Saturday, May 16, 2015

But Is Mad Max Fury Road Feminist?

Naturally you all know about the international hubbub I caused by daring to say,

"I don't want to watch a movie that has a feminist lecture in it."

However, no matter how much cursing and swearing and calling me an international professional misogynist occurs, it doesn't moot the question - Is Mad Max Fury Road what I feared it would be?   A feminist film?

I have a couple buddies who are going to see the movie, but I know some of you have as well.  So for those of us on the fence (or just curious as to whether I was right and called this one like I did the housing bubble) please report back in the comments section below.


Cecil Henry said...

Its a riot and just ridiculous how big a deal is being made out of someone disagree with a movie--- and feminism.

Wow-- you'd think these people want a dictatorship of control with censorship of heretical ideas.

Oh wait....

IT also shows how fundamentally intolerant and weak they are that anybody disagreeing with their agenda is called every pejorative they can imagine.

Disgusting. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Won't see it till video, at best. Encou tered this though.

Anonymous said...

According to BoxOfficeMojo, Friday's take was 16 million, I read they were hoping for 40 million. Could be wrong.

Jeff said...

I am also interested in seeing what others say about the film as I am not interested in it myself. I am happy to report that my 20 year old son said that he was not going to see Mad Max because it was about the woman and not Mad Max. He also is going to a local community college which is a fraction of what the state schools cost, because he does not think the costs of the state schools are worth it. Not bad for father who came to the red pill late in life.

L. Johnson said...

Have you seen the movie? It might have been helpful to do that before commenting on it. Maybe next time.

I did see the movie last night. I'm a huge fan of action movies, and I thought this one was killer. Really takes it to a whole new level -- a new standard for the industry.

Anonymous said...

You may have to go see the film your self and if you do, take up a collection for the ticket price to keep things on a non-biased level. I would like to hear your opinion about a film you've seen rather than about a film you heard about secondhand. We all know there is a cringe-worthy, never-ending, bludgeoned-over-the-head, finger-waging, force-feeding amount of feminist propaganda in every nook and cranny of the Left-Wing-Media-Cultural-Marxist-Entertainment-Complex. (Goebbels is dancing in his grave) That being said, I've always given credit where credit is due. Even if I hate a persons Politics or lifestyle, I would never rob them of a compliment for a job well done. If our message is to search for truth then, we must walk the walk no matter how painful. No pain no gain.

Anonymous said...

I saw it opening night despite all the backlash on ROK. Even though I trust the cappy and most people on ROK, I thought there was no way this movie could be a feminist propaganda film and yet still be universally liked.

Well, I'm happy to report that any feminist propaganda is kept to a minimum.
You can interpret a few moments as bad, but it's nothing worth boycotting this movie.
The worst part has to be a scene where Max tries to do something a few times, but Furiosa(Theron) does it in one try. But other than that, Max does his usually ass kicking.
There's also the case where Furiosa is in charge of a gas run, but I'm willing to let that slide since even in the apocalypse, there's bound to be anomalies.

There are worse movies that demean men more, but this movie isn't really one of them.
In fact, I say the previews were more demeaning. Like this preview for entourage:

evilwhitemalempire said...

Somebody on ROK who had seen the movie commented that there's a part in the movie where a breeder (enharemed female) laments that her rapist was ugly and so her child would be too.
To which another woman responds "But there's still hope the child might be female."

I replied "Thank God for Aaron Clarey".

I'd have been SOOOO fucking pissed if I'd payed good money to see that!

Turns out you're prediction was spot on.

Now you couldn't pay ME to watch it.

You'd have to bind me to a chair with lid locks like Alex in "A Clockwork Orange" to get me to sit through it.

evilwhitemalempire said...

"According to BoxOfficeMojo, Friday's take was 16 million, I read they were hoping for 40 million. Could be wrong."
You'll know if it bombs if you start seeing the kind of ads on TV where people who have supposedly just seen the movie are briefly interviewed just outside the theatre and asked what they thought of the movie and they say it was the greatest thing since sliced bread (if you watch TV these days that is).
Every time that happens the film turns out to be a flop.

Anonymous said...

was it feminist. Well, yes in the sense that the characters are following a highly damaged woman as the leader for most of the movie. Mad Max seems more of an afterthought than the hero or driving force of the movie. Its not a feminist lecture, rather, given the environment and overall lack of leadership planning from the Theron character the ending seemed to try to end on a triumphant note but failed due the environment the characters live in.

All the action and the end, at least to me, seemed to say lets do jazz hands and forget the starvation, slavery, and general brutality needed to survive.

It is however, a good movie but i give it a meh and its not as good as

Omega Man said...

