Sunday, October 25, 2020

Minimalism Course Open! Oct 25th thru Oct 30th

Howdy All,

"Achieving Minimalism: Theory and Practice" is once again open for enrollment from October 25th to the 30th.  As stated before the vast majority of my audience likely does not need this course, but if you are new or you are struggling with spending more than you make, may I suggest taking a look at this course.

The main goal of the course is NOT to merely say "spend less than you make," but to delve into the psychological underpinnings that compel most humans to spend more than they make, take on debt, and otherwise ruin their lifetime finances.  And though the price is steep, that price is designed to slap you across the face to make sure you take this issue seriously and actually START SAVING MONEY.  And so the question really is do you want to get out of debt, have adequate savings for retirement, and never worry about money again

or not?

You can click on the image above of this link here to review the outline of the class before signing up.  And if you know somebody struggling with finances, maybe consider suggesting they take a look at this course.



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