Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Left Punishes Itself...Mercilessly and Horribly

I was talking to a buddy today.  He was upset as he recently got into a Facebook war with a leftist friend of his.  I can't remember the precise topic they disagreed on, but he was so flustered he was debating leaving facebook or at least giving up making political posts for good.  I concurred with his decision and said, "Look, you're not going to change their minds, you're only going to make yourself more angry.  So you might as well give up and enjoy the decline."

He agree, but said, "Yeah, it just angers me that they don't get it.  They just think more of other people's money will solve their problems.  Or that it's the rich's fault for their own stupid mistakes.  They never stop to think about it, plus they get bailed out all the time!"

I asked, "Well how old is this gal?  Is she a single mom?  And how poor is she?"

He confirmed all three of my suspicions.  "She's about 46, single mom, lives in a crappy part of St. Paul."

To which I responded, "Soooo...don't you think she's suffering enough?"

And it is here a vitally important lesson all libertarians, republicans, conservatives and other "simply not leftists" need to learn.  For if we don't realize this very important lesson we will let the leftists we know ruin our lives by forcing us to steep and stew in the erroneous belief that leftists somehow live blissful lives, completely unaffected and unaccountable for their erroneous beliefs and horrible mistakes derived from those beliefs.

For example, my buddy is not the only one to have a leftist facebook friend.  Many years ago I too had a facebook friend.  She was a single mom, aged horribly, got into the "raise organic chickens bandwagon," bought at the peak of the housing bubble, got foreclosed on, never learned any real skills, and pretty much made every horrific idiotic decision a young-now-aged woman could make.

So who does she blame it on?

Well she got fully infected with feminist indoctrination and now everything (obviously) is men's fault!


It wasn't that she got knocked up at 16.  Had more kids than she could afford.  Or never bothered to get a degree in accounting, or bought a house she couldn't afford.

Nope, it's "patriarchy."

She's now pushing 60 years old and is the stereotypical cat lady.  She's too old and ugly to attract a man with any means.  She has no savings.  I don't even know what she's doing for work nowadays (but by her complaining about a living wage, I'd bet below $15 an hour).  And if you were to look back in her life, bar from the age of 0-16 (when she first got pregnant) her life has been hell.  What's it like living in poverty your entire adult life AND with three kids?  What's it like to get foreclosed on?  What's it like to be delusional to think all of that is simply the fault of "men?" I don't know because I didn't screw up like she did, but I'd hate to find out.

Take for example another friend of my friend.  This guy was an ardent leftist.  "The government needs to pay for this.  The government needs to pay for that.  Why we deserve a basic guaranteed income.  We deserve free health care and education.  And by god if it weren't for those evil, rich, fat cats and 1%'ers, we'd have the American dream we were all entitled to!"

Good for him. It's nice to have dreams.  The only problem is he mixed those dreams up with a heroin addiction and now (at the age of 48) is homeless, stuck in Minnesota while winter is upon us, and was hitting my buddy up for money to pay for "a hotel for just one night.  I just need money for one night and I'll get back on my feet!"

Sure you will skippy.

Point again is I don't know what it's like to be homeless.  I don't know what it's like to be 48 and bumming money off of people for lodging for ONE NIGHT. And I sure as hell made sure I would not be homeless as Minnesota's winter was upon me.  All I know is I sure the hell never want to.

And if you don't know a feminist cat lady or a 48 year old heroin addict, I'm sure you can throw a stone and hit any one of the millions of Millennial (and Gen X) liberal art students who could not bow down enough at the alter of leftism and could not spend enough at a worthless liberal arts college.  At BEST they're working as baristas at your local coffee shop, some well into their 40's.  At worst they're resorting to living in cars and prostitution as they're zealously committed to their ideological religion more than their own well-being.  But I don't know what these things are like either because I majored in a reasonably employable subject and worked multiple jobs if necessary so I didn't have to blow dick in a back alley to make rent.

I could go on.

Women who love government checks more than a husband, now aged spinsters with no one to love them, let alone visit them.

Our poorest community (that would be the black community) BLINDLY believing in government and Obama instead of themselves and the individual.  Now they can only point to Detroit and Compton as pinnacles of democrat, leftist achievement.

