Monday, December 14, 2009

Barbara Boxer

I got another name for her.

And it's one syllable.

Congratulations, feminism, you have won.


Anonymous said...

See You in Toledo!

Anonymous said...

See you breaking the class ceiling.

Anonymous said...

I don't get this at all, I would call male senator Sir, and woman Ma(d)am were I in that seat.

I mean you say senator once perhaps, but after that.. to heck with her.

Seriously, it's like PhD's who insist on being called "Dr.", It's appropriate in some places and some times, but insisting... get a grip.

Anonymous said...

This is making my head spin. When did it become ok to delay a meeting because someone calls you something you don't like?

And she moans about having to earn her title in front of a General?

Kai said...

We can always hope for the catastrophic earth quake that will bury California under the sea.

Ryan Fuller said...

She got her title by winning a popularity contest, and she's talking down to a brigadier general.

Not only that, but "ma'am" is how a soldier would appropriately address a female superior officer. There is no disrespect there.

So how does she react? She cuts this man off in mid-sentence to demand that he stroke her ego because "it's just a thing." Not only is she being a bitch for a completely trivial reason, but she goes out of her way to point out that it's a trivial reason.

Somebody should smack her with a rolled up newspaper. Obviously the intricacies of respectful human interaction are beyond her ken, so she would have no recourse if others were to treat her with the same level of (non)respect.

Payner44 said...

Captain, I would include Clinton and Pelosi getting that name as of all 3 should be next to that name in the dictionary!