Sunday, May 23, 2021

Advice for Weak Men

Allow me to regale you with a tale.

Several years ago I was receiving the same question from men about once a week. Sure, each individual man would word his question differently than the others, but it all boiled down to the same question:

“How do I get da gurlz?”

At first I answered this question gleefully because I was getting paid and I am a whoooooore. But after a while these questions started grating on me and became so annoying, I had to ask myself why. WHY were these questions becoming so annoying?

In part it was because I was answering the same damn question time and time again, with slight variances depending on the client and his individual circumstances. But regardless of the different flavors or variations of these questions, what I found particularly angered me was that all the men asking this question had one thing in common;

They were cowards.

They were weaklings.
They didn't want to (as my colleague Rich Cooper says) “do the work.”

In other words, they didn't want to truly know “How to get da gurlz.” They wanted to know “How do I get da gurlz easily?” “How do I get the gurlz without work?” “What are the individual actions in terms of grooming, income, speech, fashion, and other things that aren't hitting the gym – that I can do – that will result in me getting da guurrrlzzza.” In short they wanted the short cut to girls, the cheat code to girls, the algorithmic code to girls so they could avoid the gym, dieting, working hard, and above all else the courage it takes to face rejection and just magically “poof” the gurlza are ripping your clothes off.

Once I found out that THIS was the real question and it was weak, cowardly, lazy men asking it, I did a universal video that answered this question on YouTube, scathing men for asking such a question. I said there were no short cuts, you needed to hit the gym and diet, and that they were pathetic, lazy, losers always in search of the easy way to success, of which there is none. And until they were committed to “doing the work,” they would never “get da gurlza.” Henceforth, I have yet to receive one more question on “How do I Get Da Gurlza.”

But unfortunately we find ourselves in a simular situation now. Because like the question “How do I get the gurlza” I am now getting similar questions that may not be identical, but they certianly rhyme, and they're certainly starting to piss me of. And after sitting down and thinking it through, I have identified not only what the core question is these new men are asking, but that these men also do NOT want a solution to their question unless it is cost free, effort free, labor free, and risk free. And that question is:

“Can somebody else live my life for me?”

To understand the nature of this question, as well as the solution to it, we need to understand the background of the men who are asking me this question, as well as the millions of young American men who ask themselves this question every day.

In short, the United States, as well as the west in general, is suffering a crisis of failed parenting. Boomer and Gen X parents simply did not prepare their children for the real world because parenting is hard. They opted instead the easier route of outsourcing their parenting to day care providers, schools, politicians, and media. Fathers, whether present in the family or not, divorced or not, nuclear or not, simply did not take the time to educate their children about the harsh realities of life, and therefore did not prepare their children for the real world. And so after shirking their duties to their children, and letting the public schools install the philosophical life-living operating system in their childrens' minds that is called socialism, feminism, victimhood, and entitlement, we have now released two woefully-ill prepared generations of children (Gen Z and Millennials) into the real world. And the results have been disastrous.

For example, I wrote the book “How Not to Become a Millennial” because we have an entire guinea pig generation as a testament as to what happens when your parents, essentially, lie to you or at least don't tell you the truth. You have listless, purposeless adults who can't support themselves, living at home until they're 35, or certainly relying on their parents' (or government's) financial support. We have generations of adults with completely worthless degrees, and with the life-crippling student debts that come with them. The mental health of this generation is the worst in history (though measures show Gen Z is on track to beat the Millennials in this endeavor). And of particular interest to both men and women of these generations is each other as (uncomfortable as this may sound) sex and family formation is the ultimate reason the human race is here. Both of which are in rapid decline as we witness and experience a hate-filled “War of the Sexes,” the ferocity of which the world has never seen.

And though the above largely speaks to millennials, it is this environment that results in the empty, listless vessels we have as young men today. Men who have no point or purpose in life. Men with no ambition or work ethic. Men who have not a single line of adulthood coded into their operating system. And these men, who once dumped into the real world and forced to wander the desert for several years, inevitably come to my doorstep and ask me “What should I do with my life?”