The millions of aged Baby Boomer hippies who didn't save up enough for retirement and now desperately rely on Social Security.

And heaven help the Gen Z'ers and Millennials who actually believe in the 31 flavors of gender (or were forced to at the age of 7).  Male, female, bi, and gay, I can understand.  But the life long mental insanity they self-inflicted on themselves with zhe/zher/pansexual/transsapiosexual/or whatever other bupkis has seemingly only translated into mental illness, a 40% suicide attempt rate, and a life of mental hell.

Millions (and I would contend all) leftists in some way or another are suffering horribly living the lives they do.

But there is one simple variable running in the background that explains it all and ties them all together. And it explains why no republican, libertarian, conservative or simply "non-leftists" has to raise a finger or their voice to get their pound of flesh out of the leftists who vote to parasite off of them.

Leftists ignore the Reality Principle.
Leftists ignore reality.

And when you choose to ignore reality, living your life and basing your decisions in leftist-utopian la-la land, the real world will come down on you like a 100 megaton bomb and cause such unimaginable pain and agony, even I don't wish it on the majority of leftists who inflict it upon themselves.

For example, the REALITY of the labor market is that people demand things they want.  And if you were to make a list of everybody's Christmas wishlist it is going to be populated with electronic gadgets, cell phones, computers, laptops, vehicles, clothes, games, drones, and a panoply of other goodies.  Consider more boring "necessities" your old man wants and you add tools, gas, insurance, home repairs, auto repairs, lawnmowers, and a whole bunch of other stuff.  But if you were to list the trades, professions, and skills that go into making and providing these things to the market, you will find NONE of them require people with "Women's Studies Skills."  Or "Critical Thinking Skills."  Or "Literature and Poetry" skills.  Or "Communications Skills."  They need engineers, accountants, actuaries, tradesmen, metal smithers, and a whole host of other people who actually provide VALUE to the rest of society.

But this harsh reality of having to work for a living, providing value to others, working a job you don't necessarily like, never dawns on the majority of American high school graduates.  It also is antithetical to leftist thought.  And so what do 67% of them do?

They major in the liberal arts.
They follow their heart because the money will follow.
They're going to major in something (because at the wise wise age of 18) they're going to "change the world."

Now i don't have to explain to you what happens a short 4-8 years (depending on if they're dumb enough to get advanced degrees in these fields).  For while they glibly and arrogantly lectured your chemical-engineering-majoring-ass about how you were polluting the environment, and you weren't helping society, and how great they were "raising awareness" about the 3 out of every 2 women being raped on campus,

after graduation
after all the graduation parties
after all the pomp and circumstance was over
and after their parents and relatives are done kissing their asses

the rest of the remaining 55 years of their lives started. And ALL of those 55 years WILL entail a hell of poverty, scraping by, begging for grant money, and vainly trying to validate their value to society as a single mom in East St. Paul earning below $15 on Facebook.

Their lives are over.
They have reached their peak.
The remaining 2/3rds of their lives are now downhill and, frankly, pointless.

Let's take another example.  Feminism.

Feminism is leftism + vagina.  That's really all it is.  Abdicate love, jettison pair bonding, and ignore your biological desire to get married and have some little rugrats.  Those really smart 60's feminists came up with some theories about the sexual dynamics between men and women that in a short 60 years OBVIOUSLY obsoletes and replaces 2 million years of human evolution.

And most women (sadly, leftist or not, but disproportionately leftist) bought it!

Women don't need no man.
Fish bicycle.
You can have it all.

Have you seen the first test subjects this poppycock was tried on?  You probably haven't noticed because the human eye is naturally gravitated towards youth and beauty, but look around at all the single Baby Boomer women.  Short hair, no ring, wrinkly, aged and alone, and it isn't because they're widowed.  They are the ones who "wanted it all" and by gum Oprah, feminists, media, and the government told them they could have it.  Heck, Obama with "The Life of Julia" would pay for it with a government check.  So off to have careers, children, husbands...and the inevitable divorce and mentally ill children that comes with biting off more than you can chew and outsourcing everything to day care.  And so instead of a Norman Rockwell, nuclear family Christmas, you have what you got now - "A broken family, step-half-brother sister...who the hell are these people??? Meet mom's new boyfriend and his bastard children from three different mothers" Christmas.  The larger point is no little grandchildren are going to be there.  No husband or pair bonding will be there either.  Feminists celebrate Christmas alone...which they probably don't because they're devoutly they cuddle up to and kiss their government grant check (look out for paper cuts on your lip).

