Thursday, May 13, 2021

Why Americans Should Refuse to Commute

My latest article I wrote on my LinkedIn page about commuting.  I like writing on linkedin about work related stuff because it reminds all the cogs in the corporate machine that their lives suck.


Paul, Dammit! said...

Every time it rains, I question my life choices about working outside using my hands and brain equally. Every time the sun shines, I am grateful for my choices made. It's a grand opera.
I looked at Linkedin once. I wanted to hang myself after. Imagine needing to use it to find work.
I like to think of people in offices, looking at inflatable chair inserts because they've got aches in their bungs from sitting all day and need special chairs and cushions. My bung is magnificent. I occasionally sit in my wheelhouse chair, but it's a treat to do so.

liberranter said...

Thank you for posting something to LinkedIn that isn't the usual shallow, virtual-signaling SJW bullshit that has become that platform's standard. I especially look forward to reading in the comments in response to your article the lame defenses of commuting and mandatory on-site work presence spewed by the usual suspects in the exectutard class who can't help but let their control-freak personalities shine through.

Anonymous said...

Solid analysis and spot on. I really do believe at this point that the people who enjoy commuting and want "everything to go back to normal" are people who hate their home life. For them, commuting is getting away from their family that they can't stand or perhaps they are so lazy that they need their boomer boss standing over them to actually be productive. I can't tell you how much more work I get done not wasting time driving into a crowded city or being interrupted by people who just want to chat and stop by my cubicle. They can't do this anymore thanks to the pandemic I was already transitioning to working from home, but the pandemic made me realize how much of my life I was wasting.