Sunday, December 06, 2015

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment

We don't need no stiiiinnnnnking fathers!!!


Anonymous said...

I know nothing of the details here, but it reminded me of several real life situations... and it causes reflection. Why was this guy hanging around? Married folks should not be bringing other folks into the household... period. Two is company, three is a crowd, or something kinky. I'm single, and several times in my life I've had to tell married women it is disrespectful to their husband and marriage to be trying to spend time with me outside of legitimate work circumstances. Most of them went on to find some other guy to have a fling with... sometimes with the husbands knowledge. Total FUBAR man.

Anonymous said...

I know nothing of the details here, either.

But the description of the perp is pretty sketchy, that usually means one thing.

mts1 said...

The article only mentions mother/daughter. Maybe this guy thought a relationship was forming when maybe she was just seeing a paycheck as long as she could keep him in friend orbit and not give him the reward he wanted, even though they were effectively playing house, and eventually saw it for what it was and took his anger out on her. I've known guys who footed the bill for "strong, independent" womyn, but they got side action for it. Poor daughter had no dog in this fight and should never have been harmed. For all we know, if he was a "friend only" for a long time, maybe mom also figured he knew his place in the friend zone and was startled at his romantic interest. But at 37, I doubt it.

The Shrug said...

"Obershaw [the shooter] was considered a friend of the family, said Sclabassi. He had lived with Emma and Sharon at one point at their home in Belleville."

The men they pick are the men they deserve.

Anonymous said...

OHHH I see now, the original sperm donor is long gone. This guy didn't get his bell rung as expected and flipped out after getting a cold breeze. How very stupid all around? Who knows, she might have needed to rent him a room for extra money and had nothing more to do with the fantasy in his nutty head. Sad for the kid.

Single women beyond 35: If she's good looking but also has a high turnover rate (typically because she's nuts or nasty)... then the smart men will stay away and she'll need to look lower on life's ladder... that's what you're looking at when ya come upon what appears to be a horrible mismatch... and if you look at her face, she's embarrassed about it.

My Checklist:
Face that brings me in for closer look
Makes eye contact when speaking
Body relaxed and confident
Enjoyable flirt
No man hater comments or behaviors
Green Range on BMI chart
Enjoys sex, is good at it
Does not drink too much, no smoking
Holds down a job
Never mentions ex, does not have man-friend
Does not force mother or girlfriend at me
Girlfriends do not do her biding
No cat, if dog it sleeps outside sometimes, it is trained and well mannered
All areas of the house and car are well kept, yet functional and not OCD
Did not vote for Obama
Can leave the smart phone for several hours at a time
Phone volume set near the bottom, converses in a soft tone of voice
Remains logical and rational when dealing with difficulty
No more than two car accidents ever, neither serious
Does not verify if I leave a big enough tip, and does not defend a bad waiter/waitress