And just for good measure, a third example - millennial male feminists...heaven help them.

These effeminate boys actually believe, actually think that if they agree with women, parroting the leftist talking points they think women want to hear, they're going to get laid.  In one ear their biology is screaming for them to get laid, in the other ear leftism is screaming at them to do the precise OPPOSITE of what's going to get them laid.  Not only does this damn them to the world of perma-virgins and perma-friendzones, it condemns them to at least a decade of confusion.  And given the overpowering biological urges they have, running smack dab against what leftism and feminism tells them to do, I can only imagine a 7 year old raised to be transgendered by his vegan parents would suffer more mental pain and agony than this generation of poor lost boys.

At best you're Johnathan MacIntosh cause you're not collecting a government check.
At worst you're a NEET.
But regardless, you are not seeing a woman naked ever in your life and you validate the complaint "Where have all the good men gone?!"

The point is, even if you gathered all of your republican, conservative, libertarian and simply "non-leftists" buddies, and sat and conspired for weeks to concoct the most painful, horrific, devastating form of revenge on just ONE single leftist, the level of revenge you would exact wouldn't even compare to the lives leftists have chosen to live for themselves.  And the reason why is that living outside the real world of economics, romance, love, logic, psychology, sex, friendship, and career ensures you will ruin those things forever in your life.  And not only will you ruin them, they will torture you in every single one of those capacities until you are dead.  Your life will not merely be "wasted" like a happy drunk or pothead, it will be TORTURED as your adamant and desperate belief in leftism never jives with reality.  Again, if you think about it, it's a punishment you'd think twice about meting. 

So this Christmas, and for the rest of your life, do not let leftists or the fact they're "getting free money" or "vote against freedom" or "vote to increase your taxes" lessen your finite time on this planet.  Though they'll never admit it, they are getting punished ENOUGH.  Just be happy and take solace in the sanity, serenity, and good mental health that comes with living in the real world.  And as the impoverished single mom feminist screams at you on the internet, or the black nurse says white women should kill their babies, or a university allows you to "self-identify" as a different race, just pour yourself a drink, throw on some jazz, appreciate your non-leftist friends, share this post with some fellow conservatives and enjoy the decline.
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minuteman said...

You are absolutely right, until the point comes that they get enough political power to drag the rest of us down with them.

A local story from where I live this morning. A butcher has been in business for 30 years. He has gone bankrupt and is closing his shop because he can no longer afford to pay his electricity bill. Electricity prices in this neck of the woods have tripled in the last decade as our government "goes green". So Yes. lefties have shitty lives, but there are enough of them that they can drag the rest of us down with them.

Faithless Cynic said...

Not sure I agree with you Cappy. I had a temporary job as a meterman for a local utility. The job was physically grueling and very dangerous, since we worked in a drug and violence filled ghetto ( Murdertown Wilmington Delaware ) The job involved fixing gas meters and took me into every seemingly every filthy, moldy, dogshit filled basement in Delaware. I had an opportunity to study the " oppressed and deprived " Dindu Nuffin in his/ her native habitat.

One woman stood out for me. She had 8 kids in a drafty, 1920 vintage house that was used as a rental. The bitch had the absolute balls to complain that her gas bill was higher than the $200 per month subsidized rent. I told her the original windows were leaky and to cover them with plastic. " I aint gonna do that, its the landlords house " So this high velocity megatwat has 8 kids and lives in a dangerous ghetto. She has shelter and probably food given to her for simply opening her legs. The house was sparsely furnished, but, it was warm and dry. The kids will be coddled the same way she is, in exchange for Democrat votes. Working people will provide all they need.

I now have a successful small business and a good job. I am proud of myself for what I accomplished, with zero government help and usually government abuse. BUT, I fucking hate the leeches that steal my earnings to this day. I DO NOT PITY THE FUCKERS, I WISH THEY WOULD FUCKING STARVE.

