Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Nagging Noah

I had managed to make it 9 minutes from home before I got a call from my girlfriend.  She was caringly calling to let me know that a tail light was out in my truck and that I should get it repaired.  Caring as this was, it sent me into a rage as I was currently enroute to a much-needed retreat at a middle-of-nowhere Air BNB in rural Wisconsin.  And I was so looking forward to this trip, the road trip included, that the jarring phone call interrupted my recently-achieved zen, which sent me into my rage.

However, irrational as this may be, there is an explanation for it.  Like many of you I have a ton on my plate.  There's work.  There's chores.  There's a ton of projects I'm working on.  And all of this is couched within the backdrop of COVID and the creeping communism that is slowly taking over the US.  And when you take in the totality of both current work you have to do just to stay alive, as well as the tremendous amount of work you have to do on top of that to

Ensure you have enough for retirement
Ensure you make enough to pay off your debts
Ensure you have enough income streams to insure against recessions, cancel culture, industry set backs, etc.
Ensure you have enough ammo, guns, and training to protect your family against potential riots
Ensure you have backup savings overseas in case the US does go full communism

the pressure often becomes too much, at minimum shortening your fuse.

However, I am not the only one in this situation.  Many of you face the same.  And it's important to realize precisely what kind of situation we're in because if we don't we will not be able to solve the problems that face us, also  as well achieve the much-needed mental calm that comes with at least understanding the situation we're in.  And the situation we are all in is that we are modern day Noahs and we all desperately need to build our arks.

The short version is simply this - the United States and the west are slowly decaying to the point they will not longer be able to function as nations.  And I'm not talking so much about communism or socialism (though there certainly is a real and increasing chance of that).  I'm talking about Idiocracy where the current and future generations of Americans are so ill-reared, so ill-prepared they will not be able to function as normal, healthy, mature adults.  Be it 

the many videos of mentally ill women freaking out that Amy Barrett is a supreme court justice,
the animals who protest and riot because they want to,
the spineless ballsacks of mayors and city council members who let people destroy their towns,
the people in these towns who will vote for it again,
adult children who major in the dumbest subjects while crippling their lifetime finances with student loans,
fat women who think fat is hot,
or just your token millennial,

the day is rapidly coming a critical mass of the US adult population will not be capable of sanity, self-supportation, or mere functionality, and that society will collapse.  And so if you're like me, not only are you now chartered with the task of supporting yourself and your family, you are now also tasked with coming up with a "Plan B" to escape this nightmare that is coming.

However, there is a problem.  And that problem is you're surrounded by the normies, conformies, and inferiors of the world.  And as you desperately try to come up with a contingency plan, dedicating the work and effort towards building such an insurance policy, the normies, conformies, and inferiors of the world are going to pelt you with their small, insignificant concerns, often times wondering why you're so angry, in such a rush, not "chilling out and relaxing man," as you vainly try to explain to them WHY you are doing what you do and at the furious rate you're doing it at.

It is here you must realize this has nothing to do with politics.  Because it really isn't as clear cut as "republicans realize X, and democrats don't realize Y" and so only democrats are going to critique you, while republicans are going to volunteer to help you.  It is eternal and inherent human laziness that is the cause of all these people bogging you down with irrelevant questions, pelting you with petty critiques, or mocking you with sophistry.  And though it won't make these incredibly annoying, even time-wasting critiques go away, it will help you maintain your sanity understanding why these sheep do what they do.

First, the average person just lacks the foresight to understand basic economics.  It's 2020 and it's not like we didn't know there was an education bubble for over 10 years.  Students are demanding a bailout, and liberal arts degrees are commonly used as the butt end of jokes as they should be.  Still the fact worthless degrees are a cancer on society didn't prevent 70% of college students from declaring stupid majors in the 2019 school year.  There are certainly other unlimited examples of Americans' ignorance of economics (shoot, most Americans don't even know what a trillion dollars is, let alone what it's percent of GDP is, let alone how many trillions in a deficit we ran under Trump), but the point is the average normie, conformie, inferior American will not understand your concerns, let alone why you are building an economic boat for insurance.  They will roll their eyes at you, perhaps even calling you a "sexist" or a "racist," and in a Dunning-Kruger effect dismiss you as some "right wing nut job" as they then vote to spend 50% of GDP on a "New Green Deal."  Whatever your real concerns are about the future viability of the US economy, they are not capable of understanding it because they're too stupid.

