Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Episode #8 of The Older Brother Podcast - Punching Proto-SJW's Special

Cappy and the Gang talk about:

Telling Your Employer "No"
Vengeful ex girlfriends.
Antifa and Ancient Military Tactics.
Windows 10 sucks
The Internet is Losing Its Value
Ann Punching a Proto-SJW in the 90's.
People "Ghosting" at Work.

in THIS EPISODE of The Older Brother Podcast!

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JW said...

The reason for the cookies is the new GDPR regulations that have now been set by the EU. Some websites I can no longer view in the USA unless I now use a VPN. Until they update their privacy policys to be in line with the new rules a lot of websites will now be blocked when acesseing from the uk.

Also we have just rejected article 13 which they tried to sneak past us.



Just found your show I enjoy the debates and helps fill the void since I retired from electrical engineering, keep up the good work.

Heres a Fantasy book I really enjoyed maybe give it a go to escape from the decline for a while


or how about this the gentlemen bastards the name must tempt you just a little.


A Texan said...

Direct link not working.

anon said...

Thought I'd pass this along, as I found it humorous: a guy on the Columbus subreddit looking for guys to hang out and take group photos to improve their tinder profiles: https://www.reddit.com/r/Columbus/comments/8w65n1/any_of_you_guys_want_to_go_out_and_take_good/