Friday, April 13, 2012

Today's Word is "Turgid"

A little support from Academia!


Anonymous said...

if you are learning to increase your value in the labor markeplace, then it is an investment and you need to pick something with a low ROI (marketable).

If you are learning for the fun oof it or to make yourself a well rounded person, then it is a hobbie.

Hobbies are for people who can afford them. If you have to borrow money to support your hobbie, you are a moron and your well-rounded education is wasted too.

Mythic Cassandra said...

More free publicity.

Why Skipping College Was One of the Smartest Decisions of My Life by Kathy Shaidle (who also blogs at 5ft of Fury.)

Reading Worthless was spooky at times....

Didn't realize that article included a review of Worthless when Instapundit linked it.

Here's hoping the book sales bring more toys for the Captain!

The Great and Powerful Oz said...

I'm actually considering getting a 2nd Bachelor's Degree, this time in Sociology. Going through an external degree program at some place like Charter Oak, I should be able to knock it out in 6-9 months. It should give me a bit more cred among the Liberals I often have to deal with.