Second, even if you find people who understand economics enough to realize the real and likely threats a combination Idiocracy/Communist economic system would present the nation, they are not courageous enough to admit to these threats.  These are your proverbial frogs in the water, who like Obama voters, "hope" things get better, but take no action.  They are not agents, they are objects, and are usually embodified by friends and relatives who they themselves may be conservative or libertarian, but think you're crazy for "prepping" or looking for land overseas.  They roll their eyes at you just the same and say, "Ohhhhh, that ole crazy Aaron, he says there's a housing crash on the way."  "Ohhh, that ole crazy Clarey, he says the schools are brainwashing the kids with communism.  They'll never riot."  But do not be mistaken, these people are afraid that you're right, but their fear of their current status quo life going away is even stronger, which keeps them in blissful inaction.

And third, laziness.  Even if people know there is a flood coming, even if people know the "Wyoming Three" will be a universal fact Americans will suffer in the near future, they won't do anything about it, because they don't want to.  They don't want to be like you when you finish a full day at the office, only to then go and spend another 3 hours researching getting a foreign passport or finding a foreign bank.  They don't want to cut spending on their Applebee's budget or their Sportsball wings on the weekend to fund a rainy day fund in Croatia.  They want to sit on their ass and watch TV.  And so whereas your physical energy, mental faculties, your patience are all taxed, making your fuse for petty and irrelevant bullshit incredibly short, these people's relatively laxed lives allow for longer fuses.  And longer fuses allow minds to engage in pettier pursuits, of which they will annoy you with as you're focused on drastically superior and more important concerns.

Alas, this is the "nagging Noah" that you, me, and the other handful of Noah's get to face.  Most of my life has been left-leaning family and friends thinking I was crazy there was a dotcom bubble about to happen.  Most of my professional life was catching flak, getting disciplined, and threatening to be fired because I said there was a housing bubble.  And today my life is filled with people who are telling me I need to relax and chill.  And while certainly a case could be made to relax and chill for health reasons, it doesn't make it any easier, let alone less annoying when these people pelt you with annoying concerns, petty criticisms, or condescending critiques.  But let us be perfectly clear.  For whatever comforts ignorance is affording these people today, it will not be worth the price they will pay tomorrow when society collapses, or is at least severely impaired from functioning, under an Idiocracy.  And when the day comes that every white person or every male has to have a struggle session under President Ocasio Cortez, or protests on the highway make driving an impossibility, or rent is so high because we printed off another 4 trillion in money to cover the national deficit, or fat chicks are beating up pretty thin chicks to fight against "beauty privilege", you can be sitting at your comfy, quiet, apartment in Phuket laughing at the news as you decide to take a stroll by the beach or maybe get a drink at the local bar.  All because you were some eye-rolling weirdo who (Beavis and Butthead laugh) "huh huh, heh heh" thought there was a chance the US would collapse.


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Aphron said...

Lurking here for years.
Your opening paragraph really, really hit a nerve with me. There are so many things on my plate that I just want a few minutes alone to recharge. Invariably, the phone will ring...the wife. WTF! It's like they somehow have some sort of ESP.

'Reality' Doug said...


An alternative perspective for you. I am a bit older than you and far less successful, so grains of salt.

At some point, the immediate marginal utility of plan B becomes too much to even try. Can be true for plan A. What is a man? By the laws of nature, man is a lciller. Western men have not lcilled for themselves as dignified individuals in a long, long time, i.e. not for way of life, i.e. for one's team, but one must have an actual team, and that is the biological lynch pin.

We who are ostracized high culture Americans of intellectual integrities and systemic awarenesses have no viable team. In a foreign land we do not know the culture. Overwhelming corruption is everywhere. This is a globalism plague.

The talented aliens are exemplar on becoming part of foreign fabric. Extremely difficult. Requires hard work and great skill. I don't think you will find rest.

Once the U.S. Empire collapses, culling Americans in the alien motherlands could be vogue. Need new home team acceptance. Jungle rules persist.

