Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Haley Up to Bat...

Count is 0 and 1.

Catcher signaling to the pitcher.

Pitcher shakes his head. Doesn't like the 2-1 pitch.

Catcher suggesting a different pitch.

Looks like the pitcher likes it.

Pitcher checks the runner on first.

Haley waiting patiently...kind of hugging the plate a bit.

Been a good season for her this year. Batting nearly .400. One of the few female bloggers with such a high batting average.

Pitcher tanking a stance. Here's the wind up....aaaaand the pitch.


HOLY COW! She got a hold of that one!

It's going




Good night to that one!

Haley is rounding second base and the ball is still gaining elevation!

That one is outta the park for sure!

Another home run for Haley. That makes it her 98th home run for the season.

Notice in the replay how she isn't faked out by the pitch at all and can see right through the pitcher. Tried to sink it past her, but she just read it like a book.

Well, you see Jim that's what happens when you try to sugar coat an article with something that just plain ain't true. Notice the Christian spin she put on the ball about how men don't care about looks and if they do, they're disgusting dirty beasts. And you know that if you try to get that lie past an experienced blogger like Haley, you might as well just pitch a straight fast ball right over the plate because she is going to cream it.


Anonymous said...

I thought you said sports were a waste of time. Do you watch sports or something?

What's going on with you, Captain!

Anonymous said...

I thought you didn't like sports.

weka said...

She not only got it right but she managed to get some girls to think.

Rowan said...,26490/

A bit of light entertainment for the Capt.

Captain Capitalism said...

Geez! You know, it's one thing if one person points out my dislike of spectator sports. But when TWO PEOPLE come up with the same observation in a matter of hours, makes me wonder!

Love you guys nonetheless.

Ya little bastards!

Anonymous said...

One of the many reason I no longer go to church.

Aunt Haley said...

Thanks for the linkage, Cap.