Those commenters who argue that we should judge the film on it's merits, and that "Fury" really is a good movie are missing Cappy's point completely and totally.

The Nazi propaganda film "Triumph of the Will" was a masterpiece of cinematography. It had an electrifying effect on the German population and was indirectly responsible for the horrors which followed. It was so good, in fact, that Madison Avenue studied the film for years and used it's methods and techniques in the American advertising business.

Propaganda, no matter how artfully and tastefully done is still propaganda, and the message which "Fury" conveys here is still a poison to what's left of our culture.

As Cappy would say:


Anonymous said...

Like the man said, you'll never go broke underestimating the taste of the public.

It is getting a very high IMDb rating - 8.9 from 40,000 votes at this time. This means the ordinary folks who buy tickets like it a lot, and they don't give a fig what the critics think about movies.

It also gets top marks at Rotten Tomatoes. The critics give it 98% and the voting public gives it 93.

So, what's all this mean at the all important box office? Mad Max 2 is hitting its sales targets. Not exceeding, not falling down either, just selling tickets as predicted - so far. The weekend is not over yet.

The surprise winner is the all chick Pitch Perfect 2. It is exceeding expectations. If all those chicks wanted to they could put Mad Max over the top in a show of feminist solidarity. But they won't.

I'm not in the mood to drag my ass to the mall plex to see either. They'll be on cable soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Ad an action movie It is pretty good but imo it is not a mad max movie when half an hour in max is a side character. And I didn't even like furiosa as a character.
And what's up with only rescuing the beautiful girls and leaving the milk cows back. That wasn't feminist or only ad an unintended parody.

finndistan said...

The movie is about a girrrrl.. True
They tried feminist propoaganda.. True
Except two, all men in the movie are either useless bums, or savages. True

So the feminists really tried hard to make a movie about a grrrrll... turned out that she could not do anything on her own. She was in the end a pwincess to be rescued by the knight. She even was taking her amazonian tribe to inevitable death across a desert if it were not for the man.

They made the man so that he does not talk, but in the end he walks the walk.

After all that training by some woman whose accomplishment in life is talking as a vagina, what did we get?

Five bimbos.

I say that this movie is some kind of black knighting. Under all the propaganda, all indoctrination attempts, it tells one thing, pwincess was saved by the selfless knight.

Yo go grrrrrllll...
When in trouble, call 555.555.mighty.knight

Glen Filthie said...

This is the problem that Hollywood has. Even lefty fucknuckles can produce the odd winner these days. They did it with Avatar too: it was the usual anti-corporation, anti-western lecture, ripped right out of Pocahauntus starring Blue Meanies instead of Indians.

In spite of that it was still an enjoyable yarn. I saw Mad Max the first time around so I'll wait till it comes out on rental. I'll be damned if I ever see another Star Drek show or movie though.

In any event - yours was a message that Hollywood really needs to hear, Captain. And so do the feminists. I am sick and tired of their shit too.

heresolong said...


If you read the Captain's observations carefully he never once commented on the movie. He commented on the trailer, he commented on the articles written about the movie, he even commented on publicly available discussion about the making of the movie.

It might have been helpful if you had read Cappie's commentary before commenting on it. Oh well, maybe next time.

Swami Rabbitima said...

Your mileage may vary. Spoilers here.
I bought for the most part the fight between Theron and Brady, because Theron is a tall woman. There are other fights between men and women in the film, and I bought those too, because typically the women had weapons in their hands. Certainly it wasn't like that Die Hard movie where the 100 lb. Asian woman kung fu's a 180 lb. man into the ground. I guess the bottom line is - can you give the "women are equally good at fighting as men" trope a pass to see the most spectacular practical stunts in maybe a decade?

Anonymous said...

not at all feminist. Mad Max does most of the badass stuff.Action Girl Charlize Theron and a bunch of other girls can't stop a Max who has been used as a living blood bag.

No antimale message and max and the other main character get qualified and accepted as protectors.

this movie is safe for testicular and testosterone safety

kotetu said...

You made it to CNN Captain:

Dog Rescuer said...

Mad Max hits about $50 m this weekend, but pp2 has it beat by about $20 m. I am seriously thinking you (and Eve Ensler) cost them at least $10m in lost profits. They will try to downplay this, but much like with gamergate, Tptb are getting very nervous. ..

Anonymous said...

Here's a review confirming its feminist slant ...

Anonymous said...

Cappy is right again! It's feminist/misandrist.

1. All men depicted in the film are criminally insane, deformed, and violent fanatics. This excludes Max obviously.

2. All women depicted in the film are enlightened, benign, and wise. There are literally NO women of dubious moral character in this film.

3. In many instances women are shown as physical/combative equals or superiors to their male aggressors. (This has been done by Hollyweird for so long though, that I gotta admit that I was a bit inert to this).

