Tuesday, July 03, 2007

You Think We Have a Housing Bubble? Check Out the Brits!

Though, it is an island after all. I'd be curious if Ireland and Australia are experiencing something similar.


Anonymous said...

Australia = Lots of Natural Resources = Lots of Exports to China = Really Booming economy = Really fast growing house prices. If you can pull 80K doing unskilled work in the mines - there's a sign the price of things is going up (especially housing in Western Australia).

Australia also has a budget surplus (again - from minerals), privatized Social Security (was privatized by a "left-wing" government under Keating) and may have just broken a multi-year long drought (hooray for la-nina!)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Japan is an island (well, a series of islands) as well.

Anonymous said...

Australia is on that graph.

Iceland would be thrown into the mix, being an island (unlike Australia, which is a continent).