Monday, July 30, 2018

How Trump Hurts the Left the Most

I didn't like Obama.

Any self respecting man or woman who worked for a living didn't because no producer appreciates a parasite.  And that's what Obama was.  He was a parasite.

I don't say that out of anger, hatred, or ideology, but the man's entire political career was all about taking money from those of us who worked and giving it to those who didn't.  And you may not like the tone, the politics, or the insinuation, but in the end that WAS who Obama WAS. He was a man who advocated parasitism.  He took money from producers and gave it to parasites.  He was a socialist.

Naturally this angered me and millions of other working Americans. We have a moral right to our own labor and should not have to support the lazy, indifferent, consciously incompetent, or the evil.  But while it angered us, it didn't drive us insane.  This is a democracy after all and the parasites that particular election cycle outnumbered the producers.  And unless we wanted to become dictators, we weren't going to throw out democracy because then by default we'd have tyranny.  And thus, we sat, enduring a lazy man clamoring for our money for his constituents until the next election gave us Trump.

But now that we have Trump, mercy how the times have changed.  Because while I thought those of us in the working class were upset with Obama and his lamprey constituents, I have never seen such hatred, anger, rage, and (above all else) obsession than the left has for Donald Trump.

Originally, I never thought the left could hate anybody more than George Bush Jr.  You guys were INSANE with hatred for the man.  Bush was to blame for everything, starting from the Dotcom Bubble to the fact Susie Johnson stood me up in the 8th grade. But then Trump comes along and you guys went apoplectic.  And even apoplectic isn't a word strong enough to describe your insane hatred and obsession with the man.  The word just doesn't simply exist.

From CNN turning into the "24-7 Russia Show"
To SJW's floating a balloon of Trump in the UK
To full grown adults screaming in a street when he got elected
To women wearing pussy hats.
To the daily MILLIONS of human hours leftists rant against him on social media.

I have never seen such insanity or obsession in my life over one, single human being.

Which, in all honesty, is why I like Trump.

I haven't paid any attention to him or politics in the past 3 years. I personally find some of his positions and statements rather disgusting and off-putting.  And I still don't trust him because he WAS a democrat merely a decade ago.  But if there's one thing I love about Trump (aside from that fact he beat Hillary), it's that he wastes so much time, effort, energy, emotion, and consequently money of the left.

Admittedly, I can understand why the left doesn't like Trump.  He's not a democrat.  He's cutting taxes (and thus income) to the parasitic classes.  He doesn't kowtow to the group-think brainwashing of diversity, tolerance, and anti-Americanism that defines the core of the democratic party today.  He's a real man that doesn't care what you think or say about him.  And accusations of "ists" and "isms" roll right off of him.  He is an incredibly thorn in your side.

But whatever discomfort this man may be causing you politically, is it worth ruining your life over?  This is a democracy.  Your guy didn't win.  And over the course of your life it is a guarantee sometimes the politicians want want are not going to be in office.  So do you accept it and move on in your life, awaiting the next opportunity to put a new guy into office?  Or do you throw an indescribable temper-tantrum for the next 4-8 years drastically lessening your life in the process?  And here is the real problem the left faces with how they let Trump live their brains, 24-7, rent free.

Do you not have anything else in your life but politics?

Even though I loathed Obama, I had a grand time under his administrations.  I rode my motorcycle all over North America including Alaska and Mexico.  I worked hard and started a company that, though mockable, is successful.  I made and met many great friends across the country.  And even though he was a socialist shitbag who merely wanted my money to buy votes from lazy people, I didn't let his election ruin nearly a decade of my life because I had so much more to life than politics.

The same, sadly, cannot be said of the left.

Starting in kindergarten and running throughout college, nearly every one today, from Baby Boomers to Gen Z'ers have had an official religion installed in them just like a computer does Microsoft Windows.  It's not an official or traditional religion like Judaism or Christianity, but it's a religion just the same - socialism.  Oh sure, it may take different forms such as "feminism," "environmentalism," "social justice," or "veganism," but let us be very clear, it is socialism just the same. And while we can debate the morality of the state installing a mandatory religion upon its children (or even if the state did such a thing), all I ask is did the government, your parents, your teachers, or any other authority figures install anything else into that brain of yours?

Children?  Family?  Husband?
Independent thought?
A career or profession THAT PAYS???
A passion for life?
The comprehension of finiteness?
Carpe Diem?

Or is ALL you have your sad and pathetic politics?

Sadly, when it comes to most leftists, we know the answer.

The social justice warrior who spent 4 years earning a worthless degree in "social justice studies," is further endebted due to her "Masters in Social Work," and now "works" as a professional activist, constantly begging and pleading for hand outs and grant money.

The professor at the University of Suchandsuch who had so little else going on, she concluded the best use of her time and finite budget was to fly to Washington DC and wear a pink pussy hat.

The 38 year old NEET who still lives off of his parents, also beleaguered by now 20 year old student loans, who blames his loserdom on "Trump," but practices veganism so he can lord it over others.

