogan's Heroes, I hope you choose Hogan's Heroes and realize that girl was never worth the jail time anyway.


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Anonymous said...

The movie is "Four Christmases", and here's the clip:

ronetc said...

The movie is "Four Christmases" . . . and the couple is married and role-playing to increase their sexual enjoyment. That puts it on a different kind of list, I think.

Unknown said...

Very accurate assessment of this phenomenon Cappy. I've seen it in action with the younger crowd quite a number of times recently. Older, more established men never get this sort of test though. Probably for the very reasons that the women giving the test to the younger men are actually giving it.

SM777 said...

That's right. Older, established men don't deal with "shit tests". They don't care enough to. One shit test and then it's "next". Of course, what happens when women start to outnumber men beginning at age 35?

Rollo Tomassi said...

Actually, Vince would've had his ass kicked by any of the 10 random guys in the bar poised to prove how willing they are to police other men's thoughts/behaviors in order to earn M'lady's favor.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

"... there is no solution ..."

Shit test them right back.

You're the winner in this contest, always remember that.

Doing this will save you time because many American women have corrosive souls, and the corrosion can't help but leak out when you shit test the ever-living fuck out of them.

Also, sticking women in uncomfortable situations (possibly including actually dangerous situations) in order to see how they react to them, that can also work in your favour.

Just don't do like that guy from Florida who thought a barely trained chick diver could survive in adverse conditions and who-knows-what-else on the west side of Bonaire.

I don't know if that guy ever fully cleared his name after all of the media bullshit.

leeholsen said...

i put up with none of it, the election changed me. despite a real showing that voting democrat was voting for a minimum more govt control over yourself, the spread between dem and gop was about the same as 2016, so millions who voted democrat know more control is coming and they are just fine with it. my sole goal is to be as independent as possible for however many days i have left and i am not about to give that up for any woman, i do not care if they look like kate upton. i've had sex with former cheerleaders, having personal freedom is better.

Anonymous said...

Catch Hogan's Heroes on MeTV or Sundance Channel--check your local listings.

Absolutely one of the top 10 TV shows of all time.

The Return of The Red Pill said...

MGTOW are not born, they are made.
Interaction with the typical Western woman (narcissistic, misandric, greedy, over-indulged, over-protected, over-privileged, entitled, shallow, and personally toxic) ultimately becomes self-correcting -- the more that a man does it, the less he wants to do it again.
Such women sometimes accuse men who disagree with them of being 'recruiters' for MGTOW -- which is ironic, as MGTOW doesn't need 'recruiters'. Instead, these women themselves are the best 'recruiters', much more than any man could ever be.

Anonymous said...

Alphas don't exist. If they did we wouldn't have reached this point.

Tony Trucano said...

Your statement of "breaking the law for her" brought up a similar situation I witnessed.
I used to work a Wal-Mart and was gauging prospective dating prospects among the co-workers.
One of the prospects was a divorced single mom with two kids. "What do you think about me?" "Not my type." "What is your type?" "I like bad boys with no money."
I give up on her there. Maybe 2 years pass and she has two babies with the aforementioned bad boy. Things had gone south and she needed to file a restraining order against her beau two months prior. I don't really care, but I am paying attention to what is occurring with my co-workers. I bring up the subject, "So who are you dating now Anne?" "Well, the bad boy." "This is the same guy you had a restraining against?" "JUST STOP." I jumped to another break room table.

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