Monday, January 23, 2017

Governor Mark Daton Collapses While Giving the State of the State Address

As many of you know I do not like nor respect Gov. Mark Dayton.  It is not my opinion but he is the embodiment of everything I loathe about politicians, right or left.  He never worked a real job in his life, inherited money from a real man who did all the work, and as an elitist puts his own personal boredom and political ambitions ahead of the people he wished to govern.

However, while delivering the State of the State address he collapsed and hit his head.

It's times like these one must abandon politics and view Mark Dayton as a fellow human being and search ones soul for one's true opinion of the man.  Ergo, I give my most earnest wishes that the alcohol and prescription drugs caught up with this vermonous parasite and that when he hit is head, he does not die, but suffers a traumatic brain injury that leaves him severely impaired for the rest of what will hopefully be a miserable life.

Yes, I hate that piece of shit that much, and no, I am not being facetious in the slightest in my wishes.  I am laughing at that pampered, (genuinely) privileged fuck and wish him ALL that he received unfairly in his life to manifest itself in am equalizing punishment and comeuppance today.  Of course, it's likely he just got a bump on his hallow head, but one can pray for this genuinely worthless human being.

UPDATE - Governor Dayton is perfectly fine.  Damnit.  I guess he'll celebrate his health with his limousine liberal trust fund Crocus Hill crowd with $100 shots of scotch at W.A. Frost.


GregMan said...

But, gee, Cappy, the libs are just sooo considerate and caring whenever someone on the right has a health problem...

A Texan said...

I'm cool with your sentiments. :LOL:

Joshua Stokka said...

He has prostate cancer.

flighter said...

He'll probably live into his 90's just like Fidel Castro.

Anonymous said...

He has not been allowed out in public without his handlers within a long arms-reach. They have been trying to balance his "medications" for a long time now, and this is the result. They tried to allow him to climb a podium unassisted and he fell down and passed out.

Anti-anxiety meds? Anti-depresssants? SSRI's? Who know what all that incompetent dim-witted ass-hat is running on.

Prostate cancer my (rhetorical, his literal) ass. This trustafarian has been incoherent since he's taken office. Have you ever heard him try to speak off-the-cuff? The Dayton family fortune is his only legacy, and he's blowing through that at an incredible rate. They purchased the governor's office for him, but I'm still not sure who's really pulling the strings of this puppet.

I forget which show coined the term, but "pathetisad" is the perfect description for this twit. If it were a genuine neurological problem I might actually have some shred of sympathy for this collectivist statist ass-hat, but since it appears to be completely drug-induced I no longer give a shit. I simply want him the hell out of office, since he's clearly incapable of performing the necessary functions of a governor.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Cappy. I've me this liberal asshole in private and immediately knew he was dumber than a rock. He's an embarrassment to MN, but probably what they deserve for being such lefties!!

Anonymous said...

You poor bastard, (a term of endearment) I share your sentiments. May "that poor bastard have some incompetent bafoon, screw up his medications, and he ends up a vegetable ........ like Bok Choy! Keep your sarcasm pointed, and sharp. Pricks like me, will cut your legs off and feed you to the dogs (pig, coyotes) - shit if you taste better then fish .... maybe we'll marinate you and eat you! (Of course this is my extreme sarcasm slipping through ..... I am older and more Jaded then you ..... I think building a dozen or two guillotenes in Washington would be a great "motivator", think of the fun? Respectfully submitted,
Patrick Dwyer

Unknown said...

It would be good if Dayton retired early or was replaced this month. Every legislative year, Dayton proposes tax increases. Look at what he wants to do this year:

"Dayton is standing by his 2015 transportation proposal, which includes $600 million in gas tax increases, $125 million in higher vehicle registration fees and about $400 million in metro-area sales tax increases to fund mass transit. "

There is always a tax increase whenever Dayton speaks.