4. The whole premise of the film is pretty much about a group of women and Max overthrowing an insane and violent patriarchy and replacing it with a matriarchy.

5. In case nobody noticed, many news outlets are calling the film a "Feminist Masterpiece" and the like. If you don't take my word for it, you can take theirs I suppose. Come to think of it, why are the critics so high on this movie? Oh right, that's why.

6. Max's role has been reduced to make room for the part of Furiosa. Max is pretty much the strong, emotionless badass while Furiosa is the strong, emotional badass. This essentially means that Furiosa carries more narrative weight.

Still, I wouldn't say it's NOT a Mad Max film. I'd say it's a Mad Max film in which he's got a partner that was designed by feminists.

Hund Hollen said...

I left this comment on another blog a couple of months ago:

"One clear development of the past few years is that a sizable segment of American online media explicitly focuses on attacking and discrediting all men who express any disagreement with feminist dogma. Included in this are blogs that exist for the specific purpose of attacking the Manosphere (Bodycrimes, Futrelle’s new site etc) plus websites aimed mostly at women, most of their content spewing snark and venom at men branded as ideological enemies (HUS, XoJane, Elite Daily, Raw Story, Feministing etc).

The obvious conclusion to be drawn is that feminists and their supporters are deliberately escalating the culture war. In other words, they’re gearing up for bitter ideological conflict. I’m not sure this policy, if we can call it that, is coordinated and clear-cut, but it seems they’ve agreed to pursue it and obviously they are serving certain goals with it.

The signs are clear. They’re seeking out ideological enemies everywhere, attacking all potential points of resistance. Novaseeker called it a mop-up operation, which is a military term that describes this rather accurately. Their rhetoric, and the policies they’re promoting, is becoming more and more extreme, and one obvious reason for this is that they want to provoke their remaining opponents to put up resistance. They want to antagonize even more men, and then attack them furiously if they express any disagreement. That’s why they’re now attacking gamers and the metal genre.

They’re probably doing this because they’re in high spirits – they believe their final victory in the culture war is in sight. They’re certain that soon they will eliminate the last bastions resisting them."

Anonymous said...

The movies was badass. Not sure why all the ranting about strong female characters. Charlize was a badass, Tom was a badass, the whole movie was super entertaining and fun. A helpful suggestion from one of your fans: If you're gonna rip on something, you probably should have a passing knowledge of it prior... at least for credibility sake

robert smith said...

I saw the movie and I think that it could be interpreted as a Men's Rights movie(and it's a fun way to look at it). Much of the post apocalyptic society parallels America today.
The males are all brainwashed from birth to be worker slaves and self sacrificing solders while the women are over valued bourgeoisie brats looking down from their towers at the multitude of men who can only dream of what has been given to them. Surrounded by a security system designed to keep poor men out. They look like decadent methamphetamine addicts that have never worked a day in their lives. All of the women in this movie look down at men as lower classes of sub-humans, not capable of their higher moralities.
The warrior teen is the example of a abused, programmed child. Who in the end gives in to the belief that he is disposable. I could go on but you get the idea.

Anonymous said...

1:02 PM

''I saw it opening night despite all the backlash on ROK. Even though I trust the cappy and most people on ROK, I thought there was no way this movie could be a feminist propaganda film and yet still be universally liked.

Well, I'm happy to report that any feminist propaganda is kept to a minimum. ''

Maybe because its more subtle and they are better at it. Are you sure that the way the woman acts is actually realistic, limitations and all?

Joe Bar said...

Hey, you want a feminist movie? Watch "Lucy". Good flick, though.

RJ said...

Yes, it is. But it's not even the top feminist film that opened this weekend:

$44.4 million opening weekend. FLOP!

August said...

You were proven out by Reason magazine's review of the movie:

"Also: Miller brought in playwright Eve Ensler, who wrote The Vagina Monologues, as a consultant to work with some of the women in the film who play warlord Immortan Joe's liberated wives. It's hard to say how much direct influence Ensler ended up having, but the final film is, fascinatingly, one of the most overtly feminist big-budget action movies I've ever seen."

Jim said...

"I guess the bottom line is - can you give the "women are equally good at fighting as men" trope a pass to see the most spectacular practical stunts in maybe a decade? "

No thanks. I don't see a film strictly for stunts. Anyone can do that. Creating memorable characters and story is much more interesting.

I've seen enough left political screeds for one lifetime. Why you people waste your money on that shit is beyond me.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Note the hypocritical media bagging Cap out for ripping on a movie he never saw because of its feminist crap, yet the same media slammed GTAV for its "misogyny", despite none of the 'journalists' having played it.
So it's OK for them to do, but not for Cap?

