Friday, December 04, 2009

Because Oil and Gas Aren't "Real Jobs"

There is the jobs summit. A bunch of spoiled brat elitists who never worked a real job in their lives, nor ever created a job in their lives are somehow going to create jobs (cripes, they couldn't even keep unemployment down with $1.4 trillion in deficit spending).

No doubt the jobs summit will fail because I doubt;

1. They're going to lower corporate taxes

2. The jobs they want to create must adhere to their socialist, leftist ideology, which by it's nature prevents jobs from being created. The jobs come SECOND to their politics.

And if you think their ideology doesn't supercede Americans' desire to have jobs, think again.

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Anonymous said...

To that bunch of morons, the only source of jobs is the government.

Not one understands that economic growth comes from a relatively free private sector.

Fortunately, if they quit tampering with the system, exacting more laws and restrictions, screwing around with spending and actually left taxes alone, the private sector will pull the economy out of recession without their "help".

On the other hand, maybe if these morons do what they say they will, they will find themselves a minority after the 2010 elections. In this case, gridlock is good.