Monday, October 05, 2020

Communism and COVID: Why Your Husband is So Angry

In an utterly predictable fashion, there was no shortage of articles or the journalists who wrote them that jumped on the increase in divorce that was guaranteed to happen with the lockdown from COVID.  Relationships were already in a precarious balance in America.  Feminism had been training women to prioritize their careers and education over their families and spouses for decades.  Both men and women have violated the trust of their spouses by getting morbidly obese instead of maintaining their mandatory physical beauty for one another.  Younger Millennial couples were having an immensely tough go at their finances as they were saddled with stupid amounts of student loans for laughably stupid degrees.  And (though economics isn't terribly sexy) the massive Austrian credit bubble created during the financial crisis of 2009 had come to bite nearly every couple in the ass making housing/rent incredibly expensive, adding further financial pressure to their budgets and relationship.  Americans were already experts at making their lives more difficult than they had to be, and these added pressures made something as hard and mature as marriage an impossibility for your average American idiot

But then came COVID and the commensurate lock downs that struck a blow to the fragile balance of marriage in America.  And now, with obese/fat American husbands and wives having to spend more time with one another AND with no social outlets they once had to avoid one another, your average American couple can no longer keep up the facade, and are now filing for divorce.

However, for the couples who do manage to keep it together, or the even rarer few where the husband and wife remained svelte for one another, it has been more than an anecdotal number of times where I've heard wives complain that their husband is increasingly angry during 2020.  They're curt, impatient, rude, often times lashing out, and there's been more than one case of a man just "not in the mood" for sex which means there's really something going on.  And while the obvious culprit is COVID and 2020 in general, it needs to be pointed out to women that there's a second culprit - communism.  And American women are disproportionately to blame for this one.

Understand that the protests and riots of 2020 are truly not about race.  Certainly race/unjust killing was the spark that triggered the explosion of riots and protests we saw, but the underlying fuel of all the looting, rioting, arson, pillage, and yes, murder, was simple jealousy.  Simple marxism that had been programmed into all the young kids who protested, regardless of their skin color, to destroy society because it was forcing them to work for a living.  This is why the rioters were of all colors and creeds, and the riots still continue today in pure white bastions such as Portland and Seattle.  

You can argue with this or agree with it all you want, but that is a discussion for a later point in time. Because regardless of the true underpinnings of the 2020 riots/protests, the important thing is men's conscious and unconscious reaction to them because that is what is gnawing at all Americans husbands' mentalities and moods today.  The riots and the protests are affecting your husband as they present a direct threat to not only his property, but his family, including you.  And whether you're husband is a weak soyboy effeminiate millennial or a gun-totting, hard core veteran republican Gen X'er, it doesn't matter.  The riots are affecting his core survival instincts and triggering a constant fight/flight stress within him because now he gets to look at the following scenarios:

Having to kill a man/many men.
Having to physically fight people.
Getting injured/crippled in the process.
Losing all his property either to looters or communists voting it away.
Having you raped.
Having his kids killed.
Have his wife killed.
Having all of his life's work either burned, stolen, or taxed/taken away.
Going to jail for defending his property, himself, you, or his family.

Oh, and let's not forget!

Dying himself.

And so, with this maelstrom of serious concerns torturing his mind, when you come in there nagging him about "why did you park the car so close to the wall" or "why didn't he pick up the milk" don't be surprised when he snaps and tells you to shut your fucking yap.

Now it doesn't help your average husband's mental health that the average American wife is fat or obese or morbidly obese.  It also doesn't help that the average wife puts more value on her career and education than her family.  And, of course, the American past-time of nagging has never helped any relationship at all.  But there is one thing American women can do if they want to ease the anger of their husbands and by consequence improve their marriage.  And that is stop voting for communism.  Because whether you (or your husband) are conscious of it or not, it is communism that is causing the mental struggles and strife of your husband.  Not the symptomatic riots.

First, understand that when you vote for the democrat party, you are in reality voting for communism.  I don't have time to do the research American wives should have done long ago before they decided how to vote.  But right now EVEN UNDER TRUMP, government accounts for 40% GDP.  Given the delusional wish list your average American soccer mom wants (single payer health care, universal day care, free education, etc. etc.) you're looking at 60-70% GDP which lands us squarely at communism's doorstep.  Naturally, you average American wife does not look at the federal budget and make a critical assessment about the efficacy of social policy.  She naively votes democrat because "it's for the little people" or "the children."  But this does not change the fact your voting enslaves your husband to work more for the same take home pay if you would like to be able to make that Lexus SUV payment.  These taxes also force you ladies to work a job as well to pay those taxes while you outsource your children.  So forget riots and protests, your voting is enslaving your husband (and you) to work more adding stress to an already stressed out marriage.