Bernie said...

Mad Minks !!!11!!, lol.

Black Poison Soul said...

@Anonymous said...
"No antimale message and max and the other main character get qualified and accepted as protectors."

So pandering to women and the men working to qualify themselves as being acceptable?


JJ said...

The feminism is not just present, it's absurdly unsubtle and on-the-nose. The final battle is literally Max + a bunch of virtuous matriarchal earth-mother women vs. a gang of evil bleach-white skinhead men. The story is really Furiosa's, with Max just along for the ride (he only speaks like 20 lines in the movie), and Furiosa's objective is to free other women from the terrible patriarchal enslavement of being "Wives". Never mind that judging by the luxury of their quarters, the wives may have literally had the easiest, safest, most comfortable lives in the entire post-apocalyptic world. There's also a line early on where one of the wives essentially blames men for the downfall of the world and implies that it never would've happened if women had been in charge (no doubt President Hillary will usher in a new age of global peace and prosperity).

Other than that the movie has some neat action (though nowhere near as jaw-droppingly world-changing as reviews would claim) but you never have a reason to care about what's going on, so it's all pretty uninvolving, like watching a special effects highlight reel. Even a car chase gets boring after 100 minutes straight with virtually no down time or variety.

Anonymous said...

"So pandering to women and the men working to qualify themselves as being acceptable?"


" All women depicted in the film are enlightened, benign, and wise. There are literally NO women of dubious moral character in this film."

liar. The grannies were presented as sympathetic but their comunity was failed and they resorted to kill wandering people for supplies.

Charlize theron's character was obviously bad at one point ie she compromised and was trying to save the bride out of regret.

one of the brides just want to return living as a sexual slave and even switches alliegances near the end.

war boys are presented as brainwashed and the wives lifes as sexual slaves wasn't presented as something so horrible (despite having to have sex occasionally with the decrepit mutant Joe)

beside that, the brides are mostly completely helpless. The grannies and charlize theron rely heavily on max and can't do much on their own.

in other words you are a liar

Anonymous said...

"The worst part has to be a scene where Max tries to do something a few times, but Furiosa(Theron) does it in one try"

Max outbadasses everyone else, Furiosa in that scene decided to just shoot something else.... and also that sequences is followed by mad max doing "something impossible"

I don't think the feminism is kept to a minimum, I think it's absent.

Anonymous said...

''beside that, the brides are mostly completely helpless. The grannies and charlize theron rely heavily on max and can't do much on their own.

in other words you are a liar''

Well you certainly proved that at least they made it believable to an extent. But having a feminist advisor in order to make the movie is either a trolling attempt or made subtle enough that is unnoticable.

Since the movie is just a long car chase its meh.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:01

''Mad Max has become a hot topic in the alt-right for various reasons, including that it is some type of feminist movie. I saw it last night so here's my take.

This looks like another feminist/leftist fail, if that was the intent. When you have a distorted world view, you don't realize how other people perceive your message. One of the best cases is Rorschach from the Watchmen, who was supposed to be the most villainous character, but ended up being the hero to many readers. The author wanted the guy who killed millions of people to be the sorta hero of the story, not the character who died to try to stop him.

In this case, there's definitely a feminist overtone to the villain: he's milking women and treating them as property. If he controlled oil instead of water, he'd look a lot like an Arab despot. There are a lot of female characters in the movie, sort of Golden Girls with guns. So I can see all the feminist parts, but it is really very thin. Charlize Theron is also supposed to be able to kick everyone's butt, absurd, but nothing new.''

Anonymous said...

I went to see the movie with a girl I was dating. What a bunch of nonsense.

First , there is the leader aka the bad guy, who provides water in a World where he shouldn´t give a drop to anyone. He has all these virgings living in a pent house with food, shelter, clothes and most important of all = security, all that in an post apocalliptical world. However these ungrateful hoes decide they want to break free from "opression" so they escape from the good live.

Once they find there is nothing but desert out there, what do they decide?... to go back home!!!!. that just goes to prove that dumb women never know what they want. While all this happens mad max is given orders, being rescued, called stupid and getting kicked in the ass by a bald woman who is missing an arm. Go figure.

I found the movie funny because I was pointing all these flaws to my girl, and she was taking notes since I was having a point. At the end of the day mad max got no pussy but this player had a good one night stand. You just have to turn shit into sugar, and let the redpill guys and feminist fight over shit nobody cares.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Want proof Rotten Tomatoes has bias? Fury Road is now in the top ten movies of all time!
This is despite many critics bagging the acting, plot, character development and overuse of action.
Wow, 98% positive for a car chase movie with thin plot and poor acting. Can't wait for what Avengers 2 gets...