Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Captain's New Year's Resolution

The Captain has many New Year's resolutions.

Boost my bench press to 175.

Keep Natasha's cooking off my waist and keep under 145 lbs.

Get Cisco certified.

Increase revenues for my various ventures by 20%.

However, sadly the Captain has another one.

The Captain will be scaling back Captain Capitalism.

This is not an end of the blog, but rather a drastic reduction in posts. The reasons are multiple but basically boil down to two things;

1. I've made a conscious decision to spend more time with Natasha. Fun as this blog is, it doesn't really pay the mortgage, plus you have to have your priorities straight. And as much as I all love you, Natasha is that special kind of dame.

2. The blog has already achieved what I wanted it to and that was to establish the empirical data that proves whether capitalism or socialism is the optimal economic system. After 5 years I now find myself simply updating charts or reiterating topics I've already written at length about. The posts are just simply short posts or links to other posts that highlight either the proof that capitalism works or the inanity of liberals and leftists.

This of course does not mean there won't be any posts, but the posts I do make will basically be one of three things;

1. Long, more substantive postings that could be considered essays that will tackle larger concepts than simple correlations between economic growth and taxes.

2. Short, quick charts where there will be little, if any commentary in that I trust you are all smart enough junior, deputy, aspiring, official or otherwise economists to figure it out on your own.

3. Video/audio of some speeches/seminars I plan on putting together which I think is the new way blogging/media in general are going.

I certainly welcome any links you guys want to send that you think are post worthy, and as always, all Cappy Cap readers are allowed to contribute their own writing if they so desire ( However, posts on my own will be of no particular frequency, probably averaging around one per month.

Regardless, I wish you all the best in 2010 and the best for capitalism. However, if there's one thing I've learned about capitalism it's that it doesn't need luck. It's reality. It's the people that need the luck if they ever decide to abandon it.


Anonymous said...

Why not just outsource and get some guest bloggers again?

Anonymous said...

Poor Natasha! Having to put up with you more!

Anonymous said...

How about another book?

Hot Sam said...

Yeah, we all understand perfectly. You're totally whipped.

A bodacious bod and fluttering eyelashes have you in check. You're becoming a girlie man. She's already got you watching chick flicks. Soon, you'll be watching "The Notebook" every Friday night and crying each time.

You've surrendered your manly independence to the whims of a double X.

Ok, ok, so I'm whipped too. I've had like three blog posts in a month. I've been doing CFA, not Cisco. I push up 175 pounds every time I get out of bed. But I'm MARRIED and have a good-sized life insurance policy on my woman.

Fine, abandon all your blog followers who wake up every morning, turn on our smart phones, and read what you have to say even if it hasn't changed in a month.

Fame and fortune come with responsibility. Look at Brittany Murphy. Look at Tiger Woods. Is that what you want to become?

We understand guys, don't we? Ok Cap, we'll just spend our time reading Calculated Risk and Real Clear Politics. If we get really desperate we'll mock people at HuffPo and DailyKos. We'll let Kate at SDA take up your slack.

Yep, blogging takes time and doing it well takes more time. Life is too short and Tasha too sweet to waste.

Best wishes for a happy new year.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to read that you've found that special someone. I wish you both all the best for 2010 and beyond.

I'm looking forward to read your essays. I have always enjoyed reading your longer articles.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could open the blog up to some co-bloggers to handle some of the simpler postings of day to day economic observations?

BTW, how are you getting the CISCO certification? I'd like to get one myself.

Pongo said...

Well, there's no replacement for you, where's my 2010 commentary going to come from dammit!

CBMTTek said...

Going to miss you Cap't.

Got on the Cappy bandwagon a bit late, but have learned a tremendous amount anyway.

Keep us posted when you can, and new books, essays, etc... are always welcome.

Billy B said...

Guess those Calendar shoots had the predicted effect. We'll miss you Cap't!

So, did you buy up all of the remaining calendar stock to keep her to yourself? In Econ terms, isn't that considered a "Closed System"?

Geoffrey Freeman said...

Hmmm, all the "ites" are just rolling over to accept that the Cappie is leaving us? Dare I protest?
The captain wants to raise revenues by 20% and has a product that he's been giving away for free?
Cappie...charge for your blog. $x/month/subscriber or something (I just got a Kindle, and have already signed up for a couple). Make it worth your while, guest posts would be of value of you coordinated/screened for valuable content.

Hell, I bought your book because I felt too guilty about reading this for free. It's the least you can do to make me feel better.

All proceeds can go to your diamond fund for Natasha ;P

Robert of Ottawa said...

So, what's Sindi doing now?

Anonymous said...

Actually, some of us do not have smart phones.

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to get a calender?

Captain Capitalism said...

No, not to late to get a calendar. Shoot me an e-mail