Maybe you can't win without luck. Maybe you don't have luxury of contingencies. First your physical and mental health. Next, your financial health, but only as relegated to 'freedom' as economic cogs. The other way to acquire resources is jungle style.

Keep friends close, enemies closer. Decline is their ways not ours. Maybe you're not evil enough? Maybe presuming a civilized perspective is correct to the point of having feet of clay?

Just look back over your life and ask yourself, "If I had simply partied and socialized to make connections and not given a shit about the American system, would my life have turned out infinitely better?" I answer YES.

At some point the enemy must be engaged, be it man versus man, nature, or himself.

Neo could not escape his functional truth. We can't know with certainty what our constraints are, but your health is a fair indicator of right and wrong for you. I think it's too late to sit pretty if not elite.

We will have to be better animals, players, liars, will have to divest ourselves of the implanted emotional costs of winning behavior among animals. We can think three steps ahead. They can't. We can't change the game without sovereignty. They have it as surely as they are destroying it like overwhelming pests. Plague mode is honored by the laws of nature.

The history to consider is the fall of the Roman Republic also an empire. The imperial military of today will not allow their gravy train to die. What contingencies can we make against military takeover? Can we escape the Matrix? If not, we must simply realize that's not air we are breathing, that Agent Smith requires unrestrained response

Perhaps our choice is how we live knowing we failed because we were brainwashed by the grievance group enemy great and small. We is the tricky thing to define. Always serve I, but no man stand alone against problems such as these. Perhaps alone you can put a dent in the other and some 'we' of the future more to your liking will benefit. As it is now, we are eliminated without charge to the enemy. Perhaps we need to charge the fullest prices we can for our respective demises, and that is the best way to express our manhoods.

I advise evade and avoid as a first choice, but not if it ruins your health. Then they won by default. I have struggled with this issue and come to my conclusions: (1) go forward not in emergency mode, (2) in true emergency mode, to hell with the consequences, fire the torpedoes. Funny, but the willingness to fire the torpedoes is something the vermin can sense and respect if not protected.

If animals get respect, be animal. Don't always sublimate. Inner game. PUA sarging is ill-advised today, but so is not learning. Pick a poison with malice if you cannot choose a potion with love. This enemy is individual flesh and blood that is not always invulnerable. Cogs have masters and limits. Become more ugly than ugly and it won't be as terrifying. These are the ramblings of a mad man.

A Texan said...

At least you are lucky enough to have a decent girlfriend.

Some us will going at this mostly alone.

I'm not so sure about the foreign angle. What if that country decides at some point Americans are just a problem and tell you to go back?

Tucanae Services said...


I accept your premise, its why I have been doing various forms of prepping for the last 6 years.

But the solutions, ummmm not so fast. Several of your observations sound like Soveign Man whose articles I have purused over the years. The obstacles --

* Expat moves. Unless you intend to ditch citizenship totally the tax man will cometh regardless. A beast is most dangerous in the death throes. Same with nations. They will excise their pound of flesh from you regardless of where you are on the planet. Its last gasp might be a more similar to what California is attempting now, back clawing previous years income before you left. If they do, then going somewhere else might in fact injure your survivability long term.

* In global economics I adhere to the airplane model. The First world may sit in First class and the rest of the world in Coach. But when the plane nose dives into the swamp it really does not matter -- everybody is equally dead.

* The real hurt in real estate will be the Boomers dying off. All that 2nd home and grand McMansions inventory will sit there like an overhang on the market. Valuations will crater and that ladies and gentlemen is when the financial run starts.

So the moves I make are the same when I was a Scout, personal prepardness. We are out of the big city. Stores are at the ready. We hold a % of our assets in metals. The rest of the prep is in skills.

weka said...

Get the hell out of Dodge, mate.

Your GF can join you. Or you can have some peace and quiet.

The wife and I hope we get a nice deflationary spiral, so we can rebuild for the next generation when all the crazy cat ladies who voted for that lovely marxist Jacinda Ardern get the consequences good and hard.

Bill said...

I'd say buy an audio book of "meditations by marcus aurelius" and play it on loop till you're like your friend Athem. The stoic calm and mental focus should help raise productivity by 900%.

HOSP said...