But keep in mind it is not merely young, inexperienced men, seeking the wisdom of an older brother figure. It's not some young kid who has done his researched, worked some entry level jobs, kind of has some life goals set, but wants advice from a seasoned man on how to achieve them. No, it is once again that legion of “weak men” who above all else DEMAND an easy solution above actual success in life. And after thinking this through, there are several traits that differentiate these weak men, from their real young men counterparts, allowing you to spot them a mile away.

First, they are young, typically in their mid 20's and confused as the artificially cushy environment of school is no longer shielding them from the real world, and the promises of their teachers, parents, media, and politicians never materialize.

Second, they have worthless degrees or educations, often partially completed, indicating a lack of work ethic, critical thinking, and the absence of a father who should have told them better.

Third, they are physically unappealling and unattractive women. They are overweight, fat, skinny-fat and do not exercise. They fear the gym more than anything else.

Fourth, along with poor physical health, they invariably have some kind of mental illness such as “social anxiety disorder,” “ADHD,” “Autism,” or “general depression.”

Fifth, their finances are poor.

Sixth, related, they live at home OR AT MINIMUM are financially dependent upon their parents or the government.

Seventh, despite being a quarter century old, AND SOMETIMES HOLDING A COLLEGE DEGREE, they STILL don't know what to do in life either for education or a profession.

Eighth, they then barf out a litany of potential professions they want me to personally research and analyze, none of which they've researched themselves.

Ninth, they also say, “I want to start a business.”

And finally, despite being the epitomal definition of a loser who offers no value of anything to anyone, they laughably....

Tenth, tell me they're not really good with girls and ask how to get a girl.

And so, when I get a request from one of these weak men, I already know the question they are going to ask. They are going to ask me to make all their life decisions for them. They are going to ask me to do the research, do the homework, and give their lazy, NPC minds the instructions and cheat codes to life. What to study. What to become professionally. How to leave home. How to get out of debt. How to make friends. How to make “six figs.” How to “get da gurlza.” BUT ABOVE ALL ELSE – AND THIS IS KEY


And so just like “how do I get the gurlza” I am going to answer the general, over-arching question, “Can you live my life for me?” of which there are 8 main categories these questions fall into, requiring 8 main general answers.

Question #1 – What Should I Do for a Living?

Nobody but you is going to live your life. But if you insist on other people making your decisions for you because you are too weak and lazy to do it yourself, then you are foisting an unnecessary chore and burden on other people – managing your life. And if you insist on having other people make your decisions for you, then you are effectively a slave and your new “owner” has every right to the money or profit you generate, or at least a managerial fee. So if you need to be told what to major in, what to become as a profession, where to live, what to eat, and which hand to wipe your ass with – no, you are not a human. You are a slave, a robot, an NPC. And the person managing your life is owed compensation.

But more pertaining to the question “What should I do for a living?” even this question is moot because if you're so lazy you have to ask other people to do the research for you to find out what you actually should do for a living, it doesn't matter if you major in chemical engineering or brain surgery – you lack the work ethic to do ANYTHING, let alone a real profession. So go sell cell phones at a mall kiosk. Be a cashier at Kwik Trip or Mavericks. Collect some stimmie checks. Do meth. Play video games. Watch pron. Read Oprah. Or fake having a mental illness so you can collect disability. You are simply incapable of being a professional at anything. So give up the endeavor.

Question #2 – What Type of Business Should I Run?

Akin to question #1, if you can't figure out what kind of business to start you lack both the work ethic and entrepreneurism required to run a business. Furthermore, realize that in asking that question, it is the antithesis of being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs don't ask other people what to do, they lead and strike out on their own. What you're really asking is “Is there a way I don't have to work for a living or work for a boss? Something easy, but where I can still make six figs?” of which the answer is no. Any token amount of time, effort and resources you put into running, starting, or buying a business will be wasted, further worsening, if not crippling your finances. So don't start “drop shipping bro” and no you're not “buying a bar dude,” and no you are not an “entrepreneur” if you are in some MLM scheme. You are a loser always looking to avoid work, and you will likely worsen your finances pursuing some profitless hobby.

Question #3 – What Should I Study?

Here I understand because your father's weren't around, your mothers didn't know any better, and your teachers are truly stupid people, why this question is a valid one. Young people are so propagandized to “follow your heart and the money will follow” or “any degree is a good degree” that you are practically channeled like cattle to the slaughter house of worthless liberal arts and social science degrees.

