Thursday, July 05, 2018

Cappy's 5th of July Post

There will be no posts today because Cappy has a flooded basement, a broken water heater (which he recently fixed), a computer that is dying, moldy carpets, a car that isn't working and a ton of other amalgamated shit that has decided to shit upon him CONVENIENTLY ALL THIS WEEK.  Cappy is VERY angry and wishes some SJW, ANTIFA pussies would show up at his door because there would not be much left of them at this point in time.

In the meantime enjoy the consented week long 4th of July week vacation the "Wednesday-Falling" 4th has allowed.  Posts will go back to normal as Cappy takes a week or so "vacation" to deal with this. If you feel pity upon Cappy there's always the patreon, but you can just share, like, and subscribe his stuff he does like books and shit.




Anonymous said...

"Enjoy the Decline!"

Shannon_Entropy said...

... not to mention that you never answered my question about why, exactly, you consider Pawn Stars patriarch The Old Man an "economic genius"

Zen Koan =>

If you fix a water heater but it still doesn't work, did you really fix it ??

BlogDog said...

Oh man. I hear ya. Keeping my lovely 18 year old vehicle going is gouging me this month. Take it in for the oil change (don’t judge - I’m a gimp at this age), they check the tires and the older pair goes back to 2005, so new tires. Then one low beam headlight goes out so it’s off to Amazon for new bulbs. At least that I can do myself.
And yeah, the water heater is not long for this world in my house too!

Red Pill Wisdom said...

My sympathies, Cappy. I've also had times like that when it seems that "when it rains, it damn well pours". Nothing that you can do except to simply hunker down and make your best way through it, "until Murphy is finished p*ssing all over you".
It's 'cold comfort', I know, but all that I can do is send my best wishes for Better Luck to you.
Remember the comic story of "how the angel got on top of the Christmas Tree".

TD said...


Got your book about the housing bubble in Kobo. Good luck.