Monday, February 15, 2016

Why Amy Schumer Is So Popular

It was 2013 and I was road tripping out in the American south west.  I was lucky enough to get a car with Sirius satellite radio which meant even in the most remote locales of the country I was able to listen to pretty much whatever I wanted.  So there I was, in Canyonlands National Park, far far away from the only civilization in Moab, when a hilarious comedian by the name of Amy Schumer came on the air.

She was funny.
She was hilarious.
She made my trip all that much enjoyable.

And I took a note in my little notepad to look her up when I returned home.

But like many items on my to do list, I forgot to look her up.  And whereas normally this would mean the name "Amy Schumer" would likely forever be lost on a piece of paper as I unconsciously threw it in the garbage, I would NEVER forget Amy Schumer because at about that same time the

traditional media
social media
alternative media
print media

went gangbusters promoting the hell out of Amy Schumer, ne'er letting me forget this woman existed.

Oddly, however, it wasn't her comedy as much as it was just...well...her they were promoting.  Not that she had done anything amazing (aside from her comedy), but quite the opposite.  She was just your average, obese American woman, and the media had launched a cognizant and purposeful campaign blitz celebrating that fact.

She was Amy Schumer!
She was large and in charge!
She was body-positive!
And she's all about feminism!

3 years later neither you nor I can go a week without seeing her on some social media meme, on the cover of a trashy grocery store magazine, or some other such theatrics blasted over the internet.

She's Amy Schumer!
And by god she's overweight!
And she's in your face about it!
And we're going to celebrate this fact!

Naturally, this in-your-face-24-7-Amy-Schumer-channel has ruffled the feathers of conservatives, libertarians, or people who just don't like being told what they should and should not find attractive.  But in addition to this (intended and planned) revulsion, a common question coming from my conservative and libertarian circles, AS WELL as some associates of mine on the left is:

Why the hell is Amy Schumer so popular?

And it is here a very important lesson lies for us all, regardless of politics,  So strap in lieutenants and pour yourselves a stiff one because in understanding why Amy Schumer is so popular you will be able to attain an element of serenity and calm previously not had before.

By all measures of sanity and logic Amy Schumer should be popular because of her comedy and humor.  My hatred for her does not blind me to the fact she is an incredibly talented comedian and is one of the funniest people I've heard.  But if you look at nearly ALL of the media, attention, and hype Schumer has received in the past couple of years it has NOT been to promote her comedy, her humor, or her literary works, but rather push a political agenda, namely one of fat acceptance (and to a larger extent, feminism).

A sane and logical mind would ask "what gives?"  Why would she abandon her true talent of humor to become just another harpy harping on fat-acceptance and feminism?  The market is flooded with such women, and it certainly is not as rewarding as being a comedian.

But while you're focusing on her talent as a humorist (and the general hatred that mars the world of feminism), what you fail to see is a market that is MUCH larger than the comedy market, and one that is much more profitable:

Pretty lies.

Currently the largest industry in the world right now is government.  Governments are the largest organizations by far, they are the largest consumers of resources, and they employ the most amount of people.  But in Western governments in particular the primary service they provide is not

judicial systems

but rather...

pretty lies.

And these lies are told with the sole purpose of getting corrupt politicians re-elected so they can avoid real jobs in the real world/private sector.

You're not poor because you had 6 children from 4 different fathers.
You're poor because you're black and whitey hates you.

You're not making 76% of what men make because you majored in "French Lesbian Communication Studies."
You're making 76% of what men make because "sexism."

And you're not an overpaid union member who drove jobs overseas with your bloated pay.
You're a victim of "The Evil Corporations Maaaaan!"

This racket is a multi-trillion dollar industry and is the largest scam ran on all of humanity....

except for religion.

It is no coincidence that the predecessor to government was religion.  Previous to those evil-white-males introducing secular government and ending the pointless deaths caused by theocracies, religion was the state and maintained this age-long multi-trillion dollar racket by providing the same service modern day governments do:

Pretty lies.

"There's an afterlife!"
"You're immortal!  You're all going to heaven!"
"You're the chosen ones!"
"You are superior to non-believers!"
"You have the right to kill them all!"
"And take all their stuff!"

It's the same thing governments do today, but with "god" and immortality as the prominent lies.