Second (and more importantly), the "social side of communism."  In voting for communism/socialism/democrat the average American wife does not only burden her husband with additional taxes, but also socially villifies him in a number of ways.  First, he's male so he's automatically guilty of unconscious sexism and misogyny.  Second, he makes more, so he's benefited unfairly from society and should pay more in taxes.  And third (especially in today's political climate) if he's white, well then he's guilty of all the oppression in the country and is the direct cause of the riots.  This does nothing for the morale, let alone the mental health of your husband when you vote for a party (let alone subscribe to a political ideology) that is explicitly anti-male and certainly anti-white male.  And though he may say nothing of it, it DOES wear on him psychologically that you support a political platform that hates him.  It's not a big butcher knife you planted in his back, but it is a knife.  Even if he agrees with you politically.

Third, let me be very clear - voting democrat has led to these riots.  

As the legions of suburbanite soccer moms vote democrat because they wanted to be popular or they just "feel" that the democrats cared more, they in reality voted in what is a now decades-long indoctrination process in the schools. And by schools, I mean K-college, not just K-12.  Ever since the 1990's children (of all colors and stripes) have been brainwashed to believe that discrimination is the cause of all problems in the country.  And not just discrimination, but they themselves are being discriminated against and are victims.  If you're not white you're oppressed.  If you're not male, you're oppressed. And if you're a white male you're still oppressed because you're either non-binary, have a made-up mental disorder, or are simply not part of the 1% and are oppressed.  And now that you've raised two full generations (Gen Z'ers and Millennials) on this steady diet of greed, envy, rage, hate, laziness, and entitlement (aka-communism), you're shocked they're burning down buildings, looting, rioting, shutting down highways, and yes, murdering people at times?  Your voting directly caused these riots and protests, and these riots and protests are now weighing heavily on your husband's mind.

Now there are two ways your husbands are going to deal with this incomprehensible level of stress you've voted in on him.  And it's going to depend on whether he's conscious of unconscious of the true cause of these riots.

If your husband is consciously aware of the political climate you've put him in, he is going to do what all real traditional men do, and that is gear up, gun up, have a plan, and even potentially plan to leave.  Many men have moved their families to nicer neighborhoods.  Many men have gotten guns and ammo and trained with them.  Good men have bug out bags and have a "Plan B" for the family to survive. And good men train physically so they can fight and protect their family.  Unfortunately for most soccer-mom-wives, this means your husband is a republican, libertarian, or at least not know, a real man.  He even has those "nasty guns" in the house.  And though he certainly may be angry at the world (and you) voting against his safety, family, and freedom, he's not unaware of what is happening.  And though you may have rolled your eyes when he bought that AR15, now that the people you voted for are burning down your old neighborhood, you're secretly starting to appreciate his proactivity to counter your unconscious support of communism. 

If your husband is unconsciously aware of the political climate he is in, that is likely because he too voted democrat and put himself in that political climate.  Like you, he blindly subscribes to the political ideology he was programmed to, so much to the extent he might actually feel guilty because he was born male, and feels really guilty if he is white.  Unfortunately, this blinds him CONSCIOUSLY to the threats you've both voted yourself into.  I know several white teacher couples in St. Paul and Minneapolis who value their politics more than their children and insist on sending their white kids into schools that good black parents are desperately trying to get their kids out of.  This is because these white teacher couples love their leftist politics more than their children and certainly more than the black parents who want what's best for their children.  But I also know more than one white leftist couple who own property in Minneapolis proper and just couldn't vote democrat enough, both willingly voting away more of their income, and destroying their main form of wealth in life - their homes.  

But for all the pacification this blind belief in socialism gives these types of husbands, make no mistake about it.  On the unconscious level, these men are suffering an inordinate amount of psychological stress and cognitive dissonance.  And though they may not be able to articulate it, when communists under an anti-white male banner burn the street one block over from their house, these anti-gun, perfectly pacifist leftist men are scared shitless, making them equally angry.  Worse, their political religion prevents them from being able to do anything about it, lest they be scorned by their wives for buying a gun, moving to those "evil suburbs," or maybe putting their kids in private school.  And so when their hairy-armpitted wives come in and nag them about "why isn't the kambucha carbonating correctly," these wives too may face a curt, sharp and angry husband who tells them to "shut the fuck up about the damn kambucha."

Now, as many of you know, I am of the Enjoy the Decline mentality.  Many people as described above have hated on me in my past accusing me of the most horrific political things possible (racism, sexism, hate, nazism, etc. etc.) that simply were not true.  And today because I advocate low taxes and the elimination of the welfare state, these false accusations continue today.  But I learned loooong ago that I don't have to lift a finger to get my revenge on these people as they'll do it to themselves.  People majoring in stupid leftist marxist shit will forever be poor.  Fake, arrogant elitists who borrow money to fake being rich, will die divorced, alone, and bankrupt.  And political ideologues who put their politics first in life, above all else, are damned to miserable painful lives.  But women's disproportionate desire to betray their husbands, families, and by consequence themselves by voting for socialism has got to take the cake.  Because for all the screaming and pounding of fists that American women today are "independent minded," you've been successfully brainwashed to vote against what would presumably be the most important thing in your life - your husband - and by association - your marriage and family. 

