Saturday, April 10, 2021

What to Consider When Moving Out of the US? How About Fat People?

As many of you know I have always had a desire to establish a solid "Plan B" should the US ever go hard socialist, or simply (and more likely) lose it's collective social mind.  And whereas originally my desire to have a "Plan B" was financial and economic, as Americans increasingly lose their collective minds, non-economic factors are taking an increasing amount of weight in my decision.

For example, I have pointed out that I want a stable culture more than I'm concerned about taxes.  The reason for this is I remember the 80's and 90's where you could watch cartoons, hang out with different-race friends, and women would wear skirts.  Now, many thanks to Gen X teachers and professors, everybody is obssessed about the traits they were born with, and hate those without those traits.  This doesn't affect my finances per se, but it does decrease my quality of living when companies actively promote discirmination against my type/trait, while also claiming I'm to blame for all the country's problems.  

But another variable has come across my mind and I'm thinking outweighs financial factors, is obesity.  More specifically, how physically attractive people are.

For example, I'm currently in South Dakota smoking a cigar at a cigar lounge in Deadwood.  Many of you are well aware of the financial benefits of living in South Dakota (no state income taxes) and perhaps think this is a haven for some of the last, dwindling percentages of traditional Americans that exist.  And while you would be correct about both, I'm currently looking at a fat white woman's ass in front of me, while her cadre of equally fat friends are cackling and giggling about smoking cigars.

I could get up to go sit elsewhere, but it wouldn't matter because there are fat people everywhere.  

People are also dressed for shit.  I'm not expecting people to be in a Cary Grant movie, donning hats and Christian Dior dresses, but the untucked shirts with people's guts hanging out at the bottom (both male and female) is physically revolting, and drastically lessens my quality of living than paying another 1% of my income in a tax.

As you may know, one of my next major projects is to travel the world and find a country that would make for a good plan B.  And while I have a spreadsheet with about 20 variables, all ranked and weighted, I need to reprogram it to factor in the physique of the people who live in different countries.

Thankfully, left-leaning and no doubt feminist Wikipedia has a GREAT link that ranks countries by obesity AND it allows you to sort it by male or female.  There is of course a general correlation between men and women's obesity in various countries, but the point is that in addition to cultural stability and taxes, you should seriously consider a country that at least isn't a fat, slovenly, ugly, pig-hole like the US.  It may not be apparent, but seriously stop and take the time to consider what fat, ugly people do to your mood and thus enjoyment of life.


kurt9 said...

All good points Cappy!

I would add one more for both you and the nomad capitalist (Andrew Henderson). That is medical liberty. Will the place you are looking at moving to implement lockdowns on travel and personal life style stuff? Will they mandate a vaccine? Or maybe they mandate universal surveillance for contact tracing, like Singapore and Malaysia have done. Additionally, can you buy supplements and have access to other medical compounds (no prescription system) to do DIY techniques for anti-aging life extension like the mitochondrial fission/fusion and senolytics with stem cell replacement protocols that I have recently learned of on the forums. These are all criteria for a meaningful "plan B".

So you are looking at:

1) Economic liberty and low taxes.
2) A functional, stable culture.
3) Medical liberty and autonomy, especially no legal barriers to doing DIY anti-aging life extension.

Anonymous said...

For most Americans there are three practical locations to expatriate to- Latin America, SE Asia and E Europe. Latin America has the best weather, esp Mexico. Mexico is one of the easiest countries to get residency in, and they really like white people. Malaysia has one of the easiest residency programs in Asia, MM2H. If you want to avoid socialist BS Mexico is actually a good bet, the government really leaves you alone and treats you like an adult. I’ve spent time in Se Asia, E Europe and Latin Am, Mexico is more practical for me than the other places. Mexico has lots of manufacturing and so doesn’t need to import much, unlike countries such as Costa Rica which has to import everything and charges high import taxes. The food is best in SE Asia, Malaysia and Thailand are more practical to live in than other countries there. You’re right to go visit the countries yourself, 90% of what you read on the internet about expatriation is dated or inaccurate. First thing you need to check is residency requirements, if you can’t easily get residency it’s not worth the trouble.

Edward said...

This is another metric which is extremely important: Honesty.
This data came at a high price and should not be ignored.

Inspector Gadget said...

You should come visit me in the Eurasian (former Soviet) country of Georgia (Sakartvelo): extremely low cost of living, very low taxes, free economy, very scenic mountainous country, slender people, low population density. Let me know if you are interested.

Anonymous said...

Being fat and ugly, my solution is to avoid looking in the mirror.
Of course, that makes me look slovenly, so it doesn't really help.
But at least I have no basis to judge others so I'm less arrogant.

Mr. Generic said...

Please keep us posted if you find somewhere on the planet that has both minimal obesity and minimal Globohomo. Fat people are everywhere in the U.S., and the obesity problem is growing around the world too since one of the U.S.'s biggest exports is degeneracy.

Anonymous said...

Some unique maps to plan your escape:

Anonymous said...

Cech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary

Bad Aim said...