But while you'd think religion and governments have a duopoly on this market, think again.  The human demand for pretty lies is insatiable.  There's trillions more to go around!  And the private sector also wants its share of this racket.

Enter in:

the media
the fashion industry
Oprah/The View/Daytime talk shows
Reality TV

and a whole host of other industries designed to lie right to people's faces so they mindlessly part with their money.

And that is the industry Amy Schumer is in. 

Sadly, the free market has determined that Amy's skills as a comedian, though impressive, are outshone by her ability to sell lies.  Yes there are likely thousands, tens of thousands, even perhaps millions of people who would buy her DVD or buy tickets to her shows.  But there is MORE demand from (predominantly) overweight women who want to believe that there is something wrong with society and men for liking and being attracted to skinny chicks.  Thus why nobody has heard of Amy's latest comedy tour (if she even has one), but EVERYBODY knows how fat her thighs look.

The result is the confusion (and frustration) we're all enduring over the inexplicable popularity of Amy Schumer.  She is not an actress of any type, she isn't funny when propagandizing politics, and I really am sick and tired of seeing her fat ass showing up everywhere on facebook.  However, we all have to realize that all of this "Amy Schumer All the Time Show" is not intended for us, but rather the mindless sheeple whose lives are so void of meaning they need to live off of lies.

Schumer's antics are not to agitate conservatives or libertarians.
Schumer's showmanship is not to anger men over what they should or should not find attractive.
Just like People Magazine, the "Schumer Media Blitz" is to tell sad, pitiful women the lie that big is beautiful, all women are gorgeous, and they can "have it all" (TM), etc. etc.

There is of course a problem.

These lies don't come free

Yes there are the few dollars here or there women spend on magazines or any media outlet willing to publish a body-positive piece of propaganda.  And yes, anybody using Ms. Schumer as a marketing tool will get those ladies' hard earned dollars as well.  But the real price is these women waste their lives in a delusional world thinking:

Big is beautiful!
"Loud and proud" is a noble aim.
And men are shallow for not liking overweight, obnoxious women!

Which condemns them to living in a delusional world, guaranteeing them no real success with the opposite sex, finding a quality man, or having a healthy, functional family.  They will have wasted their one shot in life, their minute spark of existence in this universe on lies, and that's a higher price paid than all the taxes paid to governments and all the tithes paid into all the world's religions.  If you think about it, it's actually quite precious and full of poetic justice.  It almost makes you want to cheer Ms. Schumer on.


Mr.Fruitbaskets said...

Hey, have you watched Aurini's latest video "Report from the Front Line: Meltdown in the Alt Right" yet? It's similar to what you've posted, and I think you might find it interesting.

richardwrites said...

Off topic, but did you know there was a small park in the City called Clarey Gardens?

Anonymous said...

I am not attracted to fat chicks or big chicks ... Ever! I did date a big girl once, but it was like being with a guy ... Women are supposed to be petite or at least weigh less than her boyfriend. Big chicks .., big turn off .. If not .. Amy would be happy ... She is NOT! No fat person is happy ... They pretend to be jolly, but they are sad clowns.

Mark Matis said...

Amy who???

Pedro said...

She IS funny. I laugh. And agreed about the neuron hijacking machine still selling her chubby edginess and fuck-you Barbies attitude. Way old now. You are wasting your breath and frustration. The people you are trying to reach are totally within the Matrix and don't get that the whole Hollywood/celebrity/entertainment/"art"(????) scene is complete fantasy. I enjoy watching my kids and their friends go out and actually experience stuff and relegate that fantasy entertainment world to a few hours a week or so. Some millenials are smarter than others so try not to be so pessimistic. I used to be much like you and still agree a thousand percent (that is possible; I agree ten times over!) but my wife finally got pissed off and showed me the glass is actually full, half with wine and the other with life giving air.

cecilhenry said...

People like Schumer are promoted on purpose for an agenda. You can see it coming. Its coercive and contemptible behavior -- but also laughable. And should be laughed at, and derided.

Really, it would be a great comedy sketch (or a whole series), showing liberals looking for a new PC plaything to promote.

'Seriously, I really need a 30 something lesbian black feminist xe gendered I can applaud publicly. And be SEEN to be applauding. Please help me. Required for Thursday, 4-6'

' Here comes a female scientist with a PHD, PLEASE, can't we find a way to let me praise her on AIR???? ... Just please don';t let her mess up the lines on me. Otherwise I look like a fool!!!!

