Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Episode #181 of The Clarey Podcast!

From the road so the audio is a bit windy

Sheeple holding up the men's bathroom and gas station.
How much are the Million Women March going to spend on hotels?
Protesting is stupid and a waste of time.
Concerts are also stupid and a waste of time.
Manosphereians/red pillers who desperately need an older brother


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Torgo said...

Older brother? What if your older brother is a Bolshevik? Who shames you for focusing on yourself and your own problems?

Anonymous said...

Check it out it's Loserpalooza. A big lol concert of assorted has been artists and looney left faux celebrities.


YIH said...

Surprised? Me neither.

duck said...

I do like concerts if it's a band that plays well live, has energy, and personality. It's also a good way to meet girls or friends that you have something in common with.

flighter said...

Alot of singer aren't even singing legit when they're in concert. They're just lip synching to realy loud music.