Friday, March 16, 2012

Who The Hell Was In Charge of This List????

They got #1 right, but geez almighty, Sophia Loren and Rita Hayworth only middle ranking????


Sojourner said...

Any list that has Monica Bellucci behind FREAKIN BRITTNEY SPEARS is not worthy of the bile that comes from my mouth.

jaericho said...

Putting Lauren Bacall at 53 means the entire list can be thrown out.

And Audrey Hepburn would be in my top ten.

Anonymous said...

I suppose that every girl here was chosen with a random number generator?

No logic, even for such an objective list.

New Columbia Review said...

Sorry Jen does NOT deserve to be number one and Paris Hilton being hotter than Sophia F-in Loren!!??

Who made this list?

Pulp Herb said...

What are you smoking son...I agree about Sophia Loren and Rita Hayworth and lots of other. #1 is clearly wrong, half of the top ten is screwy, and Audrey Hepburn is #82...I mean, I can see a handful of women (most of whom didn't make the top 10) beating out Audrey, but #82...really?

Man, that is some good shit they're smoking over at men's health, that's for sure.

It seems in the positioning of most of the classic beauties in the list the value of sexy combined with class is not appreciated these days.

Pat Sullivan said...

I agree with most of the comments.The number one pick was way off the mark. Paris Hilton on the list, are you kidding me? I would have ranked Paris Hilton below Wilma Flintstone, and Wilma is a fictional cartoon character.
That being said, there were some pretty hot numbers on that list. I would have added a few hot Asian chicks, but hey that`s just my opinion.

Jack Amok said...

Who the hell was in charge of this list? Gay men, I'm guessing.