Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The Clarey Podcast LIVE!

Tune in!  9AM CST today!

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Post Alley Crackpot said...

I don't understand this market demographic, someone please explain it to me.

I personally don't have 2 hours 26 minutes plus to be distracted by this sort of thing, and I suspect there are a lot of people who would agree with me if they weren't already avoiding this sort of thing in the first place.

Maybe I'd lower my resistance if you had a BBC presenter's voice or you could say things in long-and-windy-road ways like Stephen Fry or Bill Bryson, but you just don't have those skills.

So how's this better than an edited 15 minute podcast with an intense concentration on the core points?

Those long-form comments of mine do actually go through something resembling an editing process.

Could the rest of us get some of that kind of consideration as well?