Friday, October 09, 2020

Another One Bites the Dust

And another one down

and another one down

another one bites the dust!

Hey Imma gonna get you too!

Another one bites the dust!


southern belle said...

We live right on the edge of the campus, and I have seen very few students around the last couple of's known as a 'hippie,' left wing school. Yesterday morning, I was heading out the run errands, and a girl neighbor ran out to warn me there was a shooting, or something, and to head away from campus....

heresolong said...

More right wing violence which is trumpeted all over the news but never seems to actually materialize.

Whose money is on:

a) drunken frat boys who will never follow through or

b) hoax by lefties

'Reality' Doug said...

The only score that counts is body count. Nature is the court, the jurisprudence. The imperialists have won. Talk is cheap. The rubes don't know how irrelevant they are. How much of this whyte bark of no bite is black-flag distraction to the Marxy Mark paramilitary? It's best to stay emotionally detached from the news and only consume the concrete facts of operational value in our little lives, as ye know. I see victims and I try to avoid that situation. Young Kyle Rit. Too bad. An army of Kyles would be winning, but to be an idealist among human shit, fatal. Let the normies be heroes now, the dumbasses. I can't blame those under 25 or so, but this is a Gordan knot that only has one solution, and Caesar Mammon has all the swords. Hunkered down at loser poolside, watching the sheet show.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

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