But some of you are smart enough to know better. Many of you are considering STEM degrees or accounting or the trades or perhaps even the military.

But these are not the weak male clients I am talking about. You guys actually have done some research about various degrees and come up to me asking, “I”m kicking around mechanical engineering vs. computer science. I'm really having trouble picking between the two. Any thoughts?” And those are legitimate questions.

The weak men who want others to lead their lives for them BARF up a score of different degree or training program options, wanting you to spend the days researching each option for them. And like having somebody else decide what your profession should be, means you lack the work ethic to succeed in any profession, randomly barfing up a bunch of degrees and then asking somebody else which to major in, proves you are not capable of majoring in any of them.

Save yourself the money. You aren't smart enough or hard-working enough to go to college.

Question #4 – How Do I Get Out of Debt?

The short answer to this is “You work two jobs and spend less than you make. Maybe you even have to move back home. But you gear up for at least two years of hell where all you do is work and save your money, while cutting expenses to only the necessities.”

There, I have once again solved yet ANOTHER economic problem that has plagued society since existence.

But once again, that solution is hard and “weak men” who invariably have a car loan or lease they can't afford do not want to work 80 hours a week, let alone 40, let alone spend less than they make. And no matter how factual it is working two jobs and spending less than you make is the ONLY way to get out of debt, every weak man will refuse that solution because it is not easy.

That's alright, enjoy being a part time slave to the banks and credit card companies for the rest of your life because you are so deathly afraid of putting in the labor to pay back the money you took from other people.

Question #5 – How Do I Leave Home?

When I get this question, it's particularly funny because it's always invariably couched within, “My parents tell me what to do/who to date/give me a curfew/force me to go to college, but I'm 23 years old! I'm an adult! How do I get them to stop telling me what to do???”

And then I ask, “Well are you living at home?”


“Well then move out.”

“But I can't afford rent.”


Like “how do I get out of debt” the answer is the same for “How do I move out of my parents' house?”

You work two jobs, you spend less than you make, you find a cheap place to live, and then you move out.

Again, this solution falls on deaf ears on account it is not an easy solution, which is the first, foremost, and most vital part to any solution these weak mean seek and demand.

Question #6 – I'm Depressed/How Do I Make Friends?

Here, like college degrees, I can understand some of these questions are legitimate. In part because young men do face a depressing social environment. In part because your parents, teachers, and guidance counselors failed to give you reasons, goals, purpose, and meaning to live in life. Your peers are also mal-raised and mal-adapted to the real world. And lord knows how many of you were put on prescription drugs to treat “anxiety” or “depression” when you were younger.

So I do have a sympathetic ear to young men who are depressed or lacking a social life because your situation IS depressing and your peers ARE depressing.

But when I ask the client “do you go out?” “Are you joining any meetup groups?” “What hobbies do you have?” “How many girls did you ask out this week?” And most importantly, “Do you work out?”

The answer is no. They sit at home, their social life is on social media. The have no hobbies that require the participation of others. And they are playing video games, watching pron, instead of getting in a daily run or hour at the gym.

No amount of working out, socializing, and meet up groups will change the fact that the environment young people today live in is in fact tremendously depressing. But if you are not going to go out, find some hobbies, find some people, and work out to release the endorphins your body/mind so desperately needs, you will remain a cheeto horking, video game playing, obese NEET in your mom's basement, friendless and forever depressed.

Question #7 – How Do I Lose Weight?

How do you think?

I love this question because it's like the human race hasn't known since it's entire existence how food, calories, and exercise works. It's also the longest running tragic comedy in the US where women will try anything and everything EXCEPT eating less and exercising more in an effort to lose weight, condemning now three generations of women to never lose weight, but die trying.

Regardless, we once again see the prime directive of these weak men (and women). 60% of young people are overweight. Everybody would like to lose weight, but not if it's hard on account that violates the prime directive of “It must be easy first, actually success is second.”

I simply refuse to give fat, weak men advice on how to lose weight. You know how, you're just asking for the easy way. If you all really want to lose weight, then I'd suggest you implement the religion of communism young people are so fond of and watch the pounds fall off of everybody.

And finally...

Question #8 – How Do I Get the Girls?

I find this question hilarious.

