Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Bachelor Finances 101

John Steele had me on his show and we discussed how we two old farts paid off our houses early, practical minimalism, "what constitutes an investment," "what constitutes and asset," actions you can take, and other brass tax basics of bachelor finances.  If you have not read Bachelor Pad Economics, I'd strongly recommend tuning in below:

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Anonymous said...

Bachelor millenial real estate investor here.

Fuck houses. I prefer to live in a small apartment downtown and not deal with the stupid ass lawn care, roof, exterior, cleaning a bunch of rooms I never use, having to fill up those rooms with furniture, patio furniture, and dealing with suburban hell, where I never even meet my neighbors and never see a single person during my soulless commute.

With that being said, I still have to drop by the rentals to change lightbulbs, clean the units to prep for the next renter, cut the grass, paint, etc. All the shit that I hated doing in my own house, I gladly do for my rentals because I'm getting paid to do it. A small price to pay for being able to live across the street from the bars and be able to bring home ladies that I get along well with.