Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ahhhhh SPERG OUT!!!!

Let's get the MGTOW's, feminists, and alt-right to sperg out all at the same time:


Post Alley Crackpot said...

Yes, but what would you do with your very own Triglyceride Puff?

... wait, that's not what Trigglypuff means? :-)

Carl said...

What I find interesting is that MGTOW is singled out as being equivalent to feminism when in reality the entire manosphere is the male equivalent.
Here's basically the manosphere ideology as defined by TRP
treat women like children
don't get married
don't engage in an LTR
spin plates
pump & dump
there are no unicorns
etc, etc, etc

Given that, MGTOW seems a rather pedestrian option, given the above, especially as you get older. But MGTOW is vilified repeatedly in TRP and the manosphere in general.

All the above is true but, "at least we're not MGTOW, fucking losers".

The manosphere has to invent it's shunned factions the same as feminism does. Once the larger group realizes they can't reach the majority population - bluepill for TRP, traditional conservative women for feminists they have to find an easily identified factions that under normal circumstances would be considered an ally. For feminists it's trannys or white feminists vs. minority feminists. For the manosphere it's MGTOW and the MRM.

As much as I appreciate TRP for waking me up to male/female sexual dynamics I've given up on it since, just like feminism, it's catty bro-cliques.

Do you even lift, bro?

Ann Sterzinger said...

No complaint the video itself, I'm just curious as to whether those fucking poo-pourri commercials that YouTube plays EVERY FUCKING TIME I WATCH A VIDEO are driving anyone else up the wall. I wish everyone involved would contract a deadly case of intestinal blockage. Before you even get a chance to skip it, you have to hear an English woman fart and say "butt trumpet."