Here you have a weak man who is


lives at home,
has a worthless degree,
is unemployed,
is in debt,
is mentally ill,
whose social awkwardness frightens young women,
and who is so lazy he needs another man to tell him what to major in or what to do in life,

yet, this veritable loser who is the COMPLETE ANTITHESIS of what women want, inevitably and always asks me “how do I get da gurlza.”

It's hilarious NOT because it's a weak man seeking the cheat code to girls. It's hilarious because these “men” think they are in any kind of social, physical, financial, or mental condition to date. They actually think they have value to women. And when I am invariably asked this question after a litany of work-avoidant questions, I have to laugh and say, “Are you kidding me??? No, you are in no condition to present yourself to some poor girl to date. You don't even know who you are, where you want to live, what you want to do. You live at home, you're in debt, you have no employable skills. Additionally you are fat, weak, and ugly. You are not going to insult a woman, let alone bother her by presenting your completely worthless self to her. Until you get the rest of your life together, until you become a real man who is in physical shape, do not even waste your time chasing girls.”

There are certainly other sub-questions within the realm of “Aaron, make my life choices for me” but there is a larger philosophical issue at hand. A question that every weak man in America and the west needs to ask himself:

Regardless of your brainwashing, upbringing, indoctrination or childhood, do you want to waste the rest of your life being the loser that you are? We can spend all day blaming teachers, parents, media, leftists, politicians, mental illnesses, etc., for your pitiful place in life, but I do not think for one second all the weak men (as well as weak women) DO NOT KNOW what the solutions are to all their problems in life. Everybody knows that to lose weight you need to eat less and exercise more. Everybody knows that to get out of debt you need to work more and spend less. Everybody knows liberal arts degrees are a horrific waste of money compared to an engineering degree. And everybody knows that girls like tall men with big muscles, no matter what they claim otherwise.

The real issue is whether your desire to actually succeed in life and these endeavors is STRONGER than your fear of the work and toil required to succeed in them. And this is the MOST IMPORTANT DECISION YOU NEED TO MAKE NOW. Because if your fear of work is stronger than your desire to succeed in life, then at least do yourself the favor of no longer torturing yourself, impossibly desiring both. If your fear of exercise is more powerful than your desire to have sex with a beautiful woman, then ADMIT THAT and STOP trying to “get da gurlz.” You will save yourself an inoordinate amount of strife and frustration. If your fear of working for a living is stronger than your desire to be financially independent, then unburden yourself with the chore of going to college or researching a profession. If your fear of having to support yourself is stronger than your desire to no longer live at home, then resign yourself to having your parents force a curfew on you at 27 years old. And if you fear the math and rigorous studying that goes into a STEM degree, invest the money you would have spent pursuing a worthless college degree instead into a house or the stock market.

But if you actually DO want to live life, if you actually DO want to be successful in life, then get your head out of your ass and stop asking for the short cuts and cheat codes to life that DO NOT EXIST. Like millions of 40+ something Americans today whose lives are effectively over, you will waste your one-and-only life chasing the false promises of diet pills, worthless college degrees, fat acceptance, careerism, radical-yet-sexy political ideaologies, entitlement, UBI, Oprah books, the opposite sex “liking you for you,” or whatever other valueless propagandist slop society is serving to you.

Unless you were born into wealth, ALL SUCCESS comes from hard work, labor, and toil. And if you wish not to piss away this one and finite life you have, this incredibly short blip of conscientious existence God or the universe has given you, stop looking for the easy way, stop looking for the short cut, get off your ass and go make your life worth something. Because until you do that, your life ultimately won't matter.


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lazicus maximus said...

So, how do I get the gurls? You never answered.

Hog of War said...

Haow du eye stak da meddalz??

Anonymous said...

That's quite a rant. You must have been super annoyed to devote your time to a rant like this.

Anonymous said...

I could not bring myself to read all of it. You are bashing men who see it for what it is, next to impossible. We live in a culture where women are trained to hate men and hold them in contempt. Where only the alphaest alpha who ever alphaed might be good enough. It's past time to stop beating up the men. Most can't improve themselves enough to be the average girl's Prince Charming and the ones that have, are divorced and living in their cars. What you have is an issue with biology, because the desire does not go away.

The Wraith said...

A to the Men. Hopefully at least some of these alleged men will read your words and understand.

Blackwing1 said...