One final observation about the Dindu Nuffin. EVERY ghetto rental I ever entered had beeping smoke alarms. The resident was too cheap to buy a one dollar battery to protect the kids, so, the smoke alarm was on " low battery beep " 24 by 7. Guess they really care about all those kids they splork out. Besides, " that the landlords job "

MattyIce said...

"This moment of clarity brought to you by Clarey" should be the title of this article! It's easy to allow these tortured souls to bring you down to their realm by fighting with them. But alas, they live in hell, just ignore the tortured souls and live in reality! This alone will make every nonleftist that much more happy.

Cadders said...

Excellent piece.

Every leftist action contains within it, it's own punishment. The leftist's singular failure is always, ultimately, the inability to do cause and effect.

Glen Filthie said...

" Male, female, bi, and gay, I can understand."

Well Cao - when you let one degenerate out, ya set the precedent to let 'em all out. Tolerant, virtue signalling guys like YOU did that, not the leftists.

Let us have some honesty around here...

Hugh Janus said...

Not to be off topic, but looking at the picture, I have to ask "what in Satan's name is that"?

David said...

Another good reason why one shouldn't let a leftist piss you off about all the free shit they want from government: Just sit back with the knowledge that the day is coming soon that the government isn't going to be paying for free shit that they want.

Right now the government can't afford the socialism that they already put themselves (as well as the hard working taxpayers) on the books for. With a national debt of over $20 trillion dollars plus $100 trillion in unfunded mandates to pay for social security, public sector pensions and medicare, the day is coming soon where Daddy Government will no longer be able to borrow any more money or simply printing off money to pay for these programs. Let alone the free shit leftists want. They won't be able to stick it to the rich or us working folks because there isn't enough of us producers to tax to pay for all of it as well it will de-incentivise further hard work, innovation, entrepreneurship and investment.

There will be real budget cuts in the near future and it won't matter who is sitting in the White House or which political party is controlling Congress. When the money and credit lines run out, when the Fed can no longer debase the currency any further, there will be no choice but to cut spending. When that day happens, it will be a sad day for the leftist parasites when the government checks are no longer forthcoming. Two things will either happen. There will either be massive rioting (which will probably happen if Greece is any indication) or they will have no choice but to knuckle up and work any job that will have them.

There will be real budget cut

Tucanae Services said...

Re: "You can have it all."

I had a discussion with a female student of a feminist bent but not raving, yet. I explained to her that she or I can't have it all. My presentation went something like this --

Bill Gates is walking down the block for a little exercise and a latte. Fortune smiles on him as he spots a $1000 bill lying on the sidewalk. Does he pick it up? No he does not. Here is why:

Bill Gates due to his wealth loses/gains millions on each tick of Microsoft stock. For him to pick up that money would not be worth his time. Fact going for that latte will cost him more than the cost of the coffee.

The point is dear student if Bill Gates, one of the 10 richest men on the planet, can't have it all what do you think your chances are?? Somehow that sunk in. She is due to graduate with a STEM degree this coming summer.

Tucanae Services said...

Real friends do not let friends do Facebook.

Steffen said...

True enough, Cap. Good rant, but you can count me among the guys who cringe knowing our taxes enable them to be that depraved. I don't want to be an enabler any more.

SM777 said...

I know a couple of leftist women that this has happened to. It's almost like they made plans to suffer later in life. 40 years is a long time to be alone (for a woman anyway).

Bill said...

Move to a red state.

Bill said...

Move to a red state.

heresolong said...

And they will accrue enough power to drag us down with them. They will raise taxes. They will pass laws forcing us to do what they want us to do. They will pass laws taking away our guns and using the pronouns they want us to use (see Canada for a recent example). We ignore politics at our peril. That is how the left got to this state, because we were too busy living our lives. It won't get better unless enough people push back.

heresolong said...

Wandering man: They will then force their will on the red states. It isn't enough to be left alone to do what they want in their blue states, we have to agree with them.

Cappy Fan said...

I agree with you, Cappy, but if the 20th century is any indication, unchecked leftism leads to dark and bloody places, even on a global scale. There's good prudence in making some effort to prevent it from getting there.

