Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mean Duration of Unemployment

Not your average recession now is it?

Glad the stimulus is working though. Good thing we didn't have to resort to lowering corporate or personal income taxes. I mean that would have made things "worse" right?

And boy, look at all those green jobs that are saving the economy! I'm sure glad we have that HUGE "green industry" providing us all those green jobs. All the green money that is being yielded from that green industry.

*end sarcasm*

I know, I know, it's like urinating into a hurricane.

I'm going to go back to my bachelor basement, stoke up the wood burning stove, play some Left 4 Dead, and enjoy some Rumpleminze all while blasting some James Brown on the stereo system. Because what? Like there's something I can do about this?


The Proud Profiteer said...

No problem Cap. They just need to extend unemployment again. That will incentivize people to get out and get a job.

*end sarcasm*

Ryan said...

Even more important. Captain, can you graph it?

Even looking at the list is unnerving, and I've heard that 140 banks closed this year, many of those in this financial quarter..

Simond said...

Hey Cap, what's your L4D name? Just curious to know if i've slaughtered you before (or vice versa).


Captain Capitalism said...

Not online. I don't really play THAT much to warrant going online. Though, if I ever get a respite from all my work, or if taxes go up any more, I will just stop working and play video games all day.