Thursday, April 08, 2021

The Conference of Masculine Excellence

Cappy will be speaking in Las Vegas on June 4th-6th as part of a conference put on by Donovan Sharpe.  I go through the details in this video, but have also linked to the conference's main page as well as links to the standard and VIP tickets.

IT'S VERY EXPENSIVE.  $1,997 for VIP and $1,597 for standard, but there's 12 speakers, Joker (Better Bachelor) and Terrence Popp being just two of them.


VIP Ticket

Standard Ticket

Conference's main page


Anonymous said...

Yeah, sign me up for your Cucking Made Easy conference, you shameless grifting motherfucker.

Factory said...

Pretty expensive...until you figure rentals....not to mention.....should every speaker donate their time?...for the 'grateful masses'?....and how many thousands of people will attend?

Gotta love critics that can't reason or do math.