Tuesday, March 13, 2012

And Cheap Nursing Homes for All!

Aren't you glad that instead of training in the future generations, grooming them to take over, and equipping them with the skills and maturity to propel this nation into new levels of greatness, you instead told them:

"You're all winners!"


"Must hit the ground running!"


"Steep leaning curve."


"No, it can't be done!"


"The environment is more important than profit."


"Follow your heart!"

Because, of course, there can't be any economic consequences to that.

Hey, you crazy "hippies" from the 1960's. You enjoy that decline "maaaaaan."


Rowan said...

Remember kids, a tax efficient, safe Hong Kong company can be yours for less than $1500.




It'll pay for itself after a few months and the parasites won't be able to tax you to death or raid your business.

Anonymous said...

"The environment is more important than profit."

When you put it like that, you make it sound as though the environment has no value.

I don't like living in smog-polluted wastelands.

Captain Capitalism said...

Point me to the nearest "smog polluted wasteland" and it better be pretty damn smoggy and a genuine "wasteland."

Don't you understand, millions of aging BB's retirements depend on it!