Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How Dennis Prager (Unintentionally) Hurts Young Men


Omega man said...

Halleluja! That was a bit on the crude side but brilliant nevertheless.

Dennis Prager's article was yet another edition of the olde "Man up and marry them Ho's" tome.

The young men of today are often accused of being "commitment phobes", but for some reason nobody chastises the young ladies for not honouring their commitments.

Anonymous said...

I mostly enjoy Prager University. However, this article is a rehash of the same old shame men in to taking the raw deal called marriage. In the current political climate NO man should marry. No way, no how. never.

leeholsen said...

Bravo !

I heard Dennis do an hour on the radio on this subject today, wed. 12-39; and I almost called in.

I would have told him today's women have nothing in common with a traditional guy. you encounter multiple tattoos, routine swearing, almost all have been divorced and have a kid if over 25 and will give you no more consideration as a guy wanting to figure out if he wants to spend the rest of his days with her than what's on facebook. I too would love to trade places, I long for the 50s America too.

I checked out after the girl I was driving 250 miles to see, who never drove to see me once; couldn't be woman enough to call me and broke up thru email. This was after years of similar treatment by many others.

I will still try but it's by my rules now. if a woman stands me up, plays games, lies; she's out and that's just more beer and cigar money for me. And if I do find one, you can bet there will be a pre-nup with a graduating level(i.e. divorcing me in year 1-5 for any reason short of me becoming a drug addict will get you about enough to live 6 months on). I too see the future of this countrys economic and peoples malfunction and refuse to join it because I'm supposed to get married.

Unknown said...

A Magnificent Riff. - It was a pleasure to donate US$40 to you over Xmas, from my meagre budget.
But it's powerful and passionate performances like this that will have me sending you a top up this January.
Thanks Aaron. Awesome! Message to Everyone: Donate what u can, even if it's $10 to keep Cappy going!

Dave (Adelaide, Australia)

Anonymous said...

I'd love for these marriage advocates to practice what they preach and marry the fat, tattooed, demanding, twice divorced single mothers they try to shame everyone else into marrying. Step up to the plate guys. Put up or shut up.

Anonymous said...

Marriage is a contract and it is all about ROI.

bockchoy said...

Anonymous says: "In the current political climate NO man should marry. No way, no how. never."

1000 Thumbs Up!!!!!!

Captain Capitalism said...

Hi Dave,

THanks for the donation. I was trying to figure out where I came from!


The Question said...

One of your best rants, Cappy. Someone needs to send this to Prager.

What makes this patronizing by "Trad Cons" so intolerable is that they will be the first ones to exclaim "this isn't the 1950s anymore!" when you suggest young women get married instead of putting it off for a decade to pursue college, a meaningless job, and ride the carousal; or you oppose mothers dropping off their kids at daycare the same week they're born. Or you think husbands should lead the family.

In other words, they want to preserve the part of the 1950s concerning men's obligations and responsibilities while eliminating any mutual reciprocity on the part of the women the men back then could expect.

The whole thing reminds of this scene from Dr. Zhivago.

leeholsen said...

BTW, I looked it up because I was curious.

Prager is on his 3rd marriage.

So, someone that is on record, divorce decree; as having failed tice so far at being able to pick a woman that he wants to be around or wants to be around him; is giving us marriage advice ?

Think i'll stick with myself, I have no divorces on my record.

JK Brown said...

I'm a late Boomer, never married, and I found the "do it for society/Western Civ" utter BS. As stated, society doesn't care for men these days so why should men care for society. To "save" Western Civilization, we don't need to breed more WASPs or whatever. In fact, the offspring of the WASPs, having abandoned Western Civ for their romance with Marxism are a big part of what's wrong.

No, if we wish to "save" Western Civilization from the "heathen" hordes, we need to return to how it was done during the build up of this country, by co-opting any and all to classical liberalism. Of course, the Pragers, et al, aren't so keen on all of classical liberalism when it interferes with their conservatism.

I'm finding Ludwig von Mises' 'Liberalism' to be a very good read. Sorts out all the jumble between the Liberals and Conservatives century long corruption of classical liberalism. Just have to keep in mind, when he speaks of liberals, he is speaking about beliefs almost completely opposite of the "liberals" as spoken of today. Calling a Progressive a liberal is a bit like calling a Satanist a Christian.

If there is something that needs to be done, it is more promotion of classical liberalism.

Anonymous said...

Love your video's, but which you'd cough up the hairballs before the recording.

liberranter said...

Typically clueless TradCon, Prager.

liberranter said...

Typically clueless TradCon, Prager.

Unknown said...

Dave from Adelaide says.. We are the ones to Thank YOU. Again, Thanks Aaron

grey enlightenment said...

I don' thin Aaron can control the coughing easily. He would have to edit it out. It' not that annoying

Anonymous said...

I stopped listening to Dennis Prager over a year ago. I was a fairly regular listener; I even was a member of Pragertopia. However, his "Male-Female" hour and his "marriage-is-the-most-important-thing-a-man-can-do" rants began to grate upon me. I cannot listen to his radio show or read his essays anymore. He is a vile trad-con.

I unfortunately dated Ms. Jekyll and married Mrs. Hyde. Take it from me, many men will find marriage as I found it--a sexless, joyless hell. Divorce, the inevitable outcome for nearly half of all marriages, provides its own miseries. Nearly three years on from my no-fault divorce, initiated by my ostensibly Christian, though soulless, ex-wife, I can say I am far happier than I have been in nearly a decade. However, I am now merely a part-time father who, excepting his wonderful daughter, regrets the time lost pursuing fools' gold and unicorns.

Marriage is a gulag; never let yourself become imprisoned.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind Dennis Prager advocates one set of ethics to his goyim ( gentile ) audiences. He advocates a totally different set of principles to his mostly Jewish audiences.

"According to halachah, as they had been taught it, a Jew is forbidden to return a lost item to a non-Jew."

"Rambam (Maimonides) ruled that a Jew is permitted to profit from a non-Jew’s business error."