I worked for over 40 years as a design engineer (degree in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on heat transfer and thermogodamnics), with the last 27 years for the same division of the same company (although in 3 or 4 different positions within that division). I routinely put away the maximum-allowed 17% into a 401(k), and my wife and I lived for over 25 years in a tiny house in the heart of the MN hive (S. Mpls.) since it was equidistant between our jobs. Because she was working we paid off a 30 year mortgage in 11 years and started saving like crazy. She retired a dozen years ago, and I retired at age 60 a few years ago. We almost instantly moved to a much freer (and income tax free) state, bought a much larger house (with cash), and are living very comfortably on very little. That's just background.

With regard to "what to study", I have to vehemently disagree with your suggestion that people move into STEM careers. It has become a dead-end, with the collectivist left-wing of the DemoPublican flooding the country with H1B visa holders. Engineering jobs are being occupied by low-cost visa holders. They are also being outsourced to foreign countries at an increasing pace. The company for which I worked attempted to use design drafters from India to get around having to pay Americans for the work; the problem was that the utter incompetence of those "designers" was such that everything had to be re-done, corrected, sent back, re-re-done, until the cost ended up being much higher than if they'd just used competent (American) designers to begin with. Did that teach management? No, of course not. It was obviously our fault for not training them well enough.

What can smart, technically savvy people go into?

My suggestion is to go to a trade school. Yes, I know it's not as glamorous as some high-buck "college", but learning a trade that will allow you to earn a decent living will pay off almost instantly when you graduate. One excellent example is learning HVAC systems and repair (furnaces, air conditioners, etc.). These systems have become increasingly complex and difficult to repair, yet every house in the country has one or more such systems. And with the frequency of repair and replacement skyrocketing due to the manufacturers cutting costs by using the cheapest components it will remain lucrative.

Most importantly these kinds of jobs CANNOT be outsourced to a low-cost person in Mumbai. It's really difficult for somebody in India to turn a wrench or vacuum-pump down an A/C condensing unit.

Another huge advantage is that once you've gotten some years of practical experience working for someone else's company and paid off your (very minimal) school debts, it's relatively simple to start your own business and go into competition. If you develop a reputation as being prompt, accurate in your estimates, and of doing good work, you will have a never-ending flow of references for new work. If your beginning employer is looking to retire and you are the shining star of his employees (yup, lots of hard work, showing up on time, having initiative, etc.) they may even sell the company to you, wanting to leave their legacy in good hands.

This is only one example of this kind of career choice. Plumbing, electrical, appliance repair...all of these require a physical presence which cannot be outsourced overseas. And as the inevitable hyper-inflation starts to hit the country people will be more interested in repairing and maintaining their (poorly built) homes than in replacing them.

CBMTTek said...

As always, words of wisdom.

Big difference between asking "What business should I start up?" Versus; "Is starting up a _______ business in a city with ________ of them already a good idea?"

Applies across the board. Massive difference between asking a targeted question and asking a wide open one. One indicates you are seeking advice, the other indicates you are too lazy to make a decision for yourself.

And, right now, about half the voters in the US think it is not their job to make these decisions, that someone should be taking care of their wants and needs. And, they elect idiots to the government that promise to keep them fat, dumb, and lazy.

Anonymous said...

Great one!

Paul said...

These 20 something guys are the end product of a fully feminized society. Never go full retard.

this is what happens when you have a generation raised by single mothers, when there are no male teachers in the school system and masculinity has been successfully removed from society.

The U.S. went from a WW2 torpedo bomber pilot president to "feel your pain" Clinton, to the dumbest Bush to the most feminine president in history - and had a freakout when it got a bit of testosterone in the WH. Now it has Alzheimer's patient who fondles children.

It's only going to get worse.

Anonymous said...

You might be upset that so many young men are clueless with how to attract women, but reading about all the stupid questions you get from them brings me joy. There is a huge difference between the older millennials and the younger ones. I've seen the ones born before 1990 really grow up the last decade. Many are working productive jobs, paying taxes, being responsible. Plus the men have shifted dramatically their politics to where I believe the majority of older Millennial men lean conservative now. It's the 20 somethings that I truly can't stand. They are the ones blocking the streets preventing people from going to work because they want us to worship some dead criminal. They are the useless people at work pushing for once a week we have to sit through some dumb meeting that brings no value to the company. We have to sit there and listen to them whine about being a gender, race when we need to do work or get on the phone with a client. They are the whiniest, laziest group of people in American history.

