Friday, April 06, 2012

Yuri Bezmenov and Crusaderism


Anonymous said...

Here's the one hour long complete version:

Caveman said...

You should check out Bezmenov's interview with author G.Edward Griffin from the 1980's. He really gives a chilling account of the nightmare that is State Collectivism and, how Liberal "Do-gooders help bring it

Anonymous said...


"Privately educated with an MSc in contemporary urbanism from the London School of Economics".

"His achievements also include becoming a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and working for non-governmental organisations specialising in regeneration programmes."

"Oldfield's LinkedIn profile says he helped set up This is Not a Gateway, a non-profit organisation that "creates platforms for critical projects and ideas related to cities"."

"Oldfield is listed as having worked in project management roles for various charities and non-governmental organisations, including as a co-ordinator of a project to regenerate the Thames between Kew and Chelsea."

And he even has a soft beard.

Anonymous said...

The mentioned 1984 interview, around 1h20m:

They go into more detail about his personal life here.
It's funny how he escaped disguised as an American hippy.