I'm already 6 months ahead of you. I'm scouting property in lower Central America where it's a bit safer and MS13 doesn't exist. I'm also off to South America and will also visit the Balkans and Asia this year as well for potential places to land. Even if there is corruption and crime in some of the places I am considering, at least the crimes here make sense to me. Back in the major city I left in the US, someone across the street where I used to live was assaulted by a stranger with a box cutter for no reason. I can understand the petty theft here where I currently am. I understand the motivations of someone who wants my watch or looking to take my wallet. It's the type of stuff you see in the US commonly now like random assaults and arson that are senseless to me. The US has a mentally ill population and I don't want to live among them anymore. You don't see any any BLM or feminist rallies where I am because people are too busy trying to survive and focused on making money. The native population doesn't have an abundance of spoiled rich kids with nothing else to do for these things to exist.

In my opinion the US will collapse completely within 10 years. It's not even close to it's lowest point yet. IMO it's going to get a lot worse before that happens. People will be forced to reckon with reality and because they are not prepared and many mentally ill. It will be brutal for them.

I so far love it outside of the US. I can afford to eat out every single day and I live near beautiful beaches on the cheap and surf during high tides. I've never been happier outside the US and when reading the news instead of getting angry like I used to, now I just smirk and shake my head about the idiotic things going on back in the states. It's a lot of work and research before moving to another country, but in the end a lot of people can be a lot happier. Just because we are born somewhere doesn't mean we have to die there. Adios America!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cappie, the real skinnies are in Africa based on this report. but Phils and Thailand look pretty smacking. What are the taxes in those places?

Kevdog said...

I fucking hate fat people

Kevdog said...

I fucking hate fat people

Anonymous said...

The fact is that life in the US just isn’t very good anymore. Worlds highest prices for mediocre health care. A bill for $10,000 to heat your house because it was cold for two weeks in February. Media and government spewing hatred for white people, even though whites get along fine with everybody and are less racist than people from almost any other country. Many countries welcome expats from the US, esp in Latin America, why put up with the crap in a failing country that hates you? The truth is that as more companies and governments in the US become woke, products and services will become of worse quality since the competent are fired and incompetent are hired. Welcome to third world America. If you are going to live in the third world, might as well pay third world prices by living overseas.

Kristophr said...

You should forward this important information to Nomad Capitalist. Heh.

I can see Henderson making a video of this.

Unknown said...

I was actually thinking about this issue the other day, and did some research.
Back in 1991 12% of Americans were obese, and that figure had been stable for twenty years.
For some mysterious reason it then climbed to 18% by 1998 and kept going to 36% by 2019.
That's OBESE - overweight is twice that. What happened? Fast food had been around for decades.
The only thing I can point to is that after Karen Carpenter died of anorexia in 1983 there was a big awareness campaign directed at fighting anorexia by ending fat shaming and giving girls supportive messages about body image, and by the early 1990s the media, schools and medical profession were completely on board with this. Today it is estimated that 0.5% of girls suffer from anorexia, 3% from bulimia and another 3% from binge eating without purging. Plus 60% being overweight or obese without a "disorder". So in solving one problem we created another problem 100 times larger.

Whatever caused this rise in the 1990s, studies show it happened at the same time in Australia, Brazil and Argentina. Its a global issue. Maybe its fast food companies, maybe its global media, but the only countries that seem to have escaped are Japan and Korea - outside of Americas cultural reach perhaps.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the figures its bad everywhere except Japan and Korea and Vietnam, which have their own drawbacks - very overcrowded already.

Eastern Europe and Latin America have serious issues with obesity too.

Out of the western countries, the slimmest people are found in Switzerland. Because wealthy educated people tend to take better care of their health. Even within cities, you will notice that the attractiveness of the people you pass on the street rises noticeably when you are walking through a rich area.

Which suggests maybe the solution is to go someplace where you are wealthy compared to the locals, and then live in the nice part of town where the educated, slim upper middle class people live.

In most major Latin American cities there is a first world bubble with tree lined streets and decent houses with gardens and educated, fit attractive people who may speak English. Its generally where the embassies are located.

Outside of this bubble its usually depressingly run down and more dangerous. In Santiago its Las Condes, In Bogata its Usaquen, in Montevideo its Carrasco.

I think many people have the mistaken impression that obesity isn't an issue in Kiev or Sofia because they stay in the nice part of town near the parks and museums and see attractive young women walking around the streets. If you move to Kiev and live in the best part of town, this is what you will see. If you live in some rundown Soviet era apartment block on the fringe of the town, surrounded by poor people living on rice, potatoes, cabbage, vodka and the occasional pork sausage, it will be different.

If you want to live in a pleasant part of town surrounded by healthy people, you need money. That is true the world over. In Japan the obesity rate might be 5% rather than 35% like the USA, but you still need money to live in Japan, it isn't cheap.

I would suggest that rather than expecting a whole country to have its act together, we accept that the average person is disappointing the world over, and go somewhere you can afford to live among the above average people. Bonus points for being as far away as possible from the influence of the UK and the USA.

TheTrophyOne said...

All of the above comments were packed with great info. and thought.

I always find that if I go on Youtube and look up 90's and early 00's dating shows, (Eliminate, Blind Date, 5th Wheel, etc.) I come away extremely depressed. (That feeling has lessened over time)

And it's all due to how someone, who's an actual six in looks, was still sexy af (with their appearance and attitudes/personalities)

Now, just a whole lot of "Fire Company Quality" people around.

🍴 Enjoy life and get fat!

(No need to shoot for the Instagram guy model look now. He's probably on drugs anyway, and you can still beat most people EASILY with working out for fun now.)