Remember, leftists have ample free time & without some push back, we'll be losing a one-sided battle.

Thankfully more and more people are speaking up against leftism. I'm seeing it everywhere.

Your fan

deb harvey said...

heresolong, you will notice that the push is on once again to do away with the electoral college. this is so the two thin blue lines on the coasts [something in the ocean air?] can control the vast lands of the red states. then the evil doers will be overseeing the mud puddles --wetlands, anyone?- in the backyards of iowa and nebraska.
there is method in their madness.

cappy, i watched the cnc 'news' [chinese news on pbs] and they are holding huge conventions of commies from every country including reps from the commie party of the usa. these are big deals and the participants cannot wait to help the people, especially the children, in their own countries to understand marxism ala china.
this is a much bigger threat than i had understood. the tentacles are everywhere like a cancer metastasizing.
i have no power so i pray about it, asking God's protection.
i think we are in for much worse than we have imagined.

underthepalms said...

You need to do a proof read on this. Agree should be agreed. It's the altar, not the alter. A few other errors. Otherwise, this is excellent!

underthepalms said...

You need to do a good proof read on this. Agree should be agreed. "At the alter" should be "at the altar." There were a few more spots. Just do a scouring proof reading of this. Otherwise, it's excellent!

Anonymous said...

I noticed some time ago that when I take a look at all my friends and acquaintances who are still alive, all the lefties are living in relative poverty and the more conservative ones are comfortably retired and doing well. I also noted they conservatives have better health and fitness.

There is something to be said about living in reality. You are able to see 'real' choices and 'real' outcomes. So ... we tend, on the right, to make better choices because they are based in reality and not simply fantastic and utterly stupid beliefs.

PoCoTex said...

It's interesting that you should use the word "mercilessly".

First, the Theory of Evolution is a process that is unrelenting, unforgiving, and merciless.

Those who worship vain idols give up their source of mercy.
- Jonah 2 (CJB)

Anonymous said...

"Short hair, no ring, wrinkly, aged and alone, and it isn't because they're widowed"
you forgot the hopelessly wretched "i'm cool" tattoo on their ankle or forearm, or worse...

as if.... said...

Actually, a lot of the liberals I know practice very bourgeoisie values in their own personal lives. They value education, families, good wine, etc for themselves. Thet really do quite well for themselves. Of course they preach the opposite to any who will listen to their virtue signalling defense of single parent households, welfare, unfettered immigration, etc. It's almost like they enjoy having a failed underclass they can lord's all a pretty good gig if you can look yourself in the mirror and have no conscience (or self-reflection).

RonF said...

One thing you have missed about the liberal arts graduates with degrees in Gender Studies and such. A lot of them don't end up as baristas. They become government bureaucrats, and impose their beliefs as regulations.

Anonymous said...

I would love to believe that Leftists are living miserable, impoverished lives, but the majority of lefties I've met are upper-middle class professionals. They live nice lives in nice neighborhoods and take vacations to Europe and their kids go to good universities. They are unbearably smug. It's depressing, yo. They don't feel the consequences of their votes except when they shake their heads at the high price of college and say it's because states don't subsidize college like they used to or that Republicans are in a war against higher education. They are comfortable in their oblivion.

Anonymous said...

My suggestion is to try to make things better one kid at a time. Big Brothers /Big Sisters and other similar groups have long waiting lists of kids whose only crime was being born to a mom who screwed up, usually with a dad who abandoned them both. Try not to think about the fact that, at the same time, government is using your tax dollars to make the problem worse.

lostingotham said...

They're welcome to punish themselves all they like. It's when they try to make me share the pain I object.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Most excellent point of view, Cap!

The entirety of the mewling Left today sounds like so much complaining about the bargain price for their soul, and the meager, meaningless return on the investment.

Much like the proposition to the "virtuous woman", now they're just haggling over the price.

Sailorcurt said...

The problem is that in the process of punishing themselves, they punish us too. Sure, not as badly, but why should I be punished AT ALL for the poor decisions of others?

TravelinPilgrim said...

I predict riots and secession.

Kendra said...

You are awesome. Love the article. Completely commensurate with what I have been saying for years.