Monday, July 16, 2007

This Horrible Country Known as America

Another wretched night at the officers club.

Life is just horrible in this country. Is there any country on this planet that could possibly be worse than this God-forsaken country known as the United States of America? I suppose I'll get on with this horrible life I lead in this horrible country.


Gabriel M said...

Ha, ha, you're shorter than I imagines. ;-)

Anonymous said...

A Challenge to Captain Capitalism:

Captain Capitalism said...

Gabe - What, I'm taller than they are. I'm just in the back. Besides, heels man, they had heels.

Rammage - I know where to find the data, but it's about 85 degrees outside and beautiful.

Alfred T. Mahan said...

No, Captain, you really are that short...


Here's a bit of news to brighten your day, incidentally:

Hoo boy

Arcane said...


Man I wish there was a joint like that around here. There's practically (ie, none worth my time) no women in Tucson. NONE! It sucks. :(

-The LT

Captain Capitalism said...

Well you're a young Lieutenant, there's got to be plenty of old, retired grandma ladies down there desperate for a young officer and a gentleman.

Regardless, don't feel bad, that was a RARE evening. Unless you want religious girls or married girls, there's not much of a selection up here.