Wednesday, January 04, 2017

The Most Fuck Up Millennial Story Ever Told

Warning, this is 30 minutes long, but it is a great case study on where fatherless homes, substituted with government checks, all with the public schools, both at the K-12 and collegiate level, will leave you.  This is the byproduct of replacing nuclear families with the state.


Jim Scrummy said...

Wow! Awesome vid. This dude needs to stop the pot ASAP. I've seen more lives destroyed with pot than any other drug. A philosophy degree? Seriously? Who the eff told this guy that getting this toilet paper of a degree was something useful? Next to a womyns transgender feminist degree, a philosophy degree is effing WORTHLESS. Dating someone from work only works out about 5% of the time, at best. I've seen it work out where the people involved eventually married, and are still together today. But like I said, it's 5% of the time. Never crap in your own bed. Never.

So, follow Cappy's advice, and use Cappy's Amazon link to buy the books he recommended. This is step one in a twelve step process to getting you into a productive life. Your current lifestyle ain't happening or working out. Also, move the eff out of that libtard state of California, it's screwing up your brain. And leave any and all libtard ideas you have in Cali. The rest of us Americans don't want that crap polluting the other decent states that still exist.

Richard Blaine said...

Ah, come on Cappy - tell em what you really think :)

That was - painful - I mean, really painful. I had to stop twice and find something else to do just to keep from yelling at the screen.

If he's going to counseling, he'll need to be very careful of who he picks as a therapist or they'll just convince him he's a bad guy for failing to support her in her time of need.

Anonymous said...

first time i listened to your asshole consulting, its fucking great lol.

Un Americano said...

The look on my face when Americans don't know how to write English properly...and had the audacity to admonish me to Learn the Language©.

barogue1 said...

BEEN A FAN FOR A LONG TIME this is way better than the comedy channel because good comedy has an element of truth, hopefully all the pot makes him sterile

David Jravis said...

God, that letter was hard to listen to. Just when you think it was about to end... he kept going.

There is a certain, perverse pleasure in it, though. My life actually seems pretty damn good after listening to him talk about his.