Thursday, May 21, 2015

"The Truth About George Washington" by Stefan Molyneux

I thoroughly enjoyed this lengthy podcast/investigation about the rise and competency of George Washington.  Even if you think George Washington was god, it is still interesting to note the effects of connections and cronyism in Colonial American politics.  I would be curious if anybody from the UK or US would be able to corroborate it on account I trust Stefan Molyneux's intent and veracity.


Anonymous said...

Hey Aaron

Stefan always makes a forum post where he lists all the sources for these presentations, and then links to it in the description of the Youtube video.

As you can see, there are quite a number of sources to follow up on. But, I got the impression during the presentation that the majority of the information came from a few select books by historians.

Fortunately, Stefan is very responsible with his citations by being up front about what is in contention and when he himself isn't sure about something, one way or another.

Glad to hear you also enjoy Stefan's material.

Anonymous said...

Washington was a prolific chronicaler of his own life. He kept notes on everything and all of those notes are in the national archives. During the years when the Army was starving, he got Congress to allocate money to hire secretaries to help collate all his notes about himself and to ship all those documents under guard after the war to his home. Seriously. They have his shopping lists for mail order "marital aid suppliments". There is no excuse for his life to be a mystery either to pedestalize him or to drag him off his pedestal.

Inlike our current White house occupant and the nect aspiring occupant, We know everything about Washington. Nothing in his background in concealed.

Anonymous said...

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FishStyx said...

A lot of the information came as a surprise to me.
While I knew of the "Whiskey Rebellion" and Washingtons basic "hands-off" involvement, I was unaware of just how narcissistic and ethically corrupt Washington appears to have been.
Sadly, I'm coming to the conclusion that the behaviors we see today in politicians are not the extremes but the norms.
As Mr. Molyneux stated, "taxes, rebellion, war" ad infinitum.
Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
The "American Dream" that we all hold dear appears to be just that. A dream.
Embrace the suck and enjoy the decline.