This is the Hilliary campaign in action.

On it goes. Come on comedians, take up the bit... Its endless, self-replicating, deplorable and loading with the derision, sarcasm and hypocrisy that make comedy go viral. The meme is there.

I see it every day!!

Unknown said...

"Which condemns them to living in a delusional world, guaranteeing them no real success with the opposite sex, finding a quality man, or having a healthy, functional family."

This is really the core tenet of all this insidious propaganda. Females at one time had some value, it was only three minor things, but at least they could offer those. Now they have nothing to offer and with the fervor they have about glamorous gluttony I'm actually happy I will die alone instead of tied to one of these repugnant bovines.

Unknown said...

If you look at a lot of left-wing comedians, they are not really funny. For example, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart.

They are sometimes making a real joke, but mostly mention specific talking points, and then the audience laughs because everyone is relieved they are "amongst friends".

Carl said...

She doesn't look too bad in that photo. I usually see much worse than her on regular basis. I would say the most offensive sight in that photo is her fupa/belly fat. So I would rate her at a 6, and that is with her being all dolled up with her hair and makeup. If she got herself in shape, she could boost herself up to a 7.

SM777 said...

That's odd. Until now, I had never heard of her.

deb harvey said...

if that pic is amy schumer, she doesn't look more than pleasingly plump. however, no muscle tone is obvious.

Mr Evilwrench said...

Fat? ? Maybe she's not to your taste, but I just see her as soft where a girl's supposed to be soft, and for that matter she's cute for a leftorrhoid, as long as she keeps her mouth shut (or otherwise occupied). Reckon I could put up with her for a few minutes now and then.

Anonymous said...

Just in passing, one reason that Amy Schumer is being so widely promoted by the Media Industrial Complex is that she is the niece of Democrat Senator-for-Life Charles Schumer of NY and she campaigns heavily for Leftist candidates. They understand the Democrat motto: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his connections.".

Subotai Bahadur

jnz said...

You do know she steals all her jokes right?

YouTube compilations all over the place of her telling a joke one year and the. A clip of another comedian telling it better a previous year.

KevinB said...

My GF is a little overweight.

OK, she's fat. But, she's working on it, and it's getting better. I myself was pretty hefty until I changed my lifestyle (ate better, starting biking to work instead of transit), so who am I to point fingers?

But, she KNOWS she's overweight. She isn't trying to get me to pretend she isn't, or that her current weight is just fine and dandy. She's working at getting slimmer, by doing the right things: exercise, and cutting out junk food.

And, I still think she's beautiful, even though no one else seems to. Isn't that a part of love?

Tina Fey is 97 years old.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of her.

the pawnbroker said...

She's a pig, not just because she's porcine. But this ain't really about her, is it?

It's a long and tortuous journey just to justify atheism…without a hint of self-awareness or irony.

Comparing the dark, hidden motives of social culture (and by extension the sucking black hole that is gov) with the brilliant light of goodness and virtue that is God, serves only to secure your own place among the former.

It is the classic error of dismissive elitism to confuse “belief” which is the personal embrace of Divine creation and guidance, with “religion” which is really just another systemic social culture with its own set of ulterior motives.

What is so counterintuitive is that the more intelligent and enlightened we become, the more blind to and ignorant of this simple truth we sometimes are.

Having read you some due to links at Chris Muir's Day by Day, I like your way of cutting through the BS of PC and SC, but sometimes as in this case, your come perilously close to becoming that which you yourself deride and despise.

Anonymous said...

Who is Amy Schumer?

Are you overweight? Too much food is obvious. Eating the wrong kinds of food also somewhat obvious. Less obvious are several commonly used OTC and prescription medications which cause weight gain.

And genetics take a very long time to change. However, only 300+ years ago we spent every moment either looking for firewood or food. We only stopped moving to sleep. The world was a very dangerous place so we made a pact with dogs so we could sleep safely. Life is still this way in primitive parts of the world... and the people are not fat unless they live close to the Christian missionary's supply depot.

FSK said...

You missed the most important point. She's related to an influential Senator.

If you hype the hell out of something, you can make something mediocre seem amazing. Better marketing is more important than a good product.

Even if you aren't fooled by the marketing, you aren't the target.

Unknown said...
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