Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You Youth Paying Attention?

OK, boys and girls.  You paying attention?  What can we learn from this valuable experience about employment relations today in corporate America?

The hell if I will ever become a team player.


Anonymous said...

Damn right, Captain.

Listen up you young ones. The company rents your services, it doesn't own you. Any deal you strike with them has to be good for BOTH of you. When it's not a good deal for you - pack it in. Don't listen to them play on your work ethic or team spirit; they will throw you under the bus without a second thought - and you will need to be prepared to do the same.

Anonymous said...

B-b-but, no woman would exploit another like that! This must be the fault of the Evil Patriarchy!

Anonymous said...

Looking at this from the perspective of female behaviour, note that after the employee was no longer needed, the disdain, contempt, and harassment ensued. This is no different from what men encounter when their utility ceases. One important lesson for all is DON'T WORK FOR FEMALE BOSSES.

New Columbia Review said...

Fuck team work, if it's team work...then why does that a-hole get more money than me?