Now I know your true blue democrat kambucha-drinking feminist living in Minneapolis with her hen-picked husband will never forfeit her politics.  It has been established long ago such type of women do indeed love their politics more than anything else and they are common.  But this is a call for your standard suburbanite soccer moms who vote democrat because it's "for the little people" or "the children."  You need to get your heads out of your asses, think of your husband and children, or at least think of the McMansion, granite countertops and SUV.  Because in "voting for the little people" these past 30 years, you have created now two full generations of entitled parasites who think they are entitled to your shit and in some cases are obviously willing to resort to violence to get it.  This cute shit where you vote left to virtue signal so that you can be popular amongst the equally brainwashed soccer moms, is done.  And the reason it's done is not so much because somehow you'll find it in your heart to figure out and realize said voting has led to this stress and anger in your husband.  I'm nowhere near that idealistic.  It's because that nice little house in the burbs with that cute little SUV you lease will all go up in smoke if communists even get half their way.

Again, I do not ultimately care if you care about your husband.  And I know being popular, conforming, virtue signaling, and your politics is more important to your average soccer mom than her husband, even her kids.  But I am not here as an agent of change.  I am merely here as an agent of explanation.  And so the next time you vote for that school levy to jack up property taxes, introduce "Your White Children are Guilty of Racism Studies" at the schools, or you applaud your child as he/she goes off to a liberal arts college only to come back and lecture their father about how he has oppressed people over Christmas dinner, do not be surprised if he Lester Burnham's up and throws the dish into the wall.


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Anonymous said...

*Orson Welles clapping*

SM777 said...

Good article. The premise is that there are enough married women out there to read the proper explanations. Are there still that many? I thought that there were more single people than married, at least among the white/euro population.

Anonymous said...

I think you lost touch with your audience, Cappy. Are you really stupid enough to believe soccer moms are gonna read this?

Anonymous said...

One of your best and most insightful articles.

A Texan said...

I've bluntly told women that I would bother defending a any damn one of them if they vote for a cunt like Hildebeast or leftist crap. I was called out for not being a 'gentlemen'. Well, the hell with that if you are going to support outright communism.

I'm going to take my chances with the very imperfect Trump; it's all we got for another four years. At least he is not a communist.

Some parts of me are looking forward to a day of reckoning with the sh_tlibs. There is no reasoning or empathy for the destruction their stupidity has caused. Team R is not much better at times; plenty of grifters at the top that need to physically removed from society as well.

JPF said...

The absolute ignorance the average person has about the consequences of socialism is a good indicator of the value of our school systems. There are plenty of examples in history, both societies within our own nation and entire nations, to demonstrate that socialism does not work to help the majority of the people within the target group.

Capitalism also does not work for everyone; the disabled or lazy will have problems. But capitalism allows a far greater portion of the group to improve their lot in life than socialism allows.

Ed Teach, Maritime Reclamation Specialist said...

The plandemic/planned riots has all been coordinated by the commies. This crap plus what has been happening over the past 12-14 years (and longer) has focused my mind. You analysis is spot on about everything. I have bouts of anger, less now, because I know that game time is fast approaching. Nothing I can do about it, other than being as best prepared for whatever comes my way. Though we have initiated our own "Operation Evil", it took some time for my wife to come on board (she never has voted for the commies, and can handle firearms quite well). Hopefully, if the price is right, we leave sooner rather than later to gain some distance. Distance is your friend, not going to avoid anything, but having better ground to defend your family, property and yourself does make a difference in a fight.

Living in a communist state has made me super aware of who my potential adversaries are, it's not hard, they all have the commie election signs on their front lawns (take pictures of them, I do for future reference). I have no doubt these people want my family and I to either submit or be dead. Hence, play offense when the time comes and gather as much intel as you can on your neighbors now, you'll need it. I don't want this fight, but it doesn't matter what I want, the fight is here in various shades of temperature. Just be ready when the kickoff happens, because it will happen quickly, and I have no idea when that will occur?

Other than that, be a Happy Warrior. Thanks to the all merciful Coronachan, everything is clearer, and zero f's given.

Canadian Dissident said...

An excellent article that is so true.

Canadian Dissident said...

A very excellent article which is so true. We have a much worse problem in Canada as most men don’t have courage to buy a gun to protect their family.

Tony Trucano said...

I just wanted to say they voted democrat to be popular.
It is funny because it's true.

Anonymous said...

That's just an awesome column. One of your best! Thanks

Anonymous said...

This is awesome, Cappy. I just popped in elsewhere and found a link to this article - you explained things well!

My husband *has* been extra stressed and having moments where he'd lash out at me for ridiculous stuff that he'd NEVER do before (literally one time I just remarked that it was a beautiful sunset LOL).

We have a great marriage, 4 kids but I stay in almost perfect shape, I stay home and homeschool... we have lots of sex and are usually incredibly happy, but seeing his changes were hard. We have a gorgeous house with beautiful landscaping and I can see how all this is an insane threat to him going on.

BUT I didn't make that connection until reading this, so thank you! What can a wife do in this situation in supporting her husband (effectively)? I feel like I'm already doing all the things I should be doing... is it just a wait and see game?