Everything you write is true about the stupid raytards that inhabit where you live and where I live. It's hard some days, but, I have found solace to keep working on the plan (to get out of dodge). Some days it's all I have when I am surrounded by a sea of stupidity. But having the determination to not quit and conform to these bastiches is also a driver. Soon, phase 1 of our 4 phase plan to get out of dodge will be complete. Achieving this momentum of completing the first phase is the key to the plan. Once momentum is achieved, the other three phases will come together on a quicker time scale. I have found, in the past when I focus on the one thing that needs to be achieved, the next things to be achieved will happen rather quickly. I was rusty (laziness) at this, because I really had no focus on what to achieve to reach our goals of getting out of dodge. Going about day to day life pre-plandemic was what I was doing. I was a pre-programmed drone. Luckily, the plandemic came along and helped me and my spouse refocus our priorities. Thank you coronachan!

So, keep working your operation evil plan, it will happen. Too others out there working on getting out of dodge for the coming craptacular times, keep working your plans. It will happen.

TheTrophyOne said...

I am a modern day King Solomon with my vast wisdom, presence, and many bitches.

Also, got to love that I built myself a nice foundation for a life before 30*. Now I can sit back and watch all of the soy boy weaklings eliminate themselves from getting female attention out on the streets, becoming popular with people, and competing with me for jobs that require being physical.

*I pay $630 a month (taxes and insurance included) for my mortgage and I'm not in a bad town. I have two cars paid off, an electric bill that is usually $30 a month, tv/phone/internet is only $50, and water/trash is billed every three months at about $40 a month. I also built a home gym in one room and a dojo in another. So no gym membership and I eat steak just about every night with raw leafy green vegetables.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

The thing you repeatedly miss which keeps you out of Management is that your exalted "1099 Warrior Class" is merely a short step above the "W-2 Wage Slave" class that it's meant to escape.

What you want are multiple limited companies in multiple jurisdictions so you can work several strategies. Among these strategies are permanent residence, government forum and venue shopping, and tax geo-arbitrage.

And so as the CEO of Louche Living LLC, you should be giving yourself a more than exemplary compensation plan that includes pre-tax payments for your company SUV, the rental of your office space in your home, the "platinum level" health insurance scheme you're on, and so forth.

Meanwhile, Louche Living LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Grande Casas de Monedas SA, an international banking corporation (IBC) located in a tax-friendly and regulatory-friendly jurisdiction such as Panama.

Grande Casas de Monedas SA holds several types of intangibles and asset classes via subsidiary companies that are not reportable according to the US tax code, and money flows to it based on intellectual property, branding, and other licensing deals that you've made with your American LLC. It also holds controlling interests in several types of previously-taxed assets, such as the limited companies you've formed around each of your vehicles.

Perhaps you don't really want a company car paid for directly by the US-based LLC.

In that case, Sleek Accelerating Rental Ventures, one of your vehicle-focused limited companies, arranges an open-ended rental agreement for Louche Living LLC that allows you to shift more cash out of the US-based LLC and to make it appear that you're just a renter of your vehicle.

Now if the police stop you for some maintenance-related thing or just to fuck with you for having out-of-area number plates, they'll see that you personally don't own the vehicle, and so the broken tail light or the choice of state registration isn't your fault. Rather than try to tangle with issuing a ticket to the owning corporation, they'll probably just let you go, telling you to get the rental agency to replace that light or to move somewhere closer to the local constabulary's tax base.

Also, road raging arseholes can't find your address with these arrangements because your vehicle's registered to an LLC that itself is foreign-owned, and so now you have privacy from all of the kinds of deranged arseholes who try to drag you into unwanted drama by searching for your number plate details.

Whenever you get on a plane for travel, one of your companies pays for it as a work-related expense. When you eat out at restaurants, you have a brief work-related discussion so you can deduct the cost of the meal. Supplies for your writing? Company-paid, as is your new laptop.

But how much better it would be for you to put jurisdictional distance between you and America during its inevitable upcoming shekel-grubbing phase.

As for that potential future full expatriation move, keep in mind that you can stash assets that don't fall into the asset classes that require reporting via FATCA and other US regulatory schemes.

Given how much they want to take, you could do worse right now than sit on a half million troy ounces of silver that's conveniently and safely located in a few vaults outside America's borders and reach.

Especially if you bought it all at less than 10 USD per troy ounce.