The fact that so many of these men aren't going to be getting laid and thus won't be reproducing brings me a lot of consolation. I'm tired of their dumb antics, it's nice to know we won't have to suffer another round of them. There is all this complaining about women being too picky and going after only a select few of men, but it's best for society that they do this. Weak men will just make weak fathers and produce weak kids. The millennials have so many weak men among their ranks because too many weak Boomers and Gen-X men were able to reproduce. I'm glad women won't touch these idiots. Thank you ladies for being sensible and not opening your legs for them. These men should not be fathers and we're better off with them dying off with no offspring.

Mike said...

Hell yes to all of this.

I have ADD (yes, a clinical diagnosis). It's my superpower. By controlling diet, sleep and exercise, I keep my brain highly functional. By using my ability to over-focus, I've learned two foreign languages, learned how to be a database administrator (in 90 days with no prior training or experience), and served in two branches of the military for over 20 years now. I also fix my own house and rebuild car engines. Now I'm finishing up a degree in Data Science (thanks, Aaron, for writing Worthless and Curse of the High IQ; they've been life changing).

I've got my kids all learning Spanish, music, martial arts and advanced science and math now too.

ADD is a superpower if you do it right.

Anonymous said...

I think you stayed on the surface level of this question.
You identified that these men who come to you have a problem: they don't want to/can't do the work.
But they're unhappy and they're looking for help still.
So the real question you're being asked from them is "why can't I be the best version of myself, what's holding me back".
It seems quite easy to dismiss it by stating that they're "lazy" or "not smart enough" (your words).

On other posts or in your books, you talk about the decline of today's society and the challenges men are facing.
Which would partially explain why these young men are the way they are.
But still, the question here is not really the "why" but the "how".
If the overweight man just needed to hear "go to the gym", he wouldn't be fat.
If the shy/anxious guy just needed to hear "go out more, socialize, face your rejections", he wouldn't be alone.
If the broke guy just needed to hear "save more, spend less", he wouldn't be poor.
How can you really help these men?

DAN said...

Now being age 82 myself this topic brings up memories: About mid WW2 time a family friend we kids always behind his back kidded about. Ole Eddie than probably near fifty would constantly brag to us kids how immediately after he graduated from forth grade he got a full time job as a helper to a Steam Fitter and he now was a upper qualified Steam Fitter. "Youse people should become steam fitters Eddie would preach". None of us kids knew what a steam fitter was but I can now say Eddie lived and retired at a very comfortable life and certainly it wasn't public education or college that did it.

Anonymous said...

I think in today's world, there is already an imbalance on the sexual market in favor of women.
You know what I mean - being out of shape, in debt, living with your parents etc are criteria only affecting one gender's ability to get sex, and it's not women.
So what if the "weak men" were all to follow your advices, do you think it would force women to ramp up their game, or on the contrary it will just exacerbate the competition between men?

Tucanae Services said...

An observation about ques #7.

Cappy is of course right about the solution. However I think he might be mischaracterizing the lack of awareness. Look up until say the 1960's most people still earned a living moving around as part of their job and vocations. Built in exercise routines. Now? Since then most of us sit on our kesters staring at a screen and for many their vocations are similar. It is something many now have to learn to do and implement in their lives vs in the past not having to worry about it.

George True said...

Best advice ever for this day and age.

William Hughes said...

Wonderful article, made me smile. I will be quoting this when I get these questions. Thanks for posting all the answers in one place - now I can avoid being the bad guy and blame all the reaction on that asshole cap'n.

A thought: given Price's Law and the fact that the market rewards value creation (not hard work and creativity) then it wouldn't hurt to point that out. While specific advice about trades, stem, and the rest are useful to some the fact is that if a person wants to earn money they need to find a way to add value to other people's lives, and they need to be very good (fast, productive, effective) at it.

One of my young daughters got a job in a bakery decorating cakes. She loves it, is kicking ass at it, and is working almost full time. Now, she isn't going to get rich doing this, but God willing, she won't be dependent on others. And at least she is cheerful and satisfied.