Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Shall Explain Paul Krugman

A recent poster asked how Paul Krugman, if he had all this education in economics, can still come to the conclusions that he does.

And the answer is very simple if you have super-awesome economic genius like I do:

"Because Paul Krugman, deep down inside, doesn't believe one damn word he says, but knows there's a market to be made telling liberal, trust-fund baby New Yorker brats what they want to hear."

It's an amazing skill matter of fact. To be able to ignore empirical data and spew what ultimately results in lies. But the great thing, if not the GENIUS of Paul Krugman, is that he KNOWS his readership doesn't care about:

Intellectual honesty
The advancement of society

He knows his audience.

He knows his customers.

And he knows they're a bunch of east coast snobby elitists that want some "unbiased economist professional" to confirm their ideology and their faux intellectual status.

He is actually a much smarter and more patient man than I will ever be, because he can suck it up and tell a bunch of prissy spoiled brat elitists what they want to hear. He can lie, knowingly, through his teeth so he can collect a paycheck from the equally amoral NYT.

You think I'm joking?

Look up Ed Schulz. He was a conservative until the paychecks didn't come through. Now he's the PREMIER liberal talk show host. He sucks, but his listening audience doesn't notice because he tells them what they want to hear.

Matter of fact, you pay me enough, and I'll turn liberal on you guys too.

Of course, you would all know it would be a sham.

But would my "new-found audience know?"

would they even CARE I was a "raving right wing lunatic" in the past?


Never underestimate the cowardly intellectual weakness of the average American schlep. Hitler himself could come back from the grave and host a talk radio show called "The Super-Pro-Liberal-New-York-Jew-Awesome-Israeli-Zionist-Hour-With-Bagels" and his show would be a hit.

So don't raise your ire (let alone your blood pressure) over Paul Krugman. He is a soothe sayer. Matter of fact you should cheer him on and appreciate that he's milking these idiots for as much as he can.

But in the end reality will prove him wrong. He will of course be sitting on his millions telling all of his loyal readers one simple thing when none of his predictions come true;


And that's when the real joke will be had.

in the meantime,

Enjoy that decline, kids!


Jules said...

I keep pointing people to this great rant by comedian Patrice o Neal on how Hollywood thus liberals work. YouTube search Patrice Tracy Morgan.
I'm told by a few insiders that Angelina Jolie shares many of her fathers views & she was prevented from a last minute endorsement of McCain by her money peoples.
Theres a few Paul krugmans on the right as well, maybe more b/c they're anonymous d-bags who latch on to campaigns during election cycles.

bigmo said...

No matter how wrong he is he always has an excuse that, while it makes no sense, liberals lap up.

FSK said...

You are wrong. Paul Krugman sincerely believes his own lies.

That's what makes him so dangerous, and so evil. If he knew he was lying, he wouldn't be such an effective liar.

CBMTTek said...

Man, it takes a lot of energy to lie through your teeth all the time. We are not talking about acting here, we are talking about a complete and total false front. Kind of like my sucking in my gut all day long, instead of for a few minutes when the hot chick passes by.

Krugman is either a really really great actor, or he believes enough of his script to pull it off.

I totally agree that he is making money hand over fist giving his clients what they want to hear. And, every syllable out of his stinking pie hole is treated as gospel because he has a degree and a nobel prize, or something like that. Because obviously a well educated person is totally incapable of lying, right?

Intellectual honesty goes right out the window when it comes to paychecks, and anyone that even remotely desires any success in life recognizes this. Still not convinced that Krugman is any kind of economic genius, but I agree that he clearly sees where the money is, and he wants to get his piece of it.

Anonymous said...

I'd say there is difference between being educated and being truly intelligent. If you're educated, you can make yourself look very intelligent.

But I wouldn't say that Paul Krugman is not intelligent. His work on liquidity traps has some very important insights on the workings of monetary policy. Undoubtedly he has valuably contributed to economic theory. Regarding his other works, well.... I think I have to agree with Captain's view.

MechMan said...

Krugman is not a macroeconomist remember, he is a trade economist. He has done very little, if any, work in macroeconomics and he shows a rather amateurish level of understanding of modern macroeconomics.