Thursday, November 12, 2020

Taxing Remote Workers: Why Luke Templeman Needs to Draw Mohammed

Surprise surprise, soy boy in banking advocates taxing remote workers to help out people not fortunate enough to blah blah blah.

Seriously, it's like they have a 24-7 team to just take every advancement or good thing that happens to society and ruin it.


Kraemer said...

For some reason, the link redirects to a page of the Captain Capitalism blog that does not exist

sysadmn said...

This will become more talked about as cities look at falling tax receipts. My son's work implemented a mandatory work from home policy through late 2021. He moved from Manhattan to the US midwest, and had his work address changed to his new location. NYC sales tax is 8.875%, his is 7.5%. The tax savings paid for the move and most of the cost of breaking a Manhattan lease. His coworkers did the same, saving 90 minute commutes, and paying township taxes in Connecticut and New Jersey instead of NYC.

heresolong said...

Link is broken.

A Texan said...

Leftist ruin everything! It's really time to have these people physically removed society. Maybe like a one way ticket to Cuba or Venezuela or North Korea, or other means.

Nothing like an open air concentration camp for those who need it most. And make sure to fill it with some white poop libs and give them lots of duh-versity.

Ahuehuete said...

Gotta love it, now the globalists want to punish those who have reduced their "carbon footprint" by not commuting to the office. Not to mention that the WFH crowd are supposedly helping to stop the spread of Covid. Oh well, better punish that too.

LBD said...

Link is bad

Unknown said...

I wonder is there once was a case where a solution to a problem was to lower tax?

Nick Ruisi said...

See what happens when you started posting on LinkedIn ? you clued the boomer bosses in, dude.

Maureen1955 said...

Connect all the dots and you begin to see a pattern - probably pushed by the ever interesting program expenses governments have assumed to 'battle' covid (programs that were probably not needed to begin with), governments at all levels need money. Consequently being floated are a variety of new taxes.

Taxing wealth has always been on the agenda of the progressive left. In my province we recently had a provincial election and I had at least three door knockers from the progressive left party in the province (NDP)appeared. All were young and were talking about the need to implement wealth taxes to level the playing field because young people shouldn't be poor. Of course they couldn't define wealth other than it was unfair. I pointed out that in our province there are really not that many wealthy people. And besides all young people are poor - unless like our PM they have a trust fund, when you are in your 20s and 30s you are poor. You are getting an education, buying a house, car, establishing yourself, getting married, having kids etc. It is not until you are in your 50s and 60s that your expenses reduce and you have excess cash (if you didn't do stupid things in your 20s and 30s).

At the federal level in Canada they are floating the concepts of capital gains on the sell of your principal residence because 'some' people are using the principal residence exemption as a way to flip. They have established a research contract to look into it - it will happen.

In the UK there is discussion on revamping capital gains taxes because apparently there is lots of wealth there (AKA retirement funds. Again they will find that there is not as much wealth as they thought so the changes will just keep increasing until some magic level is met.

We recently had civic elections in my province and in my city about half the council is new - all are very progressive promoting more programs etc. But they realize that property tax increases are not going to go well, so they have pivoted to fees on programs and services. A new one will be a green bin for each household for organic waste at a modest fee of $10/month on my utility bill. I don't want a green bin, don't need a green bin (I have a compost pile that is working fine), and definitely don't want another bin on my small patio (I have a blue bin that I pay for through my utilities bill and the beige garbage bin. But it is coming - the only result will be city employees being able to swan around at national/international conferences bragging about how green their city is. The fact that the current recyclables just end up in piles at the dump because there is NO market for them, is irrelevant.

These will expand to cover more and more and more items. Just looked at my heating bill for last month and over 30% is from carbon taxes, GST, municipal taxes and GST on top of municipal taxes.

The only saving grace is that at my age I have only about 15 to 20 years left on this earth - I plan of spending all my wealth.