Or the reluctant suburbanite parent who shirks his/her duties of parenting and instead brags about their Whole Foods-organic-fair-trade-free-trade credentials, while they force their children on an all-soy, no meat diet.

I could go on, but it's painfully apparent most leftists today have nothing BUT politics in their lives.  They have no family, no spouse, no children, no love, no passion, and even if they do, it ranks so far below their political-religion, it blinds them of the true blessings they have.

Alas, this is how Trump hurts the left the most.

If all you have in life is your politics, you have no life at all.  But as it is with the normal whims and flows of any democracy, at times your religion is not going to be the one in office.  So it is a guarantee that your entire value, your entire life, your entire purpose and meaning will be directly affected and threatened by whoever is elected that particular electoral cycle.  And since you've nothing else going on in your life than what the state programmed you to have, ALL of your  mental, psychological, physical, emotional and financial resources will be dedicated towards hating on that one guy.  None of it will be spent enjoying life, living life, improving your life, or being happy.

This is not Trump's fault, but yours.  In lacking the true independent thought and intellectual strength to reject the brainwashing you received in K-college, you allowed the schools, the government and the media to make politics the most important thing in your life.  Politics now takes ahold of your life and controls your thoughts every minute of every day.  From wasting hours a day making political posts on social media, to ignoring your family to excessively and obsessively participate in politics, to simply letting Trump live rent-free in your brain, you are now miserable, angry, hate-filled, and incapable of enjoying life.

If I had to estimate it, Trump has cumulatively lowered every leftists' life-expectancy by at least one year.  He has certainly cost them a year in wasted labor, time, and energy.  And if we were to consider social media and the MSM media, thousands of millennia in leftist hours have been thrown into the black hole of time, ne'er to be retrieved again.  I would tell my left-leaning colleagues to "enjoy the decline," but that would presume they have a life outside of politics.  So I guess instead you should just spend the next couple of hours on social media making posts as to how much you hate Trump.  Never mind hitting the gym, falling in love, riding motorcycles, spending time with the children, buying your wife flowers, or giving your husband a blow job. CNN just came out with a new article about Russia and that HAS TO BE shared on Facebook.
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Jamie MacMaster said...

Dead on, Cappy.
At the heart of their slavering rage is primal fear. They know their uselessness, and the prospect of making a living by any means other than parasitism would constitute a death sentence for these leaches.

Fred Astaire said...

Although memories of the Second World War are now fading, it might be instructive to relay an incident that happened on the Eastern Front, i.e. the Russian Front. My father was a German Army veteran and one story that he told in particular epitomized the barbarity and cruelty of the Communists.

This incident occurred in the summer of 1942 when things were still going relatively well for the Wehrmacht. My father's unit was advancing towards a position that the Red Army had recently vacated. As they approached the position, they came under fire and hit the ground to take cover. As they tried to dig in, they hit human bones by the thousands. Skulls, femurs, arm bones, etc... and not just in isolated patches but the entire field. The MG42s returned fire and provide cover so that the unit could withdraw to safer ground. Although this was only a company sized action, no one soldier in the unit could dig deeper than 6 inches. The field of bones was vast and what was most disconcerting was that the bones were relatively fresh.

That the Nazis were mass murderers in the their own right is beyond question, but the American left seems to not have learned about the atrocities commited by their compadres in Russia.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

"... all I ask is did the government, your parents, your teachers, or any other authority figures install anything else into that brain of yours?"

I vaguely recall something involving signs ...

*angry Doctor Who "Dalek" voice*


Nah, fuck that, I'm not going. :-)



Anonymous said...

It took me some time to realize, but the left is a cult and they do not tolerate anyone outside of it. I knew the old axiom was true-- "The right thinks the left is dumb, and the left think the right is evil" but as long as the left stayed in their circle jerk enclaves, I didn't care as long as I didn't have to participate or subsidize them. How times Change. The left is a parasitic organism that depends on it's right leaning hosts. When the left gets control, it is one generation from modern Venezuela or former USSR-- and then dies.

I think the US (and West) is way past the rubicon as this point, as even with a GOP conrgess and Trump in the WH, we still have deficit spending ($1t) and the behaviors that perpetuate the societal drains have not felt any pain to make them change course. Mass federal funding cuts, dereuglation, elmination of programs, govt. restructure, etc.. to many snouts in the trough to allow a peaceful transition to sanity but that day will come in one form or another.

Mark Matis said...

Please do note that the "Left" of which you speak also includes the Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill. As well as the Chamber of Commerce.

John MYOB Doe said...

So they’re textbook totalitarians. Not that this is news to me, but what you described is totalitarianism. The left never denounced the sins of the USSR and other communists because the left IS communist.

John MYOB Doe said...

That’s because the “Normie” leftists were never supposed to learn about communist atrocities, and by the time they inevitably did they would already be so brainwashed as to rationalize or justify it.