Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I Was Wondering Where the Traffic Was Coming From

New Lieutenant to add to the Capposphere:


Can't beat a chick with guns...well, I take that back. I have a reader that I know will say:

"Two chicks with guns."

Which is true.

Regardless, you will read. You will visit. You will conform.


Jim said...

As you wrote before, many women do like firearms whether they blather on about the liberal line or not. Those that come out of the closet are usually conservative in values and in many cases, not bad to look at as well.

She should make an appearance over here. She's among fellow firearms enthusiast. I might even post a pic of my Micro Galil with its rare left side charging handle, night sights, and assembled on a very hard to acquire IMI receiver modified for the Micro stock. Built for me after years of searching and finding parts before the kits were widely available and registered as an SBR of course.

Joseph said...

Oh're just finding out about Tam? She's practically blogosphere royalty. Read her daily and you'll understand why. She can turn a phrase better than anyone since Mark Twain. I'd love to see a historical "Quote of the Day" post counter across all right-leaning and libertarian blogs. My money would be on Tam to be WAY in the lead.

Tam said...

Thank you for the link!


Flattery will get you... hell, I dunno, wherever it will get you, I guess. ;) )

Captain Capitalism said...

Really! Well